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Biddle, are appointed to confer with those Gent'n, receive their proposals, consider of the best means of employing them, and of the expediency of making any alterations in any of our armed Boats for the use of the said Volunteers, & consult Capt. Rice upon that subject, and that they make a Report to this Committee as soon as possible.

Resolved, That it appears necessary to build two Gallies for the protection of the Commerce in Delaware Bay, and that the above Committee procure the same to be built by Boat builders, with all possible dispatch.

Resolved, That it appears necessary to Fortify some part of the Jersey shore for the Defence of the River Delaware.

n'esolved, That Colo. John Cadwalader apply to the Committee of Inspection & Observation to deliver the Rigging in their possession belonging to Joshua Fisher & Son, to Thomas Lawrence, Vendue Master, to be immediately sold at public Vendue, that this Committee may have an Opportunity of purchasing the same for the public service, and that this Committee will pay for the same, or be answerable for the payment when required.

Upon application to this Board from Colo. John Shee, he had permission to purchase Fire Arms from the non-Associators in this Province.

Upon application of the Marine Committee, orders was give to admit the sick Men from Capt. Wickes' ship into the Hospital at Province Island.

In Committee of Safety, 15th May, 1776.

John Nixon,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r,
James Mease,

Alexander Wilcocks.
James Biddle,

In Committee of Safety, 16th May, 1776.

• PRESENT : ALEXAN'R WILCOCKS, Chairman. John Nixon,

Dan'l Roberdeau,
Sam’l Howell,

Tho's Wharton, jun'r,
Sam'l Morris, jun'r, George Clymer,
James Mease,

James Biddle. Sam'l Miles, Resolved, That Mr. John Nixon be authorized to purchase any quantity of Beef & Pork that may be thought necessary for the use of this Province.

In consequence of a Resolve of the 13th inst., Rob't Morris,Esq'r, a Member of Congress, acquaints this Board that it is agreeable to Congress that John Martin Stohlbogh should enter into the service of this Province.

Resolved, That Mr. James Wharton & Capt. Nath'l Falconer be authorized to examine a Number of 9 pound Canon, the property of Mr. Ball, and if they think they are good & sufficient for service, That they then, at the Risque of the owner, prove the same, and purchase those that are good for the use of this Province.

Resolved, That Robert Towers, Commissary, supply a sufficient quantity of powder to prove the above mention'd Canon.

The following Resolves of Congress was sent by Rob't Morris, Esq'r, & ordered to be enter'd on the Minutes of this Board.

“Io Congress, 15th May, 1776.

"Resolved, That the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, be desired to write to the Committee of Safety of Delaware Govern. ment, to suspend the Execution of the Resolve of Congress for Exchanging Lieut. Ball for Captain Budden, 'till further orders. “ Extract from the Minutes,

“Sign'd CHA'S THOMSON, Sec' y."

Agreeable to the above Resolve of Congress, Rob't Morris, Esq'r, in behalf of this Board, enclosed a copy of said Resolves to the Committee of Safety of the Lower counties, which is approved of by this Board.

Upon application of Colo. Sam'. Miles, for some Muskets for the use of Capt. Lloyd's Comp'y in the Musket Battalion of this Province, By order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver 12 firelocks & bayonets for the use aforesaid, he taking a receipt for the same.

Resolved, That Colo. Miles be authorized to procure a Smith's Bellows and Tools, proper for an Armourer to the Provincial Battalions in the service of this Province, and that he draw on this Board for the amount of what be may purchase for that purpose.

Resolved, That Commodore Caldwell be directed to give notice to the Commanding Officers of the Armed Boats, to attend this Board on Saturday Morning next, at 9 O'Clock.

By order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver for the use of Capt. Procter's Company, twenty-seven Firelocks for the use of his Artillery.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq'r, in favour of John' Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of Accounts, for five thousand pounds.

Resolved, That Mr. Nixon & Capt. Whyte, be requested to make enquiry and Report the quantity of ammunition that each Armed Boal was supplied with when they went down the River last week

against the Ships of War, and what supplies they received afterwards from the Ship, Fort & Floating Battery, with the times and other Circumstances of the different supplies.

Resolved, That Mr. Clymer, Mr. James Biddle and Mr. Wil. cocks, be a Committee to draw up a Memorial to Congress, respecting the procuring of Sulphur & Lead, and erecting Fortifications at Billingsport.

Resolved, that the Fort Island Committee be requested to give orders for the following articles to be procured for Fort Island, and to have a Furnace built for heating Shot.

A proof for Porder: 12 oz. Balls, to quilt Grape for 18 pounders. Canon for bloek house. Sods & Facines. The Committee having already made known to the Inhabitants of this City the pressing occasion there is for a large quantity of Lead, to be employed in the defence of this Country, and requested them to spare for the public use the Various species of Leaden weights in their respective Families, The Committee, as the most easy & expeditious method of procuring such Lead, have appointed Thomas Neville, Frazer Kinsley, Jesse Roe, & John Derry, to go round the City, and receive it at the several Houses, they paying at the rate of 6d lb, as formerly specified, it being understood that the Clock weights are not at present Comprehended among them, as the weights to replace them are not yet made.

