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Col. James Moore, of Chester County, made application for 50 Bayonets or Tomhawks, 30 Hatchets, 100 screws, & 100 worms, for the use of his Battalion ; Mr. Robert Towers, Com’y, was desired to supply Col. Moore with the above Articles, taking his receipt.

By order of the Board, Joseph Ferree, Esq'r, of Germantown, was desired to deliver to Mr. Carpenter Wharton 20 Busbels of the Salt Stored under his direction, on Mr. Wharton's Producing Jobn M. Nesbitt's, Esq'r, Certificate of his having accounted with him for the same, at 78 6 * Bushel for the Salt, & 6d # Busbel for Carriage & Storage.

By order of the Board, John M. Nesbitt, Esq'r, Treas'r, was desired to pay to Col. Kirkbride £138 15 6 for 72 Arms, purcbased for the use of his Battalion.

Resolved, That an application be made to Congress for 1100 Stand of Arms, for the Service of the Flying Camp.

A Letter was received from Capt. John Hamilton, of the Con. gress, and Capt. James Montgomery, of the Chatham armed Boats, Resigning their Commissions in the Service of this State, as they expected to Serve in a larger Sphere of action, whereby they may have opportunity of rendering their Country some more essential Service than they have any prospect of doing Here; therefore,

Resolved, That their said Resignation be accepted, and they are hereby discharged from the Service of this State.

The Board then adjourned till 3 o'Clock afternoon, when the
following Members mett:
SAM'L MORRIS, Sen'r, Chairman.
James Cannon,

Tho's Wharton, jun'r,
David Rittenhouse, Timothy Matlack,
John Moore,

Jos. Blewer,
Fred. Kuhl,

Henry Keppele, j'r,
Owen Biddlc,

John Bull. Order'd, That Col. Matlack be desired to make the necessary enquiry of Congress, respecting the authority this Board has over the State Prison.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Jno. M. Nesbitt, Esq'r, Treas'r, in favor of Jacob Miers, for £24 13 2X for Mens' Wages, for Work done at Fort Island, for which he is to be accountable

to the Workmen, & the Sum Charged to his acco't.

By order of the Board, Joseph Ferree, Esq'r, of Germantown, was desired to deliver to Henry Huber one Ton of Salt Peter, out of the Stores in Germantown under his direction.

By order of the Board, .Mr. Robert Towers was desired to deliver Henry Huber 300 cwt. of Sulphur, to be charged to Congress.

In Council of Safety, August 2nd, 1776.


THOMAS WHARTON, j'r, Chairman.
James Cannon,

John Moore,
Timothy Matlack,

John Bull,
John Weitzel,

H. Keppele, j'r,
Owen Biddle,

Sam'l Morris, Sen'r,
Fred. Kuhl,

David Rittenhouse.
The following acco'ts were Passed, and J. M. Nesbitt, Esq'r, de-
sired to pay them :
One Act, Bartram Galbreath, for

£4 11 3 One do.

17 13 10 Robert Tower's Acco't,

60 941 Benj'n Wallace do.

9 30 Andrew Boyd do.

7 4 0 Sketchly Morton do.

3 14 7 John Kirk,

1st accolt,

£5 00

4 15 OS

9 15 0 Peter Henderson,

30 0 0 Dan'l Evans do.

3 15 0 Andrew Gyer, do.

9 17 6 By order of the Board, the Following warrant was Isued for Apprehending John Thomas & Arthur Thomas, jun'r.


“ IN COUNCIL OF SAFETY, PALAD'A, 2nd Aug't, 1776.

« Sir:

“ You are hereby authorized, empower'd & required to go in search of & seize the persons of John Thomas & Arthur Thomas, jun'r, or either of them, & to deliver them to the Keeper of the State Prison of the City of Philad'a, and make return to this Council, & for so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant. "By order of the Council.

“Signed, THOS. WHARTON, jr., Chairman. " To MR. Mains.

A Warrant was issued for Apprehending John Hatton, Sen'r., & John Hatton, jun'r, in form, following:

“IN COUNCIL OF SAFETY, Philad'a, Aug’t 2nd, 1776.

+ Sir:

“You are hereby directed to go to the Committee of Iospection of Salem County, in the State of New Jersey, and to apply to them for proper powers & assistance to go in search of, and take the

persons of John Hatton, sen'r, & John Hatton, jun'r, and bring them before this Council, unless the Committee of Inspection should object to their being brought out of that State, in such case you are to leave them in the Custody of the said Committee, they being charged with Treasonable Practices against the states of America, and you are further desired to use your best endeavours to seize Col. Kirkland, (whom this Board has reason to suspect is still in Jersey,) and in so doing this shall be your sufficient Warrant. “By order of the Council.

“Signed THOS. WHARTON, jun'r, Chairman. 6: To MR. JAMES READ.

