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the New England People, and am both concerned and offended at their daring attempts to disturb the Peace of the Province, and Possess themselves of the Property of our People. Should they proceed to your parts, (as it seems Probable they will,) I doubt not but you and the rest of the Magistracy, with the Sheriff and other Peace officers, will exert yourselves in the execution of the Laws, in which you may be assured of all the Countenance, Protection and Support in mny Power. So great a number of People appearing in arms is undoubtedly of itself a high and aggravated Breach of the Peace, and such as any Magistrate may take notice of, and cause the Partys to be arrested and bound to answer, and the Sheriff hath upon occasions of this kind, a Power to raise the Posse of his County, to assist in the Execution of the King's Process. Should the suppression of these dangerous and riotous proceedings prove beyond the ordinary power of your County, (which however, I am in hopes they will not,) I shall certainly apply to the Assembly for their assistance. I rely upon the Spirited Conduct of the Magistracy and the People of the County upon this occasion, who will not fail to recommend themselves to the Government by shewing a disposition to support it against the Lawless intrusions of these Insurgents.

“You will not fail to inform me of their further Motions, and of your Proceedings against their Hostile designs.

“Should a number of them be arrested, more than can be conveniently confin’d in your Gaol, I would have you send them under a proper Guard to Philadelphia. “I am Your most humble Servant,

“ RICHARD PENN. “To WILLIAM PLUNKET, Esquire, President of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, &c., for the County of Northumberland.”

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Wednesday 230 June, 1773.

PRESENT : The Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Gov

erzor, &ca


Lynford Lardner,

James Tilghman, Benjamin Chew,

Andrew Allen,

Esquires. On reading a Petition from a number of the Inhabitants of the City and County of Philadelphia to the Governor and Council, praying an appointment of Persons to review an old Road laid out above sixty years agoe from the upper end of Second Street to the place where a new Road was lately laid out by the Order of the Governor and Council, to the Germantown Road, through the Land late of William Masters, deceased, It is Ordered that Joseph Fox, Daniel Williams, Luke Morris, John Lukne, Jonathan Evans, and Tench Francis, do re-view the said Old Road and ascertain the Courses thereof, and make report thereupon to the Governor and Council.

The Governor laid before the Board a Letter from Lord Dun. more, informing him that a Certain John Arters had made a confession of having formerly murdered one Thomas England in the City of Philadelphia, and that he was ready to be delivered up to Justice whenever bis Honor shall demand him.

July 10th, 1773.

The Governor was this day pleased to appoint John Swift, Esquire, a Justice of the Court of General quarter Sessions of the Peace and of the County Court of Common Pleas for the County of Bucks, by a Special Commission.

July 19th, 1773.

The Governor, with the advice of the Council, this day issued the following Proclamation ; having previously Consulted the Speaker and Several Members of Assembly in Town, with respect to the payment of the rewards offered for discovering and bringing to Justice the Offenders, therein refered to, and obtained their Engagements that the Assembly would agree to pay the same on Convice tion of the Offenders.

By the Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant

Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Counties of Newcastle, Kent, and Sussex, on Dela



“WHEREAS, a great number of Bills printed in the Form, Simili. tude and likeness of the true and genuine Bills of Credit of this Province, of the Denominations of Three Pounds and Thirty Shillings, dated the first day of March, 1769, have been forged and Counterfeited, and are now Circulating within this City and Province, to the great prejudice of his Majesty's honest and leige Sub. jects: And Whereas, it is of the Greatest Importance to the Trade and Commerce of this Province, that the Credit of all such Bills as have been emitted by Law should be supported and preserved,

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and that the Forgers and Counterfeiters of them should be dis-
covered and brought to Condign and exemplary Punishment;
I have, therefore, thought fit, with the advice of the Council, to
Issue this Proclamation, hereby Promising and engageing the Public
Reward of Five hundred Pounds shall be paid to any Person or
Persons, other than the accomplices, who shall discover the Au-
thor or Authors of the said Forgeries, so that he or they apprehended
and brought to Justice. And I do also hereby Promise the Public
reward of Two hundred and fifty pounds, as well as his Majesty's
Most Gracious Pardon, to any one of the Perpetrators of the said
Forgeries, who shall make discovery of one or more of his Accom-
plices, so that he or they be prosecuted to Conviction. And I do
moreover, hereby strictly Charge, enjoin, and require all Magistrates,
Sheriffs, and other officers, as well as all other his Majesty's liege
Subjects within this Province, to exert themselves and use their ut-
most endeavors to discover and bring to Justice all offenders in the
“Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the said Province at

Philadelphia, the nineteenth day of July, in the year of our Lord
one thousand Seven hundred and seventy-three, and in the thir-
teenth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third,
by the Grace of God of Great Britain and Ireland, King, De-
fender of the Faith, &c.

