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with the rebellion closed and the Union saved, it tution, with all its amendments, and insist that it is amazed the world by its masterly management or its the paramount duty of every State government to disbanded armies, and in the exhibition of an un, protect in the enjoyment of all their rights all lawheard-of amnesty ; that it gave to a race liberty and abiding citizens, of whatever nationality or color, citizenship; that the magnitude of the national and to bring to conviction and punishment all perdebt it has reduced in nine years nearly one-fourth; sons guilty of the violation of the laws. that it has steadily lessened the burden of taxation; that its record is its character, and it proudly points

At the general election, held in November, to it as a sure guarantee of future fidelity to its the following was the result: trusts. The third resolution invites the cooperation and

Hayes (Republican).

166,901 support of all fair-minded and patriotic men in se Tilden Democratic)..

141,695 curing the election of our candidates, and the con Cooper (Greenback)

9,060 tinued ascendency of our principles, until the civil Smith (l'emperance). and political rights of every citizen, native or foreign

"Anti-Secret Society

75 born, black or white, shall be respected and main

Republican plurality..

25,306 tained in every part of the Union. The fourth declares that the able, honest, and Charles M. Croswell.

165,926 faithful administration of our State affairs by our William L. Webber..

142,492 present State officials entitles them to the gratitude

L. Sparks (Greenback)..

8,297 of the people, and that the record of their adminis

A. Wiliams (Temperance).
Croswell's plurality..

28,434 tration, with that of their Republican predecessors, cannot fail to challenge the admiration of all fair The following were the other State officers minded men. The fifth is as follows: "We present to the elec, of State, E. D. G. Holden; State Treasurer,

chosen on the Republican ticket: Secretary tors of the State the ticket

this day nominated, and William B. McCreery; Auditor-General, Ralph of the united and hearty support of the people of Ely; Attorney-General, Otto Kirchner; Comthis Commonwealth."

missioner of the State Land-Office, B. F. ParThe Democratic Convention to nominate tridge; Superintendent of Public Instruction, candidates for State officers was held in De- H. S. Tarbell; member of State Board of Edutroit on August 9th. It nominated the fol- cation, Witter J. Baxter. lowing ticket:

The following is the vote for members of Governor, W. L. Webber ; Lieutenant-Gov- Congress : ernor, Julius Houseman; Secretary of State, George H. House; Treasurer, J. G. Parkhurst;

Plurality. Williams (Democratic).

14,471 2,064 Auditor, General F. M. Holloway; Commis Duffield (Republican)..

12,417 sioner of the Land Office, O. W. Green ; Su Ruehle (Greenback)...

1,736 perintendent of Public Instruction, Zelotus


Willetts (Republican)..

19,211 2,187 The following platform was adopted:

Robinson (Democratic)......... 17,024

506 Granger (Greenback)...

...: 1. The Democracy of Michigan, in convention assembled, affirm their abiding faith in the tradi

THIRD DISTRICT tional principles of the Democratic party, namely: McGowan (Republican).. 19,876 2,658 Strict construction of the Federal Constitution; Livermore (Democratic).

..... 17,223 local self-government; the strict responsibility of Thomas (Greenback)...

1,025 public officials to the people; hostility to sumptuary

FOURTH DISTRICT. laws and to undue protection, by Federal legislation, of special and local interests.

Keightley (Republican)

18,716 2,886 2. We declare that the supreme object of political

Chamberlain (Democratic and action at the present time is to bring about such a


16,830 Scattering.

...: reform in public administration as shall remove from office the men and the party whose corruptions have dishonored the republic at home, and disgraced Stone (Republican).

21,908 8,862 it in the sight of foreign_nations, and shall restore Harris (Democratic and Greento the people under a Democratic Administration back)

18,546 a just, honest, economical, and constitutional gov Scattering

:::: ernment.

3. In the declaration of principles adopted by the National Democratic Convention at St. Louis, we

Brewer (Republican)..

28,856 1,741 Durand (Democratic)..

21,615 recognize a just and explicit statement of Democratic

Scattering principles, and an unanswerable presentation of the necessity of reform in the administration of public affairs, and we hereby declare our unqualified assent

Conger (Republican)..