“N. B. The more secrecy you observe the more likely to effect your Purpose."

With the above warrant the following Letter was sent to the Committee of Inspection of Salem County : 6 Gent'n:

“In the course of our enquirey into the case of Kirkland's escape from the Gaol of this City, evidence appears against John Hatton of your County, and his Son, sufficient to induce us to request you will exert your utmost endeavours to secure them.

“We have sent you an officer in whom we can confide, who will assist in taking him, and also bring to this City, if you shall think it Proper to send him here.

“We apprehend that Col. Kirkland is still in your County somewhere about Morris's River, as it appears Probable from Circumstances given in evidence before us, that he failed in bis Attempt to get on board the man-of-Warr. We make no doubt but that you will use every means in your Power to secure a Man so dan. gerous to the Liberties to this Country. The reward which is offered for taking him is Considerable, and Perhaps may excite some, who would not from other Motives, to endeavour by all Means to secure him. From your attachment to the cause of Liberty we expect exertions of a more extended kind and on more generous Principles, and firmly hope your endeavours will Meet with Success in securing two Men who are enemies to our Country & dangerous spies upon our Actions.

“ By order of the Council.

“Sign'd, THOS. WHARTON, jr., Chairman.”

An order was drawn on Jno. M. Nesbitt, Esq'r, Treas’r, for £10 in favour of Henry Huber, Powder Maker, to be charged to his acco't.

In Council of Safety, August 5th, 1776.


one do.

one do.

Sam’l Morris,

Henry Keppele, jun'r,
Joseph Blewer,

Fred. Kuhl,
John Weitzel,

Tho's Wharton, jun'r,
James Cannon,

Owen Biddle.
By order of the Board, the following Acco's were Passed, & JRo.
M. Nesbitt, Esq'r, Treas'r, desired to pay them:
John Bruce's Acco't, amounting to

£12 10 Daniel Evans' do.

5 3 3 Jeremiah Baker's do.

19 32 Henry Litman,

12 11 Wm. Perkins, one acco't,

5 17 6 Do.

9 11 10 Geo. Hoofnagle, one acco't,

0 12 Do.

26 6 8 John Burke, acc't,

1 26 Jer. Smith, do.

25 Wm. Dewees,

3 John Winter,

5 9 3 Wm. Ball,

18 10 Wm. Waltman,

3 3 6 Wm. Rush, one acco't,

33 15 61 Do.

9 16 6 Do.

128 1 01 Henry Smith,

3 10 Mary Hunter,

3 10 Benj'a. Wallace,

1 17 6 John Shupert,

4 5 Stacy Hepburn,

143 3 41 By order of the Board, Ab'm Mason was directed to deliver to Tho's Hazlewood as much old Sail Cloth as he may want to Cover Fire Rafts.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on John M. Nesbitt, Esq'r, Treas’r, in fav'r of Peter Dehaven & Co., for £500, to be Charged to their Acco't.

By order of the Board, Jno. Hanlon was directed to deliver to Col. Paschall, of Philad'a County, 17 Rifles, which Mr. Debaren was desired to Repair.

one do. one do.

Mr. John Hubly appeared, took & Subscribed the Qualification directed by Convention.

Resolved, That an order be drawn on Mr. Nesbitt in fav'r of Mr. Lodowick Lauman, for £200, to be delivered to the Committee of Inspection and Observation of Lancaster County, & by them distributed to the Wives & families of Poor Associators who are now in Actual Service, and an order was drawn accordingly.

A letter was Received from John McKinley, Esq'r, Chairman of the Committee of New Castle County, dated 2 Aug’t, 1776, H Col. Bedford, informing this Board that they had sent a Certain Alex'r Maurice to this City, under Col. Bedford's care, he being a Person strongly suspecting of Practices Inimical to the States of America, whereupon the Board ordered the said Maurice to be committed to the State Prison. The Following order was sent to Col. Bedford for that purpose :

“In Council of Safety, Aug't 5th, 1776. “Sir:

“ You are hereby required and empowered to send the Body of Alexander Maurice, in your Custody, to the State Jail in this City, he being Charged with being Inimical to the American States, for which he is to answer,

and for so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant.

“ And the said Jailer is hereby required to receive the Body of the said Alex'r Maurice, and keep him in Safe Custody untill Properly discharged. “By order of the Council,

“Signed, D. RITTENHOUSE, Chaim'n. To Col. BEDFORD, at the Barracks.”

The following letter was sent to the Delegates of this State in Congress :

“In Council of Safety, Aug't 5th, 1776. “ Gent'n :

“ The Militia of this state having been all ordered out by the Hon'ble Congress, This Board finds it Impossible to supply them with arms as fast as they come in, and they seem uneasy at being detained. You will oblige this Board by applying to Congress on behalf of this Board for as many of the arms, lately brought In, as they possibly can spare, to be returned when the Militia is dis

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