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“The many amiable Qualities, your honoured predecessor was possessed of, very justly endeared him to the representative body of these Counties, as well as to all who had the honor of his acquaintance, and we cannot but retain the deepest sence of the happiness the good people of this Government enjoyed under his administration. The pleasing prospect we have of a continuance of that Harmony in the Legislative, that always subsisted between him and the Assemblies here, affords us a very singular satisfaction.

“We thank your Honor for the most obligeing manner in which you have declared your readiness to Concur with us in any Measures that may promote the happiness and welfare of our Constituents.

“In return for so much goodness, permit us, Sir, to declare that, as well from Inclination as duty, we will do every thing on our parts, both in our public and private Characters, that may have a tendency to render your Honor's administration easy and happy.

“Signed by Order of the House,

“DAVID HALL, Speaker. “October 23d, 1771."

To which the Governor was pleased to return the following An

swer, Viz' :

" Gentlemen:

“I heartily thank you for your affectionate address to me, as well as for the kind regard you have expressed for my predecessor.

“ It gives me great satisfaction to find that the good People of this Government entertain so favourable an opinion of me. I do assure you I have nothing more at heart than their true Interest, and I fatter myself that you will at all times find my Actions Correspond with my Professions.

1 October 231, 1771."

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Saturday 230 November, 1771.


The Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Gov

ernor, &ca


Cher, } Esquiros.

The Governor having Received information that Lieutenant Robert Hamilton, of his Majesty's eighteenth Regiment of Foot, who stands charged with the Murder of Lieutenant Tracy, of the same Regiment, in the County of Bedford, is very desirous of Receiving his Tryal, acquainted the board that ke thought a special Commis. sion for holding a Court of Oyer and Terminer should be Issued for that purpose, as it would be inconvenient for the Judges of the Supream Court to take a Journey at this Season so far as Bedford. The Board thereupon desired desired the Governor to Issue a Special Commission, appointing the three Eldest Justices of the Peace in Bedford County to hold the said Court; and His Honor accordingly Issued a Commission, Directed to John Frazer, Bernard Docherty, and Arthur St. Clair, Esquires.

The Secretary laid efore the Board a Petition from a number of Germans, settled at the Glades, upon Stony Creek and Youghiagany, in the County of Bedford, representing the great inconvenience they are under for want of a Magistrate, there being none nearer to them than thirty miles, and praying the appointment of one residing in or near that Settlement.

- The Board, on considering the said Petition, advised the Governor to commissionate for that purpose Mr. Abraham Keble, who is recommended as a man of Property and Reputation, and the best quallified of any person in that quarter to execute the duty of a Magistrate. His Honor accordingly issued a special commission, appointing the said Keble a Justice of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace and of the County Court of Common Pleas for the said County of Bedford.

Ata Council held at Philadelphia, on Monday the 1st of December, 1771.



The Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Gove

ernor, &c.

Edward Shippen, jun'; } Esquires

Richard Peters,
Lynford Lardner,

The minutes of the Preceeding Council were read and approved.

John Swift, Esquire, Collector of bis Majesty's Customs for this Port, appeared at the Board and presented to the Governor for his perusal sereral depositions taken before the Chief Justice, setting forth that Thomas Mushett, Commander of a Schooner in the Service of the said John Swift, did on Saturday, the 23d of last month, near Chester, in the river Delaware, seize as forfeited to his Majesty a Pilot Boat laden with a Variety of contraband Goods; that the said Thomas Mushet, after setting one the of Men who worked the said Pilot Boat on Shore, at his own Request proceeded up the river for this City, with the said Pilot Boat; That when they reached Red Bank they were met by the Tide of Ebb, and came to an Anchor, lashing both Vessels together; that between nine and ten o'clock the same night they were boarded by upwards of 30 Men in disguise, armed with Cutlashes, Clubs, and other Offencive Weapons, who violently attacked and Cruelly cut and wounded the said Thomas Mushet and two of bis People, and Confining them and the rest of the Crew in the Hold of the said Schooner, did considerable damage to her by cutting her sails and Rigging, &c., and afterwards Rescued and carried off the said Pilot Boat with her lading.

"The said Depositions being read, Mr. Swift requested the Gov. ernor would be pleased to issue a Proclamation offering rewards for the apprehending and bringing to Justice the several persons who had committed the assault and rescue mentioned in the said Depositions, or were otherwise Concerned in that illegal and Ryotous proceeding.

The Board taking this matter into consideration, advised the Governor to issue a Proclamation agreeable to Mr. Swift's Request, if the Speaker and the other Members of the Assembly who were in Towo, would engage that the House will pay the Rewards which may be offered and become payable on that occasion, and the Secretary was directed to wait on the Speaker to request he would consult the Members of Assembly on this matter, and to acquaint the Governor with their Sentiments and Resolutions thereon.