2,641 to the same.

Chadwick (Democratic).......... 13,177 4. The Democracy of Michigan demand in our Whiting (Greenback)..

289 ... public servants, both State and national, honest

EIGHTH DISTRICT. capability and fidelity, as guarantees of good government, and in our national standard-bearers, as

Ellsworth (Republican).......... 16,098 888 well as in the candidates for State offices nominated

Potter (Democratic).

15,760 by this convention, we recognize men who possess preěminently these qualifications, and we pledge Hubbell (Republican).......... 18,224 5,568 them our cordial support to the end that, in their Kilbourne (Democratic and Greentriumphant election, may be inaugurated the reforms back)....

12,656 demanded by the people and so essential to the very existence of good government itself.

At the same election three amendments to 5. We declare our devotion to the Federal Consti- the constitution were voted upon : 1. Strik









ing out the provision in the constitution which ing eye-piece magnifying ten diameters. The prohibits licensing the sale of liquors, which corrected zero-reading, the number of micromhas been in force twenty-five years. Adopted— eter-divisions, and the value in seconds of the yes, 60,639; no, 52,561. 2. Allowing consti- arc of each division, can be determined at any tutional amendments to be voted upon in the time by brief calculations. The index-correcspring. Adopted-yes, 52,306; no, 21,984. tion, or the difference between the indicated 3. Increasing salaries of circuit judges from zero-reading and the absolute reading, must be $1,500 to $2,500. Defeated—yes, 65,371; applied in all observations. The angle, subno, 65,966.

tended by a vertical object, can be directly At the Centennial Exhibition at Philadel- noted in terms of the micrometer-divisions. phia the State was represented very satisfac- The height of an object being known, its torily-the exhibition being under the general distance is found by multiplying the height inanagement of a board consisting of the Gov- into the cotangent of the angle it subtends ernor, and Messrs. M. I. Mills, J. J. Woodman, (formula: d= h x tam. x). The values of all H. Fralich, and J. A. Hubbell. The following angles in terms of the micrometer-divisions persons had charge of different departments: may be made into a table for each instruEducational, D. 0. Jacokes;. Mineral, S. ment for the sake of convenience. By means Brady; Agricultural and Pomological, d. E. of three or more spars of known height set Inglefritz. The Michigan building was con- up on the shore, a complete harbor-survey can structed entirely of Michigan wood, slate, and be made of a 'harbor with the micrometer. stone, and was a good specimen of neat and Among the various uses to which this inestisubstantial architecture, constructed for com- mable instrument can be applied are: to surfortable occupation. The number of Michigan vey an anchorage; to find the position of a vesvisitors registered there was over 31,000. The sel in reference to a lighthouse ; to observe exhibits made by the board consisted of 1,200 the relative positions of ships in a fleet; and varieties of woods and shrubs, 210 varieties to observe whether a pursuing or fleeing vessel of grasses sent by the Agricultural College, is losing or gaining ground. 540 samples of wool, 500 specimens of grains MILÝAN, ROBERT, Bishop of Calcutta, born and seeds, 475 specimens of iron, copper, and in 1816; died March 15, 1876. After receiving gypsum, 40 of salt and salt-brine, many sam- an education at Westminster School and Exeter ples of building-stone and slate, 370 archæo- College, Oxford, he was ordained in 1839, and logical specimens illustrative of prehistoric was, successively, Curate of Winwick, Northages, 475 specimens of fruit. Of the show of amptonshire; Vicar of Chaddleworth, Berks; fruit, Mr. Landreth, the Superintendent of the Vicar of Lambourne, Berks; and Vicar of Agricultural Department of the Exposition, Great Marlow, Bucks. In 1867 he was consesays: “It at all times exceeded that of any crated Bishop of Calcutta, in succession to Dr. other State, and in the aggregate more than Cotton, who was drowned in India, in Octodoubled the quantity sent from any other ber, 1866. He was the author of the following State, while the variety and quality were unex- works: “The Life of Tasso" (2 vols., 1848), ampled. The display of fruit alone was of in- “Conversion of Pomerania,” “Love of the calculable value as a means of directing the Atonement,” “Meditations on Confirmation," thoughtful to the resources of Michigan.' “ Voices of the Harvest,” and “The Way

