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'There being an immediate necessity of a great Number of Tents and Haversacks to be made up for the Publick service,

Resolved, That Messrs. Bridges, Smith, Kennard, & Collins, be authorized and directed to go through the Town and buy up all the Awnings that can be got; and Also that Messrs. Mason, Bridges, & Moulder, purchase all the Coarse Lindens they can meet with, suitable for the above purposes, the whole to be made up by them as the Board shall hereafter direet.

The following advertisement is ordered to be published in the different News Papers of this City :

“The Committee of Safety hereby Offer a Reward of Ope hundred Dollars to any Person who shall discover by whom the Pier intended to be sunk near Fort Island, was cut loose from its moorings and turned adrift."

Resolved, That the 6 Canon arrived from New London be sent down immediately to Fort Island, and that Capt. Procter be directed to fit Carriages for them and place as many of them, for the present, on the Platform at the Battery there as it will contain.

Resolved, That a Number of Rough Sheds be made at Billingsport, sufficient to accommodate and Lodge 500 Men, to be einployed on the Fortifications intended to be erected there.

That Mr. Robert Smith be directed to carry it into execution with all possible expedition.

The Committee taking into consideration the Memorial of the Board of officers of the City of Philad'a, & for establishing a Patrole of Associators for the safe guard and peace of the City, came to the following Resolution thereupon :

Resolved, That there be three patroles of Associators for the City and suburbs the Northern District to begin on the north side of Arch street and extend as far as Callow Hill street--the Middle District to begin on the South side of Arch street and extend to the North side of Walnut street, And the Southern District to begin on the south side of Walnut street and extend to Almond street; That each Patrole consist of a commission'd Officer, wbo shall be allowed five shillings & four privates, who shall be allowed 2s 6 each, for the Nights, and are to patrole from Eleven O'Clock until day Break.

Resolved, That it be Recommended to the Colonels or Conmanding Officers of the five Battalions in this City and Liberties, to order and direct the said Patroles and Regulate the Routine of duty in proportion to the strength of each Battalion, and to fix upon proper places for Guard Rooms.

Resolved, that the said Patroles be ordered aod instructed carefully to avoid giving any disquiet to the peacable Inhabitants, but to examine all persons of suspicious appearance found in the streets, and confine such as cannot give a good account of themselves, or deliver them to the case of the City Watch; to observe and get the best information of any dangerous meetings of disaffected per

sons, and give intelligence thereof to the Committee of Inspection and Observation, or their sub Committee, to whom the Officers of the Patrole are each day to Report every material Occurrence ; That the patroles may go beyond the Limits of their respective Districts upon any particular occasion when their services may be necessary.

At a special meeting of the Committee of Safety, July 4th, 1776.

Joseph Parker,

John Nixon,
Michael Hillegas,

Sam'l Morris, Jun'r,
John Cadwalader,

David Rittenhouse.
James Biddle,
The Honorable the Continental Congress having sent the fol-
lowing notice to this Committee,

Resolved, That the same bé enter'd on the Minutes of this Board, which is as follows: « Gent'n :

“The Congress passed a Recommendation this day, Requesting a Conference of the Committee of Safety, the Committee of Inspection of this City, the Delegates of New York, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania, and the Commanding Officers of the Association, to devise the most expeditious mode of raising & marching the Militia of this Province to the Assistance of the Neighbouring Colopies. “I am, Gent'n, Your obed't Serv't,

"Sign'd, ROB'T MORRIS. To the Hon'ble the Committee of Safety.” July 4th, 1776.

Resolved, That Mons'r Kermanvor, Engineer, be requested to lay Out the Military Works at Billingsport.

Ordered, That John Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of Accounts, pay Mr. Benja. Wetherby the purchase Money for the Land at Billingsport, and Charge it account of Congress, being six hundred pounds.

In Committee of Safety.

PHILAD'A., 5th July, 1776.

Joseph Parker,

Owen Biddle,
James Biddle,

John Nixon,
George Gray,

David Rittenhouse. John Cadwalader, Resolved, That Mr. James Dunlap be employ'd as Surgeon of the Naval Armament, the Ship excepted, and Artillery, and Superintendants of the Hospital, and that he be allowed Ten shillings Day, and three Rations.

The Fly "med Vessel, having arrived at New York with 6 Canon for the use of this Province, being a part of the 20 order'd by Congress,

Resolved, That Messrs. Levi Hollingsworth & Tho's Richardson be requested to go to New York, and endeavour to Convey the said Canon to this City in the most Expedious manner.

That they be authorized to hire Carriages for that purpose, either in this City or any other place, as they may judge most proper.

Upon application of Congress for a Quantity of Flints for the use of the Army under General Washington, By order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver 30 thousand of them, and in order to their being conveyed to New York with the greatest expedition, four Chaises were employed for that purpose, two of which set off yesterday evening & the other two 4 o'clock this Morning, with a request to the different Commit. tees to aid & assist with Fresh Horses, if found necessary.