" RICHARD PENN. "By His Honour's Command. “ JOSEPH SHIPPEN, J", Secretary.


July, 1773.


The Governor was this day pleased to issue a Pardon for Hum. pbrey Harrison, who was convicted of Burglary at a Court of Oyer and Terminer beld for this County in April last, His Honor baving lately, for divers good Causes and Considerations, suspended the Execution of the Sentence of Death which had been pronounced against him by the Judges of the said Court.

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At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Monday August 9th, 1773.

The Honorable JAMES HAMILTON, Esquire, President.
Joseph Turner,

Benjamin Chew,
William Logan,

Thomas Cadwallader, Esquires : James Tilghman,

The Governor having gone on a Journey to New Jersey, a Peti. tion was this day presented to the President and council by Monsieur Pierre Peron, Commander of the Snow D'Auberton, belonging to Merchants of Rochelle, in France, which was read and follows in these words, Viz":

[Blank of half page in Council Book.] At the same time was laid before the Board the Captain's Protest, referred to in the above Petition; and the Board taking the said Protest and Petition into their serious consideration, and finding upon due enquiry and examination, that the Facts set forth in them are true, Ordered that the said Snow be permitted to be examined, and the necessary repairs made on her, to enable her to prosecute ber intended Voyage, and that her Cargo be unladen, under the care and Inspection of the Custom Tiouse officers of this Port, and that the same be deposited in a Store untill the said Snow be sufficiently Repaired; and for the better security of the Cargo against Fraud and Embezzlement, that one Key of the same be kept by the Collector, and another by the Naval Officer. The Board appointed John Shee, Merchant, to Transact all the necessary Business relating to the said Snow and her Cargo, as Factor or Agent for the Master, during her Continuance in this Port.

Zachariah Hood, Esquire, Comptroler, who in the absence of the Collector, officiated in his stead, and Frederick Phile, Deputy Naval Officer of this Port, at the Request of the Board appeared, and were made acquainted with this order, and directed to take notice of the same, and Govern themselves accordingly.

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Monday the 30th August, 1773.


The Honourable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governor.

The Honourable JAMES HAMILTON, Esquire, Joseph Turner,

James Tilghman, Lynford Lardner,

Andrew Allen, Benjamin Chew,

Edward Shippen, jun".

Esquires. Thomas Cadwallader,

The Honorable ' homas Penn and John Penn, Esquires, true and absolute Proprietaries and Governors in Chief of the Province of

Pennsylvania, and Counties of New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, on Delaware, having been pleased to revoke and make void, by an Instrument of Writing under their Hands and Seals, bearing date the thirteenth day of April last, their Commission to the Honorable Richard Penn, Esquire, to be Lieutenant Governor of the said Province and Counties, and the said Thomas Penn, Esq" having, with his Majesty's Approbation, been pleased on his behalf, and as far as he was enabled thereto, to Constitute and appoint the said John Penn, Esq* to be deputy and Lieutenant Governor of the said Province and Counties, by a Commission under bis Hand and Seal, bearing date the Fourteenth day of April last, and to sign a Warrant for afixing the Great Seal thereto; and the Great Seal being accordingly this day affixed to the said Commission, The said Revocation and Commission were produced to the Board and read, and Ordered to be immediately Recorded in the Rolls Office.

The Certificate of his Majesty's Approbation above referred to is as follows, Viz" :

At the Court at St. James', the 30th day of June, 1773.

The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.

His Majesty having been pleased to declare his Royal Allowance and Approbation of John Penn, Esquire, to be Deputy or Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Pennsylvania for and on behalf of Thomas Penn, Esquire, one of the Proprietaries of the said Prov. ince, during the good Pleasure of the said Thomas Penn and his Heirs, and of the three Lower Counties of New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, during his Majesty's Will and Pleasure only, He this day took the Oaths appointed to be taken, instead of the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, and also the Oath required to be taken by the Governors of His Majesty's Plantations, for putting in Execution the acts of Trade and Navigation.


The Board then taking into consideration what ought to be the Stile and Title of Mr. John Penn during his administration of the Government, agreed and Settled the same to be as follows, viz" :

« “ The Honorable John Penn, Esq", one of the true and absolute Proprietaries of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Counties of New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, on Delaware, and Governor and Commander-in-chief of the said Province and Counties, as well in his own Right, as by the Appointment of the Honorable Thomas Penn, Esq" the other true and Absolute Proprietary of the said Province and Counties.”

The Governor then acquainted the Board that he thought proper to Continue Mr. Joseph Shippen, jun", in his Office of Provincial

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