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In Committee of Safety.

PHILAD'A, 17th June, 1776.

JOHN NIXON, Chairman.
Alex'r Wilcocks,

Samuel Morris, jun'r,
George Clymer,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Joseph Parker,

Samuel Howell,
James Mease,

David Rittenhouse. A Letter was this day wrote to Mr. Worrel & Mr. Robertson, desiring they would on application of Mr. Robert Smith for their workmen, desist carrying on the Buildings at Fort Island.

. By order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver Mr. Jacob Leverswell, for the use of the Troops under the Command of Colo. Miles, five hundred pounds Rifle powder, and half a Ton of Lead, a Receipt to be taken for the same.

Colo. Atlee was this day directed to order his whole Battalion up from Chester, to be quartered in the Barracks of this City.

The siguers, of the Public Money not keeping the Treasury supplied equal to the demands of this Board, a Letter was wrote to Robert Morris, Esq'r, requesting he would apply to Congress for & Loan 30 or 40 thousand dollars.

By order of the Board, a Commission was granted the 15th inst., to Wingate Newman, of the Privateer Brig't Hancock, of 12 Cars riage Guns, owned by John Bayard, Joseph Dean & Company, agreeable to a Resolve of Congress.

Upon application of Colo. John Shee, to exchange fifteen new Rifles for as many good Muskets.,

Resolved, That this Board agree to said exchange, and that Mr. Robert Towers is hereby directed to examine said Rifles, and if good, to deliver Colo. Shee, or his order, in lieu thereof fifteen good Muskets.

Agreeable to a Resolve of Congress, and by order of the Board, a Commission was this day granted John Craige, Commander of the Sloop Congress, Privateer, burthen 70 tons, of six Canon & 30 Men, owned by John Bayard, Joseph Deane & Co.

In Committee of Safety.

PHILAD'A, 18th June, 1776.

JOHN MEASE, Chair'n.
Alex'r Wilcocks,

Samʼl Howell,
David Rittenhouse,

Robert Whyte,
Dan'l Roberdeau,

John Nixon,
Joseph Parker,

George Ross. Thomas Wharton, jun'r, Upon appplication of the Commissioners of Lancaster County for a sum of Money for the payment of Firelocks, Cartridge Boxes, &ca., making in that County for the use of this Province,

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq'r, in favor of Matthias Slough, for One thousand pounds, for the use aforesaid.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Mich'l Hillegas, Esq'r, in favour of Colo. Matthias Slough, for three thousand pounds, for the payment of necessaries to be purchased for the use of the Provincial Troops.

An account was this day produced of 23 Firelocks purchased in Dock Ward, amounting to £15 16 9, which was passed in the Committee, and directed to be charged to account of Congress.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Jno. Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Capt. Joo, Wil. cocks, for £500 for the use of the Gun Lock Manufactory.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Jno. Nixon, Esq'r, and others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Robert Smith, for £200, which is directed to be charged to his account, for building Chevaux-de-Frize to be sunk opposite Billingsport.

Mr. Nesbitt, Paymaster, was directed to pay Lieut. Webb his Wages now due.

Resolved, that the Secretary be allowed 10s. per day, or One hundred & eighty two pounds ten shillings per Year, from the tiine of his appointment, being the 4th July last.

Capt. William Brown, who went the 7th inst. to the Liverpool Ship-of-War, with Capt Budden & Midshipman Draper, in order to their being exchanged one for the other, agreeable to Resolve of Congress, returned a few days past, And Report that he has effected that Business, and that Capt. Bellew is willing to Eschange the Prisoners he has on Board his Ship for such others as may be Prisoners in this Province, belonging to the Ships of-War.

H. Dougherty, Jno. Rice, & Jno. Hamilton, in the names of themselves & of the other Captains of the Armed Boats, having sent to this Committee a Memorial setting forth their unwilling. DEB8 and determination not to obey the Commands of Commodore

Davidson, lately appointed, and other matters therein mention'd,
It was though necessary that some other Members should be de
sired to attend the Board; when the following Gentlemen appeared,
in order to take the same into consideration, and Robert Morris,
Esq'r, Vice Presid't, took the Chair.
Andrew Allen,

John Dickenson,
Owen Biddle,

Michael Hillegas.
Adjourned to 5 o'Clock, afternoon, when the following Members

ROBERT MORRIS, Vice Presid't.
Daniel Roberdeau,

Alex'r Wilcocks,
Geo. Clymer,

Sam’l Howell,
Jno. Cadwalader,

Jno. Nixon,
And'w Allen,

James Mease,
Joseph Parker,

Owen Biddle,
David Rittenhouse,

Robert Whyte. Thomas Wharton, Jun'r, By order of the Board, Robert Morris, Esq'r, Vice President, sigo'd a Commission appointing Samuel Davidson, Esq'r, Commodore of the Naval Armaments of this Province.

In Committee of Safety, 19th June, 1776.