Adjourned to 5 o'clock; when the following Members met:
Owen Biddle,

Joseph Parker,
George Gray

David Rittenhouse,
Jno. Nixon,

Jno. Cadwalader.
By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Michael Hillegas,
Esq'r, in favor of Colo. Sam'l Miles, for One thousand pounds, for
the use of the Battalion under his Command.

Capt Jos. Moulder having Exhibited a list of necessaries to equip his Artillery Company for service,

Resolved, That Robert Towers, Commissary supply such articles of said list as he has in store.

That Capt. Moulder procure such articles as the Coinmissary can't furnish, on the most reasonable terms, and bring in a Bill for Cost for payment.

Resolved, That Mr. Palmer & Mr. Nicholson be requested to examine and Value the Arms collected from the Non-Associators in this City, & make Report of such Valuation to this Board, and that they be paid a Reasonable allowance for their trouble.

Capt. Alexander was desired to deliver Robert Towers, Commissary, all the powder & Arms taken out of the Brig't Nancy, near Cape May.

As the Militia of this Province is immediately to be called into service, it will be necessary to collect a considerable quantity of Old Linnen for bandages and lint. The Committee, therefore, most earnestly request the good Women of this City to furnish as much as they can spare. The Bearer,

is empowered to receive the same; and such Charitable Ladies as will take the trouble to make lint and furnish it, will merit particular thanks from the publick. Resolved, That Robert Eastbourne &

be employed to collect the old Linnen, &c., as mention'd in the above Address.

Resolved, That Doct'r Thomas Bond, J'r, be requested to procure all the Rags in the Commissary's store, to be made into Bandages and Lint, and this Committee will defray the Expence.

It being Reported to this Committee that there is a present scarcity of suitable Linnen for making tents to accommodate the associators who are about to march to the assistance of our Brethren of the Colony of New Jersey, and that there is a number of Awnings in this City suitable for that purpose,

Resolved, That the Committee of Inspection & Observation be requested to apply to all such persons who are possessed of the same, to spare them to the publick upon this pressing Emergency, allowing them a Reasonable price for the same; & it is hoped that no persons will be so lost to all regard to the publick welfare as to refuse to spare the same; if any such there be, they are to return their names to this Committee, that a proper estimate may be made of their Attachment to their Country.

In Committee of Safety, 6th July, 1776.


Joseph Parker,

George Gray,
Samuel Howell,

Samuel Miles,
James Biddle,

Owen Biddle,
Sam’l Morris, jun'r, Dan'l Roberdeau.

Thomas Wharton, jun'r,
By order of the Board, Thomas Palmer was directed to deliver to
Rob’t Towers, Commissary, the whole Number of Rifles made by
him by order of this Board.

By order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver to Colo. Timoth Matlack, for the use of his Battalion, 40 Rifles made by Mr. Palmer, taking a Receipt to be accountable for the same.

Resolved, That Doct'r Dunlap be authorized to employ a Surgeons Mate, whose pay shall be 18 Dollars per Month, & 2 Rations per day. Resolved, That the pay of the following Officers employed on Board the armed Boats in the service of this

Province, be as follows, & to commence the 1st day of June last:

Boatswain, £3 10 Per month,
Carpenter, 4 p'r do.


do. That the Offices of Steward & Clerk be held by one Person, whose pay shall be £4 10 per Month.

That the pay of the following Officers employed on Board the Provincial Ship & Floating Battery, be as follows, and to Commence the 1st day June last, vizt. : Boatswain's Mate,

£3 10 per month. Gunner's Mate,

3 10 do. Quarter Masters,

3 7 6 do. Quarter Gunners,

3 7 6

do. Steward,


do. - Steward's Mate,

3 5 do. By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Jno. Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of Accounts, for fourteen hundred pounds, in favour of Capt. Jos. Cowperthwaite & Mr. Clem't Biddle, being for account of Continental Powder Mill.

Congress having requested this Board to recommend four Gentlemen as suitable persons as Captains to four Companys of Germans, to be raised in this Province, for the Continental service,

Resolved, That the following Gentlemen be recommended to Congress, as proper persons to be appointed Captains to the four Companies aforesaid, vizt. :

Daniel Burkhard,
George Hubley,
Jacob Bunner,

Benjamin Weiser.
By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Michael Hillegas,
Esq'r, in favour of Jno. Maxwell Nesbitt, Paymaster to the Pro-
vincial Forces, for Five thousand pounds.

The President of the Congress this day sent the following Resolve of Congress, which is directed to be entered on the Minutes of this Board :

In Congress, 5th July, 1776:

Resolved, That Copies of the Declaration be sent to the several Assemblies, Conventions, and Councils of Safety, and to the seve

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