MICROMETER-TELESCOPE. The port- through the Desert; or, the Caravan " (1850). able micrometer for finding distances, invented MINNESOTA. The State of Minnesota bas by Rogers, is an adaptation of the divided- a Bureau of Statistics, under the charge of object-glass principle originated by Dolland. Commissioner J. B. Phillips. The labor of obThis method of determining distances has been taining returns and making up the annual reused in astronomical observations, and large port necessarily keeps the statistics about one instruments on this principle have been in use year behind, those for 1875 being made up in for some time; but a portable micrometer, for 1876. According to the last report, the produse on shipboard or in land and harbor 'sur

uct of the leading grains in 1875 was as folveys, is a new and valuable idea. The Rogers lows: micrometer has considerable advantages over

Bushels. the Rochon micrometer, the only smaller instrument of the kind before used, being more Wheat..

1,692,501 28,959.895 compact and manageable, and much more ac


233,614 7,165,268 curate. By a new arrangement of the slides and micrometer-screw, the compact form is The number of acres sown in 1876 was : obtained, which is convenient enough for use wheat, 1,860,421; oats, 482,745; corn, 301,315. in a ship, boat, or on horseback. The read- The wheat-crop of this year was comparaings are taken by combining the number in- tively a failure, the yield scarcely exceeding dicated on a revolving micrometer-head in eight bushels to the acre, while the average of front of the object-glass, and the number in- other years has been over 17 bushels. In 1875 dicated on a sliding scale. · Each instrument the product of butter was 12,029,372 pounds; is provided with both an ordinary eye-piece cheese, 1,009,999 pounds. Great interest has magnifying fourteen diameters, and an invert- been taken in tree-planting, and over 10,000,








000 trees have been planted in groves, and a The expense of supporting the State-prison large number by waysides and about dwellings. during the past year was $39,406.78, while its

The total valuation of taxable property in earnings amounted to $18,158.87, leaving $21,the State, as determined by the Board of 247.91 as the net cost to the State. There Equalization, for the year 1876, was $218,850,- were 166 inmates at the end of the year, and 744, a decrease of $4,999 from that of 1876. the average number was 1534. The State tax is two mills on the dollar, and The number of patients in the Insane Asylum the average rate of taxation throughout the at the beginning of the year was 434; admitState for all purposes is 14 per cent. The ted during the year, 353; discharged, 157; receipts of the State Treasury, for the year number remaining at the end of the year, 530. ending November 30th, were $1,151,649.79, in The number of pupils at the Institution for cluding a balance of $130,245.29 on band at the Deaf, Dumb and Blind, during the year, was the beginning of the year. The disbursements 125, of wbom 103 were in the deaf and dumb amounted to $1,035,385.50, leaving an unex- and 22 in the blind department. The amount pended balance of $116,264.29. A suit brought asked for the support of the institution in 1877 against the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul is $28,000, and an appropriation of $40,000 is Railroad Company, to determine the amount called for to complete the buildings. due the State in lieu of taxes, resulted in the The Reform School had 139 inmates at the recovery of about $50,000. The total amount close of the year. paid by the railroads of the State in taxes on An Inebriate Asylum has been organized, and their gross earnings, in 1875, is $131,559. a farm of 160 acres purchased at Rochester for There are now 1,984 miles of railroad in opera- the sum of $9,000, on which buildings are to tion in the State. The only addition made this be speedily erected. year was about 30 miles of the Worthington & The Home for Soldiers' Orphans contained Sioux Falls road, from Worthington to Luverne. 59 inmates at the end of the year. The following table presents the important The whole number of school-districts in the railroad statistics of the year:

State is 3,581; number of school-houses, 3,119;

value of school-houses, $2,763,464; number of Tonnage.

scholars enrolled, 151,866. The permanent Earnings,

school-fund of the State is $3,390,000, and Chic. Mil. & St. Paul, R. D.. 154,228 145,258 $645.589 there are school-lands enough, if sold at prices Chic.. Mil. & St. Paul H. & D. 24,055 18,510 63,750 equal to those heretofore obtained, to swell it Chie., Mil. & St. Paul, I. & M. 232,642 120,805 Chic., Dubuque & Minnesota.. 95,975 6,000 25,851 to $26,000,000. The State has three normal Central Minnesota.....


