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Isaac Wood, M.D., Egbert L. Viele,

John H. Griscom, M.D., Prosper M. Wetmore,

Edward J. Frankel, x.D., Harvey T. Cleveland,

Stephen Smith, M.D.


11 Clinton Hall, Astor place.

John L. Mason, President.
J. Earl Williams, Treasurer.
Charles L. Brace, Secretary.

Whose terms of office expire respectively in

1863. Cyrus W. Field,

John L. Mason, William C. Russell,

James R. Spalding, Mahlon T. Hewit,

Robert J. Livingston, John E. Williams,

William L. King,
Abram S. Hewitt.

Charles L. Brace.
J. Macy, Assistant Secretary.
C. C. Tracy, Agent for Country.
C. O'Connor, Superintendent of Newsboys' Lodging. House.
L. P. Atwood,
E. Bremer,

H. Friedgen,
James McLaughlin, j

244 West Twenty-ninth street.

Mrs. L. A. Lincoln, President.
" C. Burr, Directress of Sewing Department.
“ E. Payne, Treasurer.
Miss M. A. Oakes, Secretary.
“ M. Hetherington,
" L. Stewart,
Mrs. C. Nestine,

| Active Committee.
Miss H. J. Hatch,
" M. L. West,
“ M. A. Farr, J
Visiting day-Thursday.

THE NEW YORK LADIES' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. Was organized November 24th, 1858, in the New York Univer

sity, and Incorporated February, 1860. Its object being “Improvement in the Moral, Social, and Spiritual Con. dition of Women in the city of New York.”

Mrs. N. F. Mallison, First Directress.
Mrs. Catharine Coles, Second Directress.
Mrs. Agnes Lasar, Treasurer.
Mrs. Sarah Gonsalvez, Recording Secretary.

Miss Leonora Jones, Corresponding Secretary.
MANAGERS—Mrs. Rev. Frederick Sill, Mrs. Rev. S. H. Bell, Mrs. Rev. A.
Burlingham, Mrs. Dr. Elisha Harris, Mrs. Dr. Kissam, Mrs. Rev. A. Les-
sey, Mrs. Cynthia J. Weeks, Mrs. Harriette J. Shaw, Mrs. Lydia Appleton,
Mrs Sarah A. Hubbs, Mrs. Sarah Merwin, Mrs. Julia Johnson.

SOCIETY FOR THE EDUCATION OF YOUNG DEAF MUTES. Tenth avenue, between Sixty-sccond and Sixty-third streets.

Mrs. Douglass Robinson, President.
Mrs. W. E. Wilmerding, Vice-President.
Mrs. David Hoyt, Treasurer.

Mrs. Olive M. Devoe, Secretary.
BOARD OF MANAGERS—Mrs. E. B. Little, Mrs. Francis R. Hardenbergh,
Miss S. Pierson, Mrs. Walter Kidder, Mrs. Sarah P. Mather, Mrs. George
R. Jackson, Mrs. Jerome Thompson, Mrs. Isaiah Rynders.


Very Rev. William Starrs, V. G.

Professor Mott, M.D., President.
Professor Mott, and low

{ Consulting Surgeons.
W. H. Van Buren, s
Professor Mott, and Lo

Consulting Physicians.
William Murray, M.D.,
Alex. B. Mott, M.D.,
Thomas C. Finnell, M.D., { Visiting Surgeons.
Julius S. Thebaud, m.D., )
James O'Rorke, m.D., )
Thomas E. Burtsell, M.D., & Visiting Physicians.
P.J. Clarke, m.p.,
William O'Meagher, M.D., Resident Physician and Surgeon.

Number of patients, January 1, 1862, 76.

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North-west corner of Centre and White streets.

James F. De Peyster, President.
Robert B. Campbell, Secretary.

D. Colden Murray, Treasurer.
Benjamin H. Field,

David Clarkson,
Gurdon Buck, M.D.,

Thomas F. Cock, M.D.,
Caleb Swan,

James W. Beekman,
Adam Norrie,

Charles C. Goodhue,
Edmund Penfold,

James S. Aspinwall.


