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Drums, Colours, &ca., for the use of his Battalion, to be charged to his Acco't.

Mr. Nesbitt was directed to pay Benj'n Randolph £18 13 2, for plank, delivered for the use of Fort Island.

Mr. Nesbitt was directed to pay Capt. Wm. Hallock £21 1 7, for Salvage of Sundries saved out of Brig't Nancy, blown up at Cape May.

Mr. Nesbitt was directed to pay Mr. Owen Biddle £446 14 1, being the Balance of his account for Cloathing purchased by him for Col. Atlee's Battalion, & Sundries for Fort Island, &ca., &ca.

Mr. Nesbitt was directed to pay James Boylan £3 14 6, for 25 Canteens, 4 of which delivered to Mr. Towers, to be charged to this State, & 21 delivered at Flying Camp, to be charged to Congress.

Mr. Towers was directed to deliver to John Moyes, Com’y, Stores for Billingsport, 50 Shovels, 50 Spades, 20 Pitching Axes, 20 Wheel Barrows, 20 Hand Barrows, 20 Pickaxes, for the use of the Fortification at Billingsport, taking his receipt.

In order that all the accounts for pay, due to those who attended as members of the late Conference, of Committees, or Convention of this State, may be in one person's hands, Mr. Nesbitt is hereby directed to call upon Mr. Hillegas, and receive from him any money he has paid by order of this board to such members, the same to be charged by Mr. Hillegas, agreeable to the Resolve of Convention made for that purpose.

This board taking into their consideration the Advanced prices of almost every necessary of Life, and upon a proper Representation from the Chevaux de Frize Pilots, respecting their situation, do hereby

Resolve, That the said Pilots, in addition to their pay from this State, be allowed, from the date hereof, to receive five shillings * foot for every vessel they conduct through the Chevaux de Frise to and from Chester, to be paid by the Captains or owners of such vessels.

An order was drawn on Mr. Nesbitt, in fav'r of John Martin, for Five Pounds, to defray the expences of bringing him from Camp, and during his being under the Doctor's hands, he being wounded on Long Island, to be charged to Congress.

Mr. Nesbitt was directed to pay Capt. Thomas Dungan of Col. Hill's Battalion, of Philad'a County, £161 6 0, for sundry Arms, &ca., for the use of his Company.

Resolved, That Mr. Thomas Wharton, jun's, & Col. Jno. Bayard, be appointed to fitt out the ship Montgomery, now in the service of this State, and load her with such Merchandize as may

to purchase, such articles of Cloathing, &ca., as may be necessary for the service of this State, for which purpose they are authorized, as soon as the situation of our River & Bay will permitt, to dispatch her to any place they may Judge will be the Best Market, and most Probably supply the Goods which shall be ordered.

be proper

Mr. Owen Biddle produced a Receipt for a Cask of Tow Liden, No. 4, signed by Lewis Nicola, which Cask be received from Col. Matthias Slough, of Lancaster, & delivered unopened to said Nicola.

Commissions were this day Granted for officers of the fourth Battalion of Associators in Northumberland County, vizt:

Philip Cole, Colonel.
Thomas Sutherland, Lieut. Colonel.
Thomas Foster, 1st Major.
Casper Yost, 2nd Major.
Debalt Miller, Standard Bearer.
James McCoy, Adjutant.

First Company.
John Clark, Captain,

James Moor, 2nd Lieut., Henry Ponguis, 1st Lieut., Patrick Watson, Ensign.

Second Company. Michael Weaver, Captain.

Third Company. Jacob Link, Captain,

Fourth Company Wm. Wirach, Captain,

Wm. Gill, 2nd Lieut., John Sherred, 1st Lieut.,

Nathaniel Moon, Ensign.

Fifth Company. George Wolf, Captain, Mich'l Wildgoos, 2nd Lieut., George Conrad, 1st Lieut., John Hesler, Ensign.

Sixth Company Geo. Obermiar, Capt.,

Peter Wirach, 2nd do., James McCalvery, 1st Lieut., Mich'l Schnider, Ensign.

The board then adjourned to 5 o'clock afternoon, when the fol. lowing members met: THOMAS WHARTON, jan'r, President. · John Bull,

Owen Biddle,
Fred. Kuhl,

Sam'l C. Morris,
Sam'l Morris, Sen'r,

John Bayard. David Ritten house, WHEREAS, the Honorable Congress have resolved that the account of the Militia of this State shall be paid as soon as Certificates can be produced to the Committee appointed to settle the same, of their having returned all the public stores in their Possession ; And as many poor people, who chearfully turned out in

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the service of their Country, may be deprived of their pay for a Considerable Space of time, to the prejudice of their families and affairs, in Consequence the officers of the several Companies not being acquainted with the before-mentioned resolutions in time; Therefore,

Resolved, lst. That the State of Pennsylvania will be accountable to the Congress for all the Continental Stores not delivered to the Deputy Q'r Mas’r General, that the payment of accounts of the associators may meet with as little delay as Possible.

2nd. That the officers of the several Battalions do forth with apply to the Committee appointed by Congress for payment of their Accounts, and when received that they immediately pay off their


3rd. That the Commanding officer of every Battalion of Associators, which has been in the Service, do return to Robert Towers, Esq'r, Commissary, as speedily as Possible, all such Continental or State Stores, (arms excepted,) as were delivered to his Battalion, in order that such as belong to Congress may be restored.

As it is not improbable that General Howe may detach part of his army by Water from New York to invade this State, & as we should be unable to make any defence against them by Land in our present unarmed Condition, and as not only the Safety of this State, but the preservation and security of great part of the military Stores belonging to Congress, is thereby endangered,

Resolved, That Mr. Ritten house, Col. Bayard & Mr. Biddle, be appointed to confer with a Committee of Congress, on the expediency of having a Body of Troops stationed near the City of Philadelphia, for the defence of this state, and that a General Officer of some Experience be appointed to have the command of said Force.