46,030 schools: one at Winona, with an average atLake Superior & Mississippi... 235,898 69,776 566, 479 tendance during the year of 302; one at ManMinneapolis & St. Louis.

40,709 Northern Pacific.

86,759 25,489 476-232 kato, with an attendance of 140; and one at St. St. Paul & Sioux City..

225,795 67,287 628,740 Cloud, with 165. The State University is in a Sioux City & St. Paul.

118,969 18,256 169,028 St. Paul & Pacific, main line... 186,196 280,640

flourishing condition, and had about 300 stuSt. Paul & Pacitic, branch 84,827 191,996 382,022 dents during the year. St. P., Stillwater & Taylor's Falls

79,879 Southern Minnesota.. 198,868 55,226

The eighteenth annual session of the Legis

691,557 Winona & St. Peter..

289,631 129,678 641,929 lature began on the 4th of January, and came Winona, Mank. & North Ulm.. 10,840 16,233 4,189 to a close on the 6th of March. There were West Wisconsin...

78,105 89,003 93,678

404 acts passed, a large portion of which reTotal.... 2,079,563, 1,169,072 $6,000,968 lated to the powers and privileges of counties,

towns, and cities, or were in amendment of The total operating expenses of these roads existing statutes. Very few acts were of any during the year were $4,182,140, leaving the general interest or importance. Three amendcarnings over operating expenses $1,798,424. inents of the constitution were proposed. One

The number of insurance companies doing of these changed Article IV., section 11, so as business in the State is 86; total assets, $94,to give the Governor the power to veto sepa023,234.41; liabilities, $68,791,025.79. Only rate items in appropriation bills without withtwo of these companies were organized in the holding his approval from the rest. Another State. The total amount paid by citizens of modified Article VI., section 3, so as to authe State for insurance, in 1875, was $1,027,- thorize the Governor to assign one or more 699.67; losses paid in the State for the same judges of district courts to act on the supreme Fear, $422,362.12.

bench when all or a majority of the judges of The penal and charitable institutions of the the Supreme Court shall from any cause be State have all been built up in the last ten disqualified from sitting in any case. The third years. The amount expended for buildings is affected Article X., section 5, and declared that as follows:

each stockholder in a corporation should be . State-prison....

$202,227 86

“liable only for all unpaid installments on stock Insane Asylum

476,969 00 owned by him, or transferred for the purpose Deaf and Dumb and Blind Asylum.... 142,500 00 State University.

109,850 00

of defrauding creditors." An act was passed Reforrn School,

75,200 00 conferring upon women twenty-one years of Normal schools.

228,931 52

age and upward, who have resided in the Total...

$1,285,178 88 United States one year, and in the State four








months, the right to "vote at elections for gerous compounds. Among the appropriations school officers and in matters pertaining to the was one reimbursing counties for money paid management of schools." Women so entitled out as bounties for the destruction of grassto vote are also declared to be eligible to hold hoppers, amounting in the aggregate to some any office pertaining solely to the management $39,000. of public schools." An act providing for lim A convention of the Republicans of the State ited divorce gives the district courts and courts was held at St. Paul, on the 24th of May, for of Common Pleas authority to decree separa- the purpose of choosing delegates to the Nation from bed and board forever or for a lim- tional Convention of the party, and nominating ited time, on the complaint of a married candidates for presidential electors. Lieutenwoman, if she and her husband are inhabitants ant-Governor Wakefield presided. Ex-Govof the State, if the marriage was solemnized ernor Alexander Ramsey was chosen to head in the State, and the woman resides there the delegation to the National Convention, when exhibiting her complaint, or if the mar- and ex-Governor Davis, ex-Governor Miller, riage was solemnized elsewhere, but both par- General Edgerton, C. K. Kinsett, and L. Boties have resided in the State one year, the gen, were nominated for electors. The fol

lowing platform was adopted :

The Republicans of Minnesota hereby reaffirm those great principles of free government which were declared by the fathers of the republic one hundred years ago, and whose final triumph in our day has been consecrated by the sacrifices of the late war. We are in favor of the unity and constitutional rights of the States, and of every citizen thereof; the preservation of the great results achieved by the war, the grateful recognition of the service of defenders of the republic in the hour of its supreme peril; thorough retrenchment and reform in every branch of public service; the fearless and uncompromising exposure of corruption and malfeasance in office; pure, honest, and efficient government; the preservation untarnished of the national credit; hard money or its equivalent; paper con

vertible into coin; the education of every child 1858. *

within the borders of the republic, and a thorough system of common schools, absolutely free from sectarian or partisan bias.

