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Colored School No. 6-Twentieth Ward.

1325 Broadway.
Grammar-Male and Female. Primary-Male and Female.
Charles L. Reason,

Mary H. Anderson,
Helen Appo.

Mary E. Eato.
Delia Stuart, Janitress.

Colored School No. 7-Sixteenth Ward.
Seventeenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues.

Male and Female.
Charlotte S. Smith,

Adeline Ogden,
Mary E. Williams,

Serena Rock,
Sarah A. Douglass,

Emma L. Hicks.
Diana McCrea, Janitress.


Colored Primary School No. 2-Eleventh Ward.
Rear of Methodist Church (German), Second street, near avenue C.
Mary E. Robbins,

Ellen L. Tredwell.
Elien L. Tredwell, Janitress.

Colored Primary School No. 3-Eleventh Ward.
Rear of Methodist Church (German), Second street, near avenue C.
George H. Greene,

Albert J. Ewell.
Albert J. Ewell, Janitor.

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COLUMBIA COLLEGE. Fiftieth street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues.

Rev. Gardiner Spring, D.D., Ch'man. Gouverneur M. Ogden.
Rev. Wm. Berrian, D.D.

Charles King, LL.D., President.
Samuel B. Ruggles.

Henry J. Anderson, M.D., LL.D.
William H. Harrison, LL.D.

Edward L. Beadle, M.D.
Wm. Betts, LL.D., Clerk of Board. George T. Strong.
Rev. Benjamin I. Haight, D.D. George F. Allen.
Edward Jones.

Rev. Mancius F. Hutton, D.D.
Robert Ray.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Potter, Bishop of N. Y. John Torrey, M.D., LL.D.

Alexander W. Bradford, LL.D. Lewis M. Rutherford.

Martin Zabriskie.
Rev. Thomas De Witt, D.D. John Jacob Astor.

John C. Fay, M.D.

Under the Royal Charter.

1747. Rev. Samuel Johnson, s.r.D. Resigned, 1763. 1763. Rev. Myles Cooper, of Queen's College, Oxford. Vacated, 1775. 1775. Rev. Benjamin Moore, President pro tem., in the absence of the

President. Resigned, 1776.

Under the New Charter. 1787. William Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Resigned, 1800. 1801. Rev. Charles Wharton, s.T.D. Resigned, 1801. 1801. Right Rev. Benjamin Moore, s.r.l. Resigned, 1811. 1811. Rev. Wm. Harris, S.T.D., Harvard, Col. College. Deceased, 1829. 1830. William Alexander Duer, LL.D., University, State of New York.

Resigned, 1842. 1842. Nathaniel F. Moore, LL.D. Resigned, 1849. 1849. Charles King, LL.D., College of New Jersey and Harvard.

FACULTY. Charles King, LL.D., President. Rev. John McVicar, s.r.o., Professor of the Evidences of Natural and

Revealed Religion. Charles Anthon, LL.D., Jay-Professor of Greek Language and Literature. James Renwick, LL.D., Emeritus-Professor of Natural Philosophy and

Chemistry. Rev. Charles W. Hackley, S.T.D., Professor of Astronomy. Henry Drisler, A.M., Professor of Latin Language and Literature (absent

on leave). Rev. Henry I. Schmidt, s.T.D., Gebhard-Professor of German Language

and Literature. Richard S. McCulloh, A.M., Professor of Mechanics and Physics. Charles A. Joy, Ph. D.-Professor of Chemistry. Francis Lieber, LL.D., Professor of History and Political Science. Charles Davies, LL.D., Professor of the Higher Mathematics. William G. Peck, A.M., Professor of Mathematics, and Teacher of Indus

trial Drawing. Charles Murray Nairne, M.A., Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philos

ophy, and of Ancient and Modern Literature. William H. Crosby, Professor ad interim of the Latin Language and

J. Emory McClintock, A.B., Tutor in Mathematics.


Open from 1 to 3 P. M. Wm. A. Jones, a.s., Librarian. Stephen R. Weeks, Assist. Librarian.


Daily Service at 9f A.M.
Rev. Cornelius R. Duffie, A.M., Chaplain of Columbia College.
William H. Walter, Organist of the Chapel.

LAW SCHOOL OF COLUMBIA COLLEGE. Charles King, LL.D., President. Theodore W. Dwight, LL.D., Professor of Law, in charge of the School. Francis Lieber, LL.D., Professor of History and Political Science. Charles M. Nairne, M.A., Professor of Philosophy.

The following members of the New York bar are delivering lectures
on legal subjects: William Curtis Noyes, Marshall S. Bidwell, William M.
Evarts, and Alexander W. Bradford, and by Judge Daly.
The Law School and Library is at 37 Lafayette place.

Juniors ....................
Law School Students......


GRAMMAR SCHOOL OF COLUMBIA COLLEGE. Charles Anthon, LL.D., Professor of Greek Language and Literature,


Charles Anthon, LL.D., Classical Department.
George W. Bacon, A.m.,
J. L. Slipper, A.B.,
W. L. Raymond, A.B.,
T. H. Murphy, English Department.
John A. Taggard, A.M., Mathematical Department.
L. S. Crispell, A.M., Penmanship and Book-keeping.
S. Durell, A.M., Prof. French.
Hildebrando Marti, Prof. Spanish.

Department of Science.
T. H. Murphy, Lecturer and Experimentalist in Natural Philosophy and


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University Place.
John C. Green, President.
John T. Johnston, Vice-President.
Henry Van Schaick, Secretary.
William M. Vermilye, Treasurer.
Isaac Ferris, D.D., Chancellor.

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