In Council of Safety, October 9th, 1776.


John Bayard,

Fred. Kuhl,
Sam'l Morris, Sen'r, Jos. Blewer,
Henry Keppele, jun'r, Henry Wyncoop,
John Bull,

Owen Biddle.
Francis Gurney,
An order was drawn on Mr. Nesbitt, in favor of Lewis Giron,
Fifty pounds, on Account of Stone for sinking Piers at Fort Island.

Mr. Nesbitt was directed to pay Joel Zane, £10 16 3 for Sash weights delivered to Thomas Nevill.

Mr. Nesbitt directed to pay John Dunlap, £139 11 3, for Cartridge Paper, & Printing Commissions, &ca.

Mr: Towers was directed to deliver John Vandergrest 200 Gua. Locks, taking his receipt.

An order was drawn on Mr. Nesbitt, in fav'r of John McMicken, for £150.

An order was drawn on Mr. Nesbitt, in fav'r of Mr. Thomas Nevill, for one Hundred Pounds, towards Gun Carriages, to be charged to his acco't.

Mr. Nesbitt was directed to pay Major E. Williams £105 19 9, for his pay & Rations to 1st Oct'r.

An order was drawn on Mr. Nesbitt, in favour of Henry Wynkoop, Esq’r, for £500, for the payment of Arms, &ca., Purchased for this State, to be charged to his acco't.

An order was drawn on Mr. Nesbitt, in fav'r of Jacob Rittenhouse, £24 19 2, for Cartridge Paper delivered to Mr. Towers.

The Council being informed that several people have purchased a Cargoe of Salt from the Importer, at 12s. Bushel, and that they have since advanced the price of that necessary Article on the Consumer to 22s. 6.

Resolved, That this Council highly disapprove the Conduct of those mercenary men, who, regardless of the public Good & the Interest of their Country, in this Unreasonable and avaritious manner, monopolize those articles so necessary to the Community, and lay on such enormous Profits as puts it out of the power of the Industrious Poor to procure a necessary supply for their Families, and therefore this board do further Resolve, that the aforesaid purchase is and shall be void, and the Cargoe of Salt shall be purchased from the Captain at the price aforesaid, & sold out to the Inhabi. tants in such Quantities as may be necessary for their Families at the Prime Cost, adding thereto so much only as will defray the necessary Expence of unloading and measuring it, & that in future no person be admitted to make purchase of any Goods or merchandize coming from Sea to this port, untill the vessell arrive and regularly enter at the Custom House, & untill report of the Cargoe ou said vessell, be made to this Board.

In Council of Safety, October 10th, 1776.


SAML. MORRIS, Sen'r, Chair'n.
Joseph Blewer,

Sam'l C. Morris,
Francis Gurney,

Henry Keppele, jun'r,
Fred. Kuhl,

Geo. Gray.
Alexander Morria was permitted to depart this State in the
Schooner Mariamne, Capt. William Graham, to Capt. Nicola Mole,
in Hispaniola.

In Council of Safety, October 11th, 1776.


THOS. WHARTON, jun'r, President.

David Rittenhouse, Joseph Blewer,
John Bayard,

Sam’s C. Morris,
Fred. Kuhl,

Owen Biddle. Francis Gurney, John M. Nesbitt, Esq'r, 'Treasurer, was directed to pay Jamos Fulton to porterage of anchors, &ca., £2 14 0, to be charged to this State, & £11 10 6, for Porterage of Cannon, &ca., sent to Camp in New Jersey, to be charged to Congress.

Mr. Nesbitt to pay John Bazelee £11 15 0, Gun Carriages, &ca.

Mr. Robert Towers was directed to Deliver Col. John Cadwala. der, or his order, 100 muskets with Bayonets & accoutrements, & take his receipt for the same.

An order was drawn on Mr.Nesbitt, in favour of Peter Jones, Five Pounds, on acco't of his Wages, (he being a Wounded Soldier belonging to Col. Wayne's Battalion,) & inform his Co.

An order was drawn on Mr. Nesbitt, in favour of Thomas Miles & Thomas Curgee, for £50, on account of Arms making by said Miles, taking their joint Bond for the same.

Mr. Nesbitt was directed to pay Doctors Duffield & Rush for their attendance on the Fleet & Artillery Company of this State, from 27 Septemb'r, 1775, to July 5th, 1776, with Rations, £182 8 1.

A Commission was Granted, agreeable to resolve of Congress, to James Smith, Commander of the Letter of Marque Brig Rutledge, Mounting 12 Carriage Guns, navigated by 60 men, Burthen about 120 Tons, owned by Alexander Gillson.

Mr. Nesbitt was directed to pay to Charles Cooper £57 0 0, for 76 Cartouch Boxes, Belts & Scabbards, deliv'ed to the Commissioner of Cumberland County, to be charged to their Account.

Mr. Robert Towers was directed to deliver Joseph Dean & Thomas Irwin 40lbs of Powder, they paying for the same, at 78 6 7 lb.

An order was drawn on Mr. Robert Towers, in fav'r of Major Thomas Proctor, for 50 Knap Sacks, 50 Haver Sacks, & 50 Can. teens, for the use of his Artillery, Intended to be sent to Fort Montgomery.

An order was drawn on Mr. Nesbitt, in favor of Christian Shaf. fer, for £20, towards repairs of Barracks, to be charged to his acco't.

Resolved, That Colonel Broadhead be directed to procure proper Lists of such Cloaths, and other articles now in Possession of the Quarter Master, which were the property of Soldiers belonging to the three Battalions Belonging to this state, either killed or taken

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