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Buck & Swan Shot, for the use of the Flying Camp in the Jersey, to be Charg’d to Congress.

Resolved, That the Marines on Board the Ship & Floating Bat. tery, be allowed fifty shillings per month, to commence the 1st Day of June last.

The Committee agree with Johu Kerlin for fifty Muskets and Bayonets, to be made according to Pattern, at Eighty-five Shillings each.

Resolved, That Colo. Hockley be requested to prove such Guds as shall be made by John Kerlin, for the use of this Committee.

In Committee of Safety.

PHILAD'A, 19th July, 1776.

John Nixon,

George Gray,
Samuel Howell,

Michael Hillegas,
Joseph Parker,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r. By order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commiss'y, was directed to deliver to Peter De Haven 100 lbs. Copper, for mounting of Firelocks, for the use of this Province.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Jno. Nixon, Esq'r, and others, the Committee of Accounts, for £46 11 3, being in favour of Mr. Peter De Haven, for 1863 lbs. of salt petre, manufactured at the Provincial Works.

Resolved; That Mr. James Carter be appointed one of the Committee for superintending the making of Firelocks and the God Lock Manufactory, for the use of this Province.

The Committee taking into consideration the extraordinary trouble of Mr. Samuel Morris, jun'r, in attending and directing the Building of Chevaux de Frize, procuring Loggs, and other publick services out of Doors, are of Opinion he is entitled to Receive one hundred & fifty pounds,

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on John Nixon, Esq'r, and others, the Committee of Accounts, for the above sum of £150, in favour of Mr. Morris, for the purpose aforesaid.

The order of this Board, placing the Guard to be kept in this City under the Command of Capt. Peters, being made under the apprehension that Capt. Peters was the Officer of highest Rank now in Town, The said order is now altered, and the Guard will receive the Commands of Lieut. Colo. Nixon.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Jno. Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Mr. Thomas

Savidge, for four hundred pounds, to be Charged to his acc't, for the
Salt Works, to be erected at the Charge of this Province.

Resolved, That Mr. Howell, Mr. Hillegas, & Mr. Gray, be Committee to settle all the Accounts of Mr. Arthur Donaldson, and pass them for Payment.

Resolved, That Robert Towers, Commissary, be authorized to exchange the thin plate Copper that he has belonging to this Province, for other good Copper, to any Tradesmen that may apply for the same.

WM. GOVETT, Sect'y.

In Committee of Safety, July 20th, 1776.


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George Clymer,

Joseph Parker,
John Nixon, ,

Samuel Howell,
Mich'l Hillegas,

Sam'l Morris, Jun'r.
Owen Biddle,
By order of the Board, an order was drawn on John Nixon, Esq'r,
& others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of John Mitchell,
Commissary of Provisions, for Fifteen hundred pounds, which is
directed to be charged to his Account.

Resolved, That Brig'r General McKinley have permission to purchase in Lancaster fifty Rifles.

Resolved, That Mr. Gray & Mr Parker be a Committee for settling the accounts of George Kitts, for furnishing the Troops under the Command of Colo. Atlee with Provisions, and that the said Com. mittee be Authorized to draw on Michael Hillegas, Esq'r, Treasurer, for the balance.

Resolved, That Mr. John Mitchell be requested to settle the account of Provisions furnished the Boats under the Command of Commodore Caldwell, by sundry persons at Wilmington, at the time they were going down the Bay, when the Roebuck was on shore on the Brandy Wine.

Resolved, that the Directors of the Provincial Lock Manufactory, be requested to direct to be repair'd at said Works, the Arms belonging to the Associators of Colo. Lewis's Battalion.

WM. GOVETT, Sect'y.

In Committee of Safety,

PHILAD’A., 22nd July, 1776.

Samuel Howell,

Joseph Parker,
George Clymer,

Michael Hillegas,
Samuel Morris,

John Nixon. George Gray, Agreeable to a Resolve of the 20th, Mr. Gray & Mr. Parker, a Committee to settle the accounts of George Kitts, Report that they have settled the same, and find a balance of £118 15 8} due him, for which they have drawn an order in his favour, on Michael Hillegas, Esq'r, Treasurer.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on John Nixon, Esq'r, and others, the Committee of Accounts, for six hundred Pounds, in favour of Michael Bright, which is directed to be Charged to the Commissioners & Assessors of Berks County, for the payment of Firelocks made in that County, for the use of this Pro. vince.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on John Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of Accounts., in favour of Maurice Rogers, for £73 6 8, being his salary for Eight Months as Clerk to the Committee of Accounts.

The Convention this day sent the following Resolve to this Board, Vizt: “In Convention for the State of Pennsylvania.

“Monday, July 22nd 1776, A. M. « Moved an Resolved, That the Committee of Safety for this State lay their accounts and proceedings before this Convention.