We believe the sublime mission of the Republican STATE SEAL OF MINNESOTA.

party, in the spirit and language of the martyr Pres

ident, is that a government of the people, for the peocauses for which such separation can be de- ple,

and by the people, should not perish from the creed being cruel and inhuman treatment by earth; and therefore, without regard to past differthe husband, such conduct on his part as makes ence or dead issues, we earnestly and cordially init unsafe or improper for the wife to cohabit vite all who believe the administration of the Govwith him, and abandonment by the husband through years of bloodshed strove to destroy it, and and refusal or neglect to provide for the wife. who seek an economical administration by thorough An act was passed to regulate the storage of and capable officials, to unite with us in fraternal grain, providing for the rights of the owner to and considerate cooperation for the accomplishment

of these great ends. have his property kept separate, and to retain

We emphatically condemn the treachery of every his control and ownership. Another act pro- official who is faithless to his trust, and approve the vided for the creation of safety-funds by fire- injunction of President Grant, to “let no guilty insurance companies as security against losses man escape,” and recognize a vigorous prosecution by extraordinary conflagrations. Companies are of all reforms which tend to purify the civil service

and elevate the character of the Government as authorized but not required to create guarantee the supreme duty of the hour. surplus funds and special-reserve funds out of The Republicans of Minnesota expect and demand the surplus of profits over and above ten per of their delegates in the National Convention to cent. of the capital stock. Once they have support the candidate for the presidency whose filed with the Insurance Commissioner an in- guarantee of his courage, ability, and zeal, to carry

character and history shall afford the strongest tention to create such funds, they cannot de- forward the great work of purification, until corrupt clare dividends of more than ten per cent. until men and systems shall alike be discarded from the the guarantee and special funds shall be equal Government. to the whole capital stock. These funds must The following additional resolution was be invested as security against extraordinary adopted, with only three dissenting votes: losses. A general act was passed regulating

Resolved, That we recognize in Jaines G, Blaine, the organization of mining and manufacturing of Maine, a man of tried integrity, of uncompromiscompanies. Solitary imprisonment, except for ing loyalty, of commanding ability, both as a leader prison discipline, was abolished. Provision and a tearless, unfaltering advocate and defender of was made for the inspection of illuminating the principles which have preserved the Union, and oils manufactured from petroleum, and for the day the most admired representative, and we tale

given undying lustre to the party of which he is topunishment of adulteration or the sale of dan- pleasure in recording the fact that he has Minnesota's

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proud preference for the office of President of the and earnestly for the overthrow of the dominant United States; and while we pledge ourselves to party, which by its acts of omission and commission cordially support any pure Republican whom the has wrought so much dishonor and so many evils Cincinnati Convention may nominate, we neverthe- upon all classes of our countrymen. less express it as our conviction that no other candidate will develop the enthusiasm, or call out the After considerable discussion, the following number of votes that would be polled by the Ameri- resolution was adopted by a vote of 120 to 74: can people for the noble champion of their rights, their liberties, and their honor,

Resolved, That in Governor Samuel J. Tilden we

recognize the representative reformer of the times, The Democratic State Convention was held and believe that his nomination for President will be at St. Paul, on the 1st of June. Ten delegates forms for

which our party is earnestly striving, and were chosen to the National Convention at St. which are so essential to the very life of our nation. Louis, and Edmund Rice, J. F. Meagher, Joseph Capser, Richard A. Jones, and W. T.

