In Tropical Lands: Recent Travels to the Sources of the Amazon, the West Indian Islands, and Ceylon

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D. Wyllie, 1895 - 193 halaman

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Halaman 151 - Three-score and ten years,' the Psalmist's limit, which probably was often in Oliver's thoughts and in those of others there, might have been anticipated for him : Ten Years more of Life ; which, we may compute, would have given another History to all the Centuries of England. But it was not to be so, it was to be otherwise. Oliver's health, as we might observe, was but uncertain in late times ; often ' indisposed
Halaman 145 - The rush for land was only paralleled by the movement towards the mines of California and Australia, but with this painful difference, that the enthusiasts in Ceylon, instead of hurrying to disinter, were hurrying to bury their gold.
Halaman 154 - For it is written in the law of Moses, Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn.
Halaman 62 - We were feverish, had intense headaches, and were unable to satisfy our desire for air, except by breathing with open mouths. This naturally parched the throat, and produced a craving for drink, which we were unable to satisfy, — partly from the difficulty in obtaining it, and partly from trouble in swallowing it.
Halaman 59 - Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth accumulates, and men decay: Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade ; A breath can make them, as a breath has made: But a bold peasantry, their country's pride, When once destroyed, can never be supplied.
Halaman 84 - Huertas de oro) were often described by actual eye-witnesses — Cieza de Leon, Sarmiento, Garcilaso, and other early historians of the Conquest. They were found beneath the Temple of the Sun at Cuzco, in Caxamarca, and in the pleasant valley of Yucay, a favourite residence of the monarch's family. Where the golden Huertas were not below ground, living plants grew by the side of the artificial ones, among the latter, tall plants and ears of maize (mazorcas) are mentioned as particularly well executed....
Halaman 144 - The Governor and the Council," says Sir Emerson, "the military, the judges, the clergy, and one-half the civil servants penetrated the hills and became purchasers of Crown lands. The East India Company's officers crowded to Ceylon to invest their savings, and capitalists from England arrived by every packet.
Halaman 84 - ... seemed as if these illusive and baseless visions were cherished as consolations in present sufferings. I asked the lad — " Since you and your parents believe so firmly in the existence of this garden, are not you sometimes tempted in your necessities to dig in search of treasures so close at hand ?" The boy's answer was so simple, and expressed so fully the quiet resignation characteristic of the aboriginal inhabitants of the country, that I noted it in Spanish in my journal. " Such a desire...
Halaman 62 - ... difficulty in obtaining it, and partly from trouble in swallowing it. When we got enough, we could only sip, and not to save our lives could we have taken a quarter of a pint at a draught. Before a mouthful was down, we were obliged to breathe and gasp again, until our throats were as dry as ever. Besides having our normal rate of breathing largely accelerated, we found it impossible to sustain life without every now and then giving spasmodic gulps, just like fishes when taken out of water. Of...

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