It is expected every virtuous Citizen will immediately and Chear. fully Comply with this requisition, but if any Persons should be so lost to all sense of the public good as to refuse, a List of their Dames is directed to be returned to this Committee.

By order of the Board, a Letter was wrote to John Cox, Esq't, requesting he would send to this City, by Waggons, all the Canou Ball he has made by order of this Board, and informing him that the difference between Land and Water Carriage shall be allowed him.

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In Committee of Safety, 18th May, 1776.


GEO. CLYMER, Chairman.
Robert Morris,

David Ritterhouse,
John Nixon,

Jro. Cadwalader,
Tho's Wharton, Jun'r, Owen Biddle,
Alex'r Wilcocks,

Dan'l Roberdeau,
Sam'l Morris, Jur'r, Sam'l Howell,
Andrew Allen,

Joseph Parker. By order of the Board, John Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of acc'ts, were directed to pay Sam'l Allen three pounds for

the Carriage of arms from Carlisle, sent by Mr. Calbertson, and to be charged to acco't of Congress.

By order of the Board, Capt. Richard Peters was desired to deliver to Mr. Kirk two Gun locks, receiving pay for them, they being for the use of Lieut. Finney, to compleat two Firelocks he got made for two Men in Colo. Atlee's Battalion in the service of this Province.

Capt: Heysham & Mr. Watkins having declined serving as a Committee, agreeable to their appointment by a Resolve of this Board of the 14th inst.,

Resolved, That Capt. Loxley & Mr. William Evans be a Committee to receive the directions of this Board, to carry into execution the making of Carriages for the different Canon that may be made or otherwise procured for the use of this Province, to employ in the said works such Tradesmen compitent to it, as are well effected to the common defence now making.

Resolved, That Mr. Robert Towers make up as soon as possible, five hundred thousand Musket Cartridges, and 300 Rounds for each heavy Canon pow in use ; tbat be fill up 300,000 of tbe former, & 100 of each of the latter.

Resolved, That a Commissary be appointed to purchase as large a quantity of salt Beef and Pork as he can procure, & to purebase such other articles of Provisions as he may be directed by this Board, in order to be stored, for the supply of any Troops that may be assembled for the immediate defence of this Province.

Resolved, That Colo. Miles & Colo. Roberdeau be a Committee to draw up a list of necessaries that they may judge necessary for supplying a large Body of Troops, that may suddenly assemble for the defence of this Province.

Resolved, That Mr. Nixon, Mr. James Biddle, Colo. Cadwalader, Mr. Clymer, Mr. Mease, Mr. 0. Biddle, & Mr. Wilcocks, be a Committee to draw up a Memorial to the Honorable the assembly, stating the Conduct of this Committee in providing the Armed Boats with ammunition & Military Stores, and their orders and regulations for the defence of this Province and the River Delaware, upon the late attempt of the King's Ships to invade the same.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Jao. Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Jno. Wilcocks, for £500, to be charged to the Gun Lock Manufactory of this Province,

The Board Adjourned to 5 O'Clock.

Agreeable to adjournment, the following Members Met, Vizt :
John Nixon,

Tho's Wharton, Jun'r,
Owen Biddle,

Sam’l Morris, Jun'r,
John Cadwalader,

Daniel Roberdeau. Samuel Howell, Upon application of Lieu't George Cuppaidge, Prisoner of War at Lebanon, in Lancaster County, for leave to remove from thence to York Town, in the County of York,

Resolved, That he be removed accordingly.

Resolved, That Colo. Samuel Miles be requested to employ as many of the Provincial Troops under his Command as he conve. niently can, in cutting a quantity Fascines, informing this Board from time to time of the Number he may have procured.

In Committee of Safety, 20th May, 1776.

Robert Morris,

John Cadwalader,
James Biddle,

Joseph Parker,
Thomas Wharton, J'r,

Alexander Wilcocks.
George Clymer,
An order was this day drawn & signed by Rob't Morris, Esq'r.
V. P., on John Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of Accounts,
in favour of James Caldwell, for £174 6 1, being the amount of 57
Rifles & Firelocks, with the expences attending them, purchased by
Sam'l Culbertson, of Cumberland County, which is to be charg'd
to Firelocks purchased for account of Congress.

John Ryan, a Person taken some time since at Cape Henlopen, and intended to have been exchanged for some Person on Board the Roebuck, Man-of-War, was this day brought to this City, Capt. Craig, who went down with him and other Prisoners, to exchange, not being able to get on board said Ship, she having gone to sea, and this Board having been informed that the said Ryan was well acquainted with the River and Bay of Delaware, and that he was otherwise dangerous to the safety of this Province ; therefore,

Resolved, That the said Ryan be confined in the Gaol of this County till he be discharged by Congress or this Committee.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Jno. Nixon, Esq'r, and others, the Committee of Accounts, for £90 5, which with 100 lbs. of Gun powder deliver'd by Mr. Towers the 10th inst., is in full for 461lbs. Salt Petre manufactured in Lancaster County, and deliver'd to Mr. Towers.

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