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OBSERVATION & Inspection committee, copies of instructions to

them, 613.

Officers' commission, form of recommended by Committee of Safe-

ty, 321, 444, 447, 448, 444, 450, 451.
Officers of military associations for the defence of American Liber-

ty, how to be commissioned, 295.
Old linnen for bandages and lint, &c, 633.

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SAFETY COMMITTEE, appointed for the province of Pennsylvania,

Safety pilot appointed, 376.
Salt monopolized by mercenary persons, conduct disapproved, 747,

748, 751; Salt purchased by Council of Safety and distributed,

Schooner Isabella, touching, 230.
Seamen enlisted in the service of the province, their pay, 513.
Servants and indented apprentices not to be enlisted without a writ-

ten consent from the owners, 723.
Bhawanese Indians, message to from Governor John Penn, 203.
Shearman's creek, act to preserve navigation of, 71.
Shippen Joseph, jr., continued Secretary to the Council, 91.
Ship Snow examined touching embezzlement, 90, 102.
Smith, Devereux, letter from to Governor Penn, 169.
Shot, different sorts ordered to be made in large quantities, 561.
St. Clair, letter from, 140.
Susquehanna Company, supposed to have assigned their right to

land to the People of Connecticut, 179.
Sulphur ore, intelligence of its existence desired to be imparted,

Sutherland, Nicholas, letter from.

Taxes to be levied on all estates in Pennsylvania, to carry on war,

Tilghmad's Report touching the boundary line between Pennsyl.

vania & Virginia, 181; his letters to Lord Dunmore, 183, 186.
Title to be applied to Governor John Penn, agreed upon, 91. "
Trumbull, Governor of Connecticut, letters from, 3, 119, 151,

Treasurer appointed by the Council of Safety, 281.

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UNIFORMS always to be worn by officers going abroad, 628.

Venus, Brig, on a voyage for arms & ammunition, 642.
Vessels of war applying for commission for letters of Marque & Re-

prisal, to furnish a statement of tonnage, &c., 590.
Virginia lays claim to part of western Pennsylvania, 150, 156,

158, 161 165, 171, 176, 180, 181, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, .

188, 202.

Void, certain acts declared as such, 103, 105.

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At a Council held at Philadelphia in the Council Chamber, on Fryday the 18th of October, 1771.

The Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Go-
James Hamilton,

Thomas Cadwallader, 7
Joseph Turner,
James Tilghman,

Esquires. William Logan,

Andrew Allen, Richard Peters,

Edward Shippen, Junior, J The Governor having yesterday received a Message from the Assembly, acquainting him that they propose to present him an address, and to claim the usual priviledges of the House, and his Honour having appointed this day for that purpose, about twelve o'clock he directed the Secretary to acquaint them that he attended his appointment in the Council Chamber, and was ready to Receive the House with their Speaker. The whole House immediately waited on him, and the Speaker delivered the following address, Viz' :

To the Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Go.

vernor of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Counties of New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, upon Delaware.

The Address of the Assembly.

“May it please your Honour:

“The Representatives of the Freemen of the Province of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met, sincerely congratulate your Honour on your safe Arrival and accession to this Government.

“The appointment of a Gentleman who has resided several , years among us, and acquired a knowledge of the Circumstances of

VOL. X.-1.

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