A History of New South Wales, from Its Settlement to the Close of the Year 1844, Volume 1

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Halaman 300 - I AB do sincerely promise and swear, That I will be faithful, and bear true allegiance, to their Majesties King William and Queen Mary: So help me God.
Halaman 300 - I do swear that I will bear faith and true allegiance to his Majesty king George, and him will defend to the utmost of my power, against all traitorous conspiracies and attempts whatsoever which shall be made against his person, crown and dignity.
Halaman 300 - Dignity, and I will do my utmost Endeavour to disclose and make known to Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, all Treasons and traitorous Conspiracies which may be formed against Her or them...
Halaman 300 - Majesty, his heirs, and successors, all treasons, and traitorous conspiracies and attempts, which I shall know to be against him, or any of them ; and all this I do swear without any equivocation, mental evasion or secret reservation, and renouncing all pardons and dispensations from any power or person whomsoever to the contrary. So help me God.
Halaman 274 - Man who hath been or shall be attainted of any Treason or Felony, or convicted of any Crime that is infamous, unless he shall have obtained a free Pardon, nor any Man who is under Outlawry or Excommunication, is or shall be qualified to serve on Juries or Inquests in any Court, or on any Occasion whatsoever.
Halaman 300 - The General Parliament shall have power to make Laws for the peace, welfare, and good Government of the Federated Provinces (saving the Sovereignty of England), and especially Laws respecting the following subjects : 1.
Halaman 102 - Providence ; and the latter would certainly require more labour than can be obtained in the colony, or immigration profitably supply. Independently of these powerful reasons for allowing dispersion, it is not to be disguised that the Government is unable to prevent it. No adequate measures could be resorted to for the general and permanent removal of intruders from waste lands, without incurring, probably, a greater expense than would be sufficient to extend a large share of the control and protection...
Halaman 101 - Admitting, as every reasonable person must, that a certain degree of concentration is necessary for the advancement of wealth and civilization, and that it enables government to become at once efficient and economical, I cannot avoid perceiving the peculiarities which, in this colony, render it impolitic and even impossible to restrain dispersion within limits that would be expedient elsewhere.
Halaman 287 - Board (a) that he is a doctor or bachelor of medicine of some University, or a physician or surgeon licensed or admitted as such...
Halaman 152 - Committee trust it will not be deemed irrelevant to state their opinion of the justice as well as the policy of applying the proceeds of the Crown Lands exclusively to the introduction of a moral and industrious class of inhabitants. The first emigrants were induced to embark their fortunes in this distant colony under the promise of receiving free grants of land, and in the confidence that the same policy would be continued as the best means of settling the country. If it has since been deemed expedient...

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