The Governor laid before the board a Letter he had just received from three of the Principal Magistrates in Kent County, representing the great inconveniences the people of that County labour under for want of a sufficient number of Magistrates conveniently situated to do the public business, owing to the Death and removal of some of the Magistrates appointed in the last General Commission of the peace, and recommanding John Chew, Richard Smith, Richard Lockwood, and Zadok Crapper, as the most proper persons to supply the present deficiency in the Magistracy. The Governor, therefore, by the advice of the Board, directed the Secretary to make out a new Commission, assigning the following Gentlemen Justices of the Court of General quarter Sessions of the Peace and of the County Court of common Pleas for the said County of Kent, Viz" : Charles Ridgley,

James Boyen, Andrew Caldwell,

Thomas Hanson, James Sykes,

Jonathan Emmerson, William Rhodes,

Samuel Chew, John Clark,

John Chew, Jacob Stout,

Richard Smith, Finwick Fisher,

Richard Lockwood, Thomas Tilton,

Zadok Crapper. Warner Mifflin,

Christian Lehman, a Conveyancer in this City, having lately petitioned the Governor to grant him a Commission to be a Notary and Tabellion Public, and produced Recommendations from several Gentlemen of Reputation of his being properly Qualified to execute that office, His Honour was this day pleased to issue a Commission appointing the said Christian Lehman a Notary and Tabellion Public within this Province.

The Delaware Captain named Killbuck, and two other Indians of the same Tribe, who lately came to town from the Ohio, with a Message to this Government from the Western Indians, were introduced by the Secretary, and the Governor having bid them welcome and acquainted them that he was ready to hear what they had to say, Killbuck spoke to them as follows, Viz': « Brethren :

“I am glad to see you here face to face ; It is twenty Days since I came from Fort Pitt, and I am pleased we are now met together to do Business at our old Council Fire at Philadelphia. Brethren:

“I am sent down with a Message to the Governor from the Delawares, Munsies, Mohickons and Shawanese.

Brethren :

“The Great God has established among us Indians the method of using Belts of Wampum to convey our sentiments to each other as you do by means of writing. « Brethren:

“The Message I have now to deliver by the three Belts which I have now in my hands, is not only addressed to you, but to the Governors of Maryland and Virginia likewise ; We have the same Request to make of you all. « Brethren :

“But before I deliver the Message I have in Charge, I by this String wipe all your Faces Clean, and remove the sweat and dust from your Eyes, and cleanse your Hearts of all Foulness, that you may hear and understand all that your Brethren the Delawares, Mohickons, Munsies and Shawanese, have to say to you.

A String Brethren :

“Sir William Johnson told me at his own House, about six years agoe, that there should be some one sent by the King of England to reside at Fort Pitt, with whom the Indians might confer and do their Indian Business. “ Brethren :

“As you are at a great distance from us, and it is therefore Difficult to do Business with you, I am greatly afraid that our young men will act foolishly and Commit many disorders for want of some such Person as we have mentioned to reside at Fort Pitt. « Brethren :

“I request you will be so good as to take care of your own young People, and restrain them from acting foolishly, and we shall do so on our part with respect to our young men, as far as lies in our power.

"Brethren :

About three years agoe you made a Council Fire at Fort Pitt, and we think that that fire is now almost out and wants to be rekindled. “ Brethren :

“ The Six Nations meet with Sir William Johnson every year in order to brighten and strengthen the Chain of Friendship. We also observe the same thing is done at Charlestown, at which place the Cherokees and Catawbas meet every spring to renew their Friendship with their Brethren; And there was formerly a Council Fire in these middle Provinces, kept up by your and our forefathers, but we perceive that fire is almost extinguished, and we desire now that it may be renewed, that we may meet together as our forefathers used to do, and strengthen our Friendship. " Brethren :

Now, I have from the bottom of my Heart opened all the Business that I am sent upon, and as it is not only directed to you, but to the Governors of Maryland and Virginia, I desire that this Message may be sent along with the Belts which I have brought with me to those two Governments, and that you will let the King of England know that we have made this request to you and them.

“Now let us join together heartily and engage with one another to build up a Council Fire at Fort Pitt, and if we do this Heartily in the beginning, our Children and Grand Children will keep it up, and it will in time become a very great Fire, sufficient to preserve frienship between us and our latest Posterity.

“Now, Brethren, I repeat it again, that tho' we come with this Message to you, we desire you may not understand that it is intended for you alone, but equally to the Governors of Maryland and Virginia, and we request they may be informed of this.

Delivered three Belts and Three Strings. “ Brethren :

“I desire, by this Belt, that as we are helpless and poor, you will assist us on our Return Home.

A Belt.

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Tuesday 2d of December, 1771.

PRESENT : The Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esq., Lieutenant Governor, &c Richard Peters,

Benjamin Chew, Lynford Lardner,

Andrew Allen, Esquires. Edward Shippen, jun"

The Council being met, pursuant to a Summons sent them gesterday by the Governor's directions, requesting their attendance

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