Ecology of the Indonesian Seas Part 1

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Tuttle Publishing, 5 Feb 2013 - 656 halaman
The Ecology of the Indonesian Seas distills for the first time the information found in thousands of scholarly works relevant to an understanding of the sustainable use of marine and coastal resources in these islands—many of them available up to now only in Dutch, German or Indonesian. It is an invaluable tool for government planners, resource managers, ecologists, university students, scuba divers, and all those with an interest in the sea.

The first volume provides a review of the geology, physical oceanography and meteorology of the archipelago. Coral reefs, one of the most important, yet least known ecosystems in Indonesia, are introduced in this volume through discussions of the geologic history of reefs, followed by a review of the major theories of coral reef formation, development and their world distribution. Corals and other reef-associated organisms are then examined. The chapter on foraminifera, major producers of the present and past carbonate deposits, presents some little-known Indonesian assemblages. Next, the authors look at the natural environmental factors that affect coral reef development and survival. A chapter on coral reef growth and development concludes the first volume.

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Physical Oceanography and Meteorology
Introducing Coral Reefs

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