The Federal Reporter: Cases Argued and Determined in the Circuit District Courts of the United States, Volume 90

Sampul Depan
Peyton Boyle
West Publishing Company, 1899
Includes cases argued and determined in the District Courts of the United States and, Mar./May 1880-Oct./Nov. 1912, the Circuit Courts of the United States; Sept./Dec. 1891-Sept./Nov. 1924, the Circuit Courts of Appeals of the United States; Aug./Oct. 1911-Jan./Feb. 1914, the Commerce Court of the United States; Sept./Oct. 1919-Sept./Nov. 1924, the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia.

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Halaman 235 - That all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness.
Halaman 92 - Every act shall embrace but one subject and matters properly connected therewith; which subject shall be expressed in the title. But if any subject shall be embraced in an act, which shall not be expressed in the title, such act shall be void only as to so much thereof as shall not be expressed in the title.
Halaman clxxix - For preparing the record or a transcript thereof for the printer, indexing the same, supervising the printing, and distributing the printed copies to the...
Halaman 378 - We hold, however, that the basis of all calculations as to the reasonableness of rates to be charged by a corporation maintaining a highway under legislative sanction must be the fair value of the property being used by it for the convenience of the public.
Halaman 229 - Ganzle, being duly sworn, says : That he is the petitioner in the above entitled application, that he has read the foregoing petition and knows the contents thereof, and that the same is true of his own knowledge, except as to the matters therein stated to be alleged on information and belief, and that as to those matters, he believes it to be true.
Halaman cxxxviii - When costs are allowed in this court, it shall be the duty of the clerk to insert the amount thereof in the body of the mandate, or other proper process, sent to the court below, and annex to the same the bill of items taxed in detail.
Halaman 177 - The use of all water now appropriated, or that may hereafter be appropriated, for sale, rental, or distribution, is hereby declared to be a public use, and subject to the regulation and control of the State, in the manner to be prescribed by law...
Halaman xlii - Provided, That the appeal must be taken within thirty days from the entry of such order or decree, and it shall take precedence in the appellate court; and the proceedings in other respects in the court below shall not be stayed unless otherwise ordered by that court, or by the appellate court or a judge thereof, during the pendency of such appeal...
Halaman cxxxvi - This brief shall contain, in order here stated:* (1) A concise abstract or statement of the case, presenting succinctly the questions involved, in the manner in which they are raised. (2) A specification of the errors relied upon,f which, in cases brought up by writ of error, shall set out separately and particularly each error asserted and intended to be urged...
Halaman cxlvi - A brief of the argument, exhibiting a clear statement of the points of law or fact to be discussed, with a reference to the pages of the record and the authorities relied upon in support of each point. When a statute of a State is cited, so much thereof as may be deemed necessary to the decision of the case shall be printed at length.

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