ON APPLICATIONS—Dr. Gurdon Buck, Dr. Thomas F. Cock, James F. De Peyster. ON CONFERENCE_James F. De Peyster, Adam Norrie, Caleb Swan.

The Board of Trustees is divided, for the coming year, into the follow. ing Visiting Committees :

For JANUARY—Adam Norrie, Edmund Penfold.
FOR FEBRUARY-Benjamin H. Field, James S. Aspinwall.
FOR MARCH-D. Colden Murray, Charles C. Goodhue.
FOR APRIL-Caleb Swan, James W. Beekman.
For MAY-Robert B. Campbell, Thomas F. Cock, m.D.

For JUNE-David Clarkson, Gurdon Buck, M.D.
FOR JULY-D. Colden Murray, Benjamin H. Field.
FOR AUGUST James F. De Peyster, Thomas F. Cock, m.d.
FOR SEPTEMBER—Edmund Penfold, David Clarkson.
FOR OCTOBER-Caleb Swan, Adam Norrie.
FOR NOVEMBER—James W. Beekman, Charles C. Goodhue.
FOR DECEMBER—Gurdon Buck, M.D., James S. Aspinwall.

Godfrey Aigner, M.D., House Physician.
Theodore F. Hardenburgh, M.D., Assisiant-House Physician,


Chas. K. Briddon, M.D. Į 9 to 10 o'clock.... } Surgery, Eye and Ear.
S. W. Dana, M.D......!
W.C. Corson, Y.D........10 to 11 “ .... Throat and Chest.
B. Kelly, M.D.........1
R. P. Gibson, M.D.....ļ u to 12

Skin,Syphilis and Genito

" Clarence Cameron,m.D.

| Urinary Organs. Patrick Nolan, M.D... .....12 to 1

| Head and Abdomen.

“ .... R. B. Wilson, M.D.....

** Diseases of Women. Wm. Badger, M.D.....


s Rheumatism and Fevers.

... 1 to 2 Wm. F. Thoms, m.D...

*** Diseases of Children.

DISTRICT PHYSICIANS. J. S. Tonelier, M.D., is the Physician of the First District, which comprises all that portion of the city below a line from Hudson River through Barclay street, across the Park, through Frankfort, Pearl, and Dover streets to the East River ; including both sides of the boundary streets, except Barclay.

H. Harriot, M.D., is the Physician of the Second District, which is bounded south by Barclay street, west by Hudson River, north by Spring street, and east by Broadway, including the south side of Spring, and both sides of the other boundary streets.

A. J. Harrison, M.D., is the Physician of the Third District, which is bonnded south by the First District, and on the other sides by a line through Chatham, Division and Pike streets, on the East River; not including either sides of the boundary streets.

E. M. Cameron, m.D., is the Physician of the Fourth District, which is bounded west by the Second District; south and east by the Third District; and north by a line from Broadway, through White, Baxter, Bay. ard, and Division streets, to Pike; including both sides of the boundary streets.

E. R. Pulling, M.D., is the Physician of the Fifth District, bounded south

by the Fourth District; west by the Second District; north and east by a line from Broadway, through Spring, Bowery, Delancey and Allen streets to Division, including both sides of the boundary streets.

Wm. C. Corson, M.D., is the Physician of the Sixth District, bounded south by the Fifth District; west by Broadway; north by Fourteenth street; east by the First avenue and Allen street, including both sides of the boundary streets.

CONSULTING PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS-H. D. Bulkley, M. D., Jared Linsly, M.D., Isaac Wood, M.D., Willard Parker, M.D., John Watson, M.D., Wm. H. Maxwell, M.D.

DRUGGISTS—Ingersoll, Field & Co., Schieffelin & Brothers.

N. B.-—The Dispensary is open daily, except Sundays and holidays, from 9 A.m. till 2 P.M. The office for the dispensing of medicines is open from 8 A.M. till sunset. On Sundays and holidays medicines are dispensed from 8 to 10 A.m., and from 1 to 2 P.M.

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