Daniel Roberdeau, Thomas Wharton, Jun'r,
Samuel Howell,

Robert Whyte,
Jno. Cadwalader,

John Nixon,
Joseph Parker,

George Clymer. By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Jno. Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of Accounts, for £15 8 6, being the amount of 15 Firelocks purchased by him in Bucks County, which is directed to be charged to the account of Firelocks purchased for account of Congress.

Upon application of John Vandegrift for some powder for proving the Firelocks making in Bucks County, By order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to Deliver 6 pounds powder, for uses aforesaid.'

Mr. Abraham Kinsey, Tenant at Hog Island, was informed by the Committee of the necessity of laying that Island under Water on the near approach of the Enemy, and at the same time, was assured that whatever Injury he should sustain in Consequence, would be hereafter made good to him by the Publick,

Resolved, That Mr. Nixon be requested to lend this Board two thousand pounds of the Money in his hands belonging to Congress.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Jobo Nixon, Esq'r, and others, the Committee of Accounts, for £61 4 3, being the amount of Lead, Salt petre, &ca., paid for by bim.

Resolved, That Mr. Morris be requested to apply to Congress for the loan of one hundred thousand Dollars.

By order of the Board, Rob't Towers, Commiss’y, was directed to deliver Bedwell & Walter all the Crude Sulphur now in store, as he may want it for Refining, taking Receipts for the Quantitys he may deliver.

Resolved, That the Delegates of this Province in Congress, be requested to inform Congress, that their recommendations relative to forming the flying Camp was not carried into execution by the Assembly, and desire to be informed whether it is their intention that this Board should take upon them the execution of the same.

A few days since, this Board wrote to Congress in respect to the Exchange of Prisoners with the Commander of the Liverpool Manof-War, in answer to which, the President of Congress, in his letter of the 18th inst., Informs this Board that Congress judges it improper to exchange Men taken in the Merchant ships and River Craft, for seamen taken from the Enemy's ships.

In Committee of Safety, 20th June, 1776.

JOHN NIXON, Chair'n.
George Clymer,

David Rittephouse,
John Cadwalader, Daniel Roberdeau,
Robert Whyte,

Alex'r Wiloocks.
Samuel Howell,
Instructions to Commodore Samuel Davison, was drawn up and
agreed to Yesterday, and delivered him this day, and are as follows:

“In Committee of Safety, 19th June, 1776.

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“The Committee having thought proper to appoint you Commodore-in-Chief of all the Provincial Naval Armaments in the River Delaware, which you are to notify to the Officers of the Fleet by publishing to them your Commission, It becomes necessary to give you some Instructions to Regulate your Conduct in some Points of this Important Trust.

“And first, you are by all possible Means to establish such a proper sense of Subordination in the Fleet, that all the Orders you

think necessary to Issue, be punctually and implicitly obeyed, a loose and Relaxed Discipline utterly enfeebling every Military Establishment, however respectable it may otherwise be in the Cir. cumstance of Number or Force.

“Secondly, As it is the Duty and Inclination of this Committee to maintain the Fleet in a constant state of preperation to receive the Enemy, you must immediately take an exact survey of its present Condition, and whatever may be wanting in its Equipment to make Report of to Capt. William Richards, who is appointed and directed by this Board to supply all its Defficiencies.

“ Thirdly, an attack from the Enemy being highly probable, tho' the time uncertain, it is necessary that every part of the Fleet should have its proper station assign’d, in such way as to afford Mutual support, and that the whole may act to the best effect.

“ Fourthly, you must particularly attend not only to the situation of the Fleet, but take great care that the Officers and Men are not absent from their respective Vessels any length of time & at any great distance, but as it is probable that some of the Officers of the Boats may be desirous of coming up to this City, you may give leave of absence to them, but only to six Officers at one time, and that no more than three of that number shall be Captains, who shall not be absent more than Forty-Eight Hours at one time from their Respective Vessels.

“ Lastly, Should any accident or Circumstance happen in the Fleet that has the least Tendency to effect the service, you are to give the earliest information of it to the Committee of Safety, that, they, if they have the means of Remedy, may apply such as the Dature of the Case may Require.

“These being the Principal matters that have occurr’d to the Committee, they confide iu your prudence and Discretion, which bare directed their Choice, to supply their Omision in those Num. berless Circumstances and situations in which you may be placed, earnestly Recommending to you, however, that you endeavour to promote the Utmost Harmony between you and the Officers of the Fleet, and between one another, on which depends so much the success of every undertaking, where Men are to act in Concert, and Mutual Assistance is required.

“ By order of the Committee,

"Sign'd, JNO, NIXON, Chair'n.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on John Nixon, Esq's, and others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Thomas Ne. ville, for two hundred pounds, to be charged to his account for purchasing Lead for the use of this Province.

Resolved, that Edward Bingley be appointed Captain to the Fire Brig't in the service of this Province, and that he engage four Men for to navigate the said Brig't.

VOL. X.-39.

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