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PREFATORY NOTE. The matter presented in this volume constitutes the Forty-sixth Annual Report on the Statistics of Labor for Massachusetts, and consists of nine parts issued by this Bureau during the fiscal year ending December 1, 1915. Beginning with the year 1913 all of the publications of the Labor Division of the Bureau have been styled “Labor Bulletins", and a certain number of copies have been set aside for binding and publication at the end of the year under the title of the “Annual Report on the Statistics of Labor."

The nine parts included in the present report continue the series of Labor Bulletins as 104 to 112 respectively. The subject matter of these bulletins may be briefly described as follows: PART 1. Handbook of the Labor Laws of Massachusetts.

This compilation includes the laws relative to labor which were in force in Massachusetts at the close of the legislative session of 1914. In this Handbook the various provisions have been classified by subject instead of being arranged in the order of the passage of the several Acts, the purpose being to present a Handbook of the greatest convenience to the layman.

PART II. Sixth Annual Report on Labor Organizations for the year 1913. In this report attention has been confined principally to the presentation of statistics relative to the number and membership of labor organizations in the Commonwealth and the employment of their members. A chart, showing graphically the fluctuations in unemployment in the United Kingdom, Germany, New York State and Massachusetts during the period 1908 to 1913, has also been included.

PART III. Fourteenth Annual Directory of Labor Organizations in Massachusetts, 1915. In addition to the facts with reference to local organizations (name, location, place of meeting, name and address of secretary and of business agent) the names of all national and international organizations in the United States, with the names and addresses of their respective secretaries, have been included, in so far as these facts were obtainable.

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