« Ordered, that Mr. Clymer communicate this Resolve to the said Committee.

« Extract from the Minutes,

“Sigu'd JOHN MORRIS, Sec'ry." Resolved, That the Minutes of this Board be laid before the Convention, and that this Committee furnish the state of their Accounts, relative to the Expenditures of all Monies for the Service of this Colony.

Resolved, That Mr. Parker & Mr. S'l Morris, be a Committee to examine and settle the Accounts of Capt. Richardson, Capt. Falconer, & Capt. Simmons, and when adjusted, be authorized to pass the same.

WM. GOVETT, Sec'ty.


[End of the proceedings of Committee of Safety.]

Council of Safety Chamber, July 24th, 1776.

David Rittenhouse,

Frederick Kubl,
Owen Biddle,

Col. John Bull,
James Cannon,

and Timothy Mattlack.
Joseph Blewer,
A Quorum of Gentlemen Appointed by the Convention of the
State of Pennsylvania, And George Ross, Esq'r, Vice President of
The following resolution of Convention was Read :

[Resolution not in Council Book.] Thereupon the said Declaration was taken & Subscribed accordingly, & Mr. Ross withdrew.

Mr. Rittenhouse was requested to take the Chair for the day.

Samuel Morris, Sen'r, Esq'r, appeared and took the Qualification directed by the Convention.

Doct'r Thomas Young, of the Philadelphia Rifle Battalion, laid an account before the board for necessaries supplied by him for the said Battalion, amounting to £12 19 5, and Certified by Wm. Shippen, jun'r, Surgeon General & Director of the Hospital.

Ordered, That Michael Hillegas, Esq'r, be requested to pay the said Account and Charge it to Congress.

It being Represented to this Board that a number of Col. Miles' Men were Sick in the Barracks, and Stood in need of better Accommodations & necessaries for their recovery,

Resolved, 'That Doctor Thomas Parke be directed to attend them, & to have the Necessary provisions for their Accommodations made.

Resolved, That Captain Peters be authorized to have the Stage in the State House yard fitted up for the Accommodation of the Guard, And that he Provide a sufficient number of Camp Kettles for their use.

On motion, Agreed, That an order be Issued to Thomas Palmer to deliver Mr. Robert Towers, Commissary of Stores, Seventeen Rifles, & to Mr. Balwin to deliver Mr. Towers Eight Riffles, & that Mr. Towers deliver them to Capt. John Douglass.

Agreed, That Sachervill Wood be appointed Door-Keeper.

An order was drawn in favour of John Willis for Four pounds, for a Riffle delivered Col. Matlack, & that the same be charged to him.

Resolved, That Colo. Bull be empowered to procure sixty Pikes and a sufficient number of Tomhawks for the use of his Battalion, and that the arms of his Battalion be repaired at the Provincial Factory.

In Council of Safety, July 24th, 1776.-P. M.


David Rittenhouse,

Edward Bartholomew,
Owen Biddle,

Timothy Mattlack,
James Cannon,

John Bull. Frederick Kuhl, A letter from the Committee of Berks County was laid before the Board, and the same being considered, and it being therein Represented to this Board that some Misrepresentation of the intention of Congress has arisen amongst the Associators of this State and the Officers who were appointed to form the Flying Camp, with respect to the March and Arangement of the Associators & mili. tia, who were to compose the said Camp, and in order that it may be better understood, it is

Resolved, That all the Militia who may be furnished and equip'd agreeable to the Resolve of Congress, do march to such Place as they have been respectively ordered by Congress; and that the persons who have been appointed Captains in the Flying Camp, & have not Inlisted 25 Men for that service, do return them to their respective Corps of Associators to which they formerly belonged and Continue with them. The appointment of the Officers for the Flying Camp still to continue, and the men already enlisted to be considered as bound by their enlistment, and to be continued in service when the Militia may be permitted to return, and subject to the further orders of the Convention or of this Board; And it is further Recommended that those Companies which have been raised to form the Flying Camp, which already consists of 25 Privates and upwards, do Immediately proceed to Trenton or Brumswick, as heretofore directed.

Resolved, That this Board will allow the Officers who were appointed to command the Flying Camp, all such reasonable expences as have accrued in the recruiting Service.

The Following Letter was wrote to the Committee of Berks County, & sign'd by the Chairman : "Gent'n :

“ Your Letter of 22nd Inst., to the Hon'ble B. Franklin, Esq'r, Presid’t of the Convention, was referred by the Hon. Con vention to the Council of Safety. They must acknowledge the Laudable Zeal with which your Committee has, at all times, carried into execution the recommendation of such powers as acted under the People; But particularly your ready & chearfull Obedience to the Ordinance of Convention for disarming of non-Associators,

“The embarrassments you Labor under in Consequence of Re. solves of Congress & others, which, from the confused state of the times, appeared somewhat Contradictory, appears to us excusable.

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