The Prohibitionists of the State held a conBonnewell , were nominated for presidential vention on the 7th of June, at St. Paul

, and electors. The following declarations were nominated candidates for presidential electors. adopted as expressive of the principles and a long series of resolutions was adopted, sentiments of the party in this State:

setting forth the evils of intemperance, and 1. We accept and will uphold the Constitution of the corrupt influences of the liquor interest in the United States in all its parts.

politics, demanding retrenchment and econ2. The powers of the Federal Government are omy, and favoring woman-suffrage. The follimited by the Constitution, and should never be lowing views were also expressed regarding transcended.

financial questions: 3. Union of the States is perpetual, and the right of local government in the several States is affirmed. to establishpost-office savings-banks, similar to

6. That it is the duty of the General Government 4. The public credit should be maintained at any those of Great Britain, where laboring-men and and every cost. 5. Gold and silver coin is the only legal tender the danger of losing them.

women may deposit their surplus earnings without contemplated by the Constitution, and resumption of specie payments, as soon as the business interests of January 14, 1875, promising a resumption of specie

7. That it is the duty of Congress to repeal the act of the country will permit, is the only policy con- payments at a time when resumption will be pracsistent with a high regard for the public faith. 6. We reaffirm the unwavering position of the would induce Congress to set apart a portion of the

tically impossible, and that a true financial policy Democratic party that a tariff for protection is of the nature of class legislation, and is oppressive and specie derived

from import duties for the gradual reunjust, and that a tariff for revenue is only admissi- demption of greenbacks. ble when it is indispensable to provide means to de- from all banking institutions. The national Gov

8. The separation of the money of the Government fray the ordinary expenses of the Government, and ernment only should exercise the high prerogative to meet its obligations. 7. Retrenchment in every branch of the Federal, to prompt redemption on demand, in gold and silver,

of issuing paper-money, and that should be subject State, and local Government is demanded, that the the only equal standards of value recognized by the burden of taxation may be diminished.

civilized world. 8. The peculation and appropriation of public funds to private or partisan uses merit, and should At the election on the 7th of November 3. The most rigid accountability should be exacted there were 124,294 votes cast for

presidential of all persons intrusted with the custody and dis- electors. Of these the Hayes and Wheeler tickbursement of public funds, and the use of money in et received 72,962, Tilden and Hendricks 48,influencing votes should be punished as a flagrantly 799, Cooper and Cary 2,389, and Smith and criminal offense.

Stewart 144. The Republican majority was 10. Public schools free to all. 11. Equal and exact justice to all men; no partial 21,630. The three members of Congress elected legislation; no partial taxation.

were all Republicans. In the Second District 12. Reform in all departments of the Federal Gov- there was a "Greenback” candidate, who reernment, which can only be accomplished by the ceived 2,879 votes, the Republican candidate displacement from power of the Republican party, having 19,730, and the Democrat 14,990. The

We arraign that political organization before the people as directly responsible for the

demoralized Legislature of 1877 consists of 26 Republicans and disgraceful condition of the public service, and 15 Democrats in the Senate, and 77 Rewhich brings shame to the face of every honest citi- publicans and 29 Democrats in the House. zen; for shielding offenders from just and long-de- This gives the Republicans a majority of 11 in served punishment; for contemptuous disregard of the Senate, 48 in the House, and 59 on joint the plain provisions of the Constitution ; for repeated violations of the rights of States guaranteed

ballot. by that instrument; for the innumerable thieveries A vote was taken at the election on the of Belknap, and most of the minor criminals; for three amendments to the constitution subthe decay and almost destruction of our commercial mitted by the Legislature. That to section 11, marine ; for the inefficient state of our navy, upon Article IV., relating to the Governor's veto, was been squandered; and for the absurd and vicious ratified by 47,302 votes in its favor to 4,426 legislation of the past fifteen years, which has un- against it; that to section 3, Article X., consettled values of all property, and has culminated in cerning the liability of stockholders, was rethe depression of business that has brought disaster jected, 21,721 votes being cast for it, and 22,and ruin upon so many of our citizens.

Cordially inviting the coöperation of honest men 803 against it; that to section 3, Article VI., of all shades of political opinion, we pledge the relating to an assignment of judges, was ratified Democratic party of Minnesota to work unceasingly by a vote of 41,069 to 6,063.

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