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In Committee of Safety

PHILAD'a, 8th May, 1776.

ROB'T MORRIS, Vice Presid't.
John Nixon,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r, David Rittenhouse,
Sam'l Howell,

Samuel Morris, jun'r,
James Biddle,

Owen Biddle,
Geo. Gray,

Jos. Parker. Andrew Allen, Upon information of Capt. Richard Peters, that Capt. Procter has enlisted a certain John Malcom, a Lock Maker, employed in the Manufactory in this City, By order of the Board, Capt. Procter was directed to send up the said Malcom to Capt. Peters, to be employed in the said Manufactory.

Resolred, That Capt. Robert Hardie be, and he is hereby appointed Captain of one Tier of Fire Rafts, and that his Commission be dated the 27th March last.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Mich’l Hillegas, Esq'r, in favour of John Diesler, Peter Brecht & Jno. Reithmeyer, for £108 15, being the amount of 150 Cartridge Boxes, Belts, &ca., made in Berks County, for the use of this Province, as certified by the Commissioners of said County, which ordered was this day deliv er'd Martin Housman.

By order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver to Colo. Matlack, for two hundred Rifle Men, 23 Rounds of Powder & a proportionable quantity of Lead, and to deliver for the use of Capt. De Laney's Com'y 15 Cartridge Boxes, & Bayonet Belts.

Resolved, that the several Battalions of associators, be requested to parade on the Common this afternoon, to examine their arms & accoutrements, and see that every thing is in good order for action, If this Committee should find occasion to call them thereto-directed to the Commanding officer of the several Batt’ns of associators.

By order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to send down to Chester for the use of the Provincial Troops, under the Command of Colo. Miles, sixty Firelocks.

Resolved, That Jacob Hiltsimer, who takes the above Firelocks down to Chester, be furnished with a Guard.

That Capt. Lloyd, or the Commanding officer of the Provincial Troops, furnish 6 Men for the above Guurd.

In Committee of Safety, 9th May, 1776.


ROBERT MORRIS, Vice Presid't.
Dan'l Roberdeau,

John Nixon,
Tho's Wharton, jun'r,

Sam'l Morris, jun'r,
James Biddle,

David Ritten house,
George Clymer,

George Gray,
Michael Hillegas,

Joseph Parker. Samuel Howell, Resolved, That Capt. William Richards, be appointed Ships' Hus. band to the Naval armaments of this Province, and that he be allow'd annum for his services.

Resolved, That Mr. Rittenhouse be desired immediately to procure a quantity of Cartridge paper for large Canon.

Resolved, That Robert Towers, Commissary, deliver to Mr. Thomas Heinberger, or his order, twenty hundred pounds Salt Petre, to be manufactured into Gunpowder, taking a receipt for the same.

Upon application of Thomas Heinberger for a sum of Money to be advanced him to assist compleating the Powder Mill he is now building, and Jacob Antony appearing and offering to be bound with the said Heinberger for the repayment of the sum that may lent,

Resolved, That this Board lend the said Thomas Heinberger the sum of one hundred pounds, and that the Committee of Accounts pay him the same, they taking a Bond of the said Heinberger & Antony.

Resolved, That Mr. Rittenhouse & Mr. Owen Biddle be a committee to prepare Moulds for the casting of clock weights, and send them to some Iron Furnace, and order a sufficient number to be immediately made for the purpose of Exchanging them with the Inhabitants of this city for their Leaden Clock weights.

Resolved, That Mr. David Rittenhouse & Mr. Owen Biddle do engage immediately with proper Persons, to make the following quantities and qualities of shot, to be deliver'd to this Board witb. the greatest expedition, Vizt: 50 ton Round Shot, sorted to the different sized Canon now in ase

in this Province. 5 ton chain shot sorted. 5 ton Barr shot sorted. 10 ton Grape shot.

VOL X.-36.

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Robert Morris,

Samuel Howell,
John Nixon,

Sam'l Morris, jun's,
Dan'l Roberdeau,

George Clymer,
Owen Biddle,

Henry Wynkoop. David Rittenhouse, Upon application of Mr. Henry Wynkoop for the payment of four Firelocks, purchased by him for the use of Congress, By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Messrs. John Nixon & others, the Committee of Accounts, for £7 17 6, which is to be charged to arms purchased for account of Congress.

Resolved, That Mr. Thomas Cuthbert & Mr. John Britton be desired to purchase four Old Flatts for Hulks for covering the Gon. dolas at the Chevaux de Frize, and that they draw on this Board for the cost.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on John Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Mr. Jno. Wilcocks, for two hundred & fifty pounds, to be charged to the Gun Lock Manufactory carrying on in this city.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on John Nison & others, the committee of Accounts in favour of Mr. Joo. Mitchell, Commissary of Provisons, for five hundred pounds, to be charged to his account.

Adjourned to 3 o'clock.

Agreeable to Adjournment, the following Members

THOMAS WHARTON, j'r, Chair'n.
James Biddle,

Owen Biddle,
George Gray,

Dan'l Roberdeau,
Hen'y Wynkoop,

Sam'l Morris.
Samuel Howell,
Resolved, That 14 Barrels of 189. Beer be sent down to the
Gondolas, at the Expence of this Board, and that Mr. Sam'l
Morris order the same to be put on board some Boat or Vessel for
that purpose.

In Committee of Sefety.

PHILAD’A, 11th May, 1776.

JOHN NIXON, Chair'e.
Dan'l Roberdeau,

Sam'l Howell,
George Clymer,

Sam'ı Morris, jun'r,
Henry Wynkoop,

Robert Whyte,
George Gray,

James Biddle. By order of the Beard, an order was drawn on Sno. Nixon, Esq'r., and others, the Committee of Accounts, for sixty pounds, in favour of Messrs. Thomas Richardson & Levi Hollingsworth, which is to be Charged to their accounts, being so much advanced towards their expences in Transporting 20 Canon lent this Province by Congress, now at Rhoad Island.

Thomas Slater, Master, & John Peckham, Mate of the Brigʻt Betsy, who came from Virginia with said Vessel to the Roebuck Man-ofWar, and taken by Capt. Charles Alexander, Commander of the Continental Schooner Wasp, near New Castle, was by order of the Board Committed to Gaol there, to be kept in safe custody 'till the further orders of this Committee.

Resolved, That Robert Towers, Commissary, send to Wilmington by one of the Stage Boats, Capt's Bush or Taylor, three quire of Canon Cartridge Paper, & three hundred weight of Gunpowder, to replace that quantity lent to the Gondolas by the Committee of that County

By order of the Board, the following Resolves of Congress are cater'd on the Minutes :

“Ia Congress, 10th May, 1776.

in ex

Resolved,, That Lieut. Ball of the Roebuck, & the three seamen that were taken with him and are now Prisoners in the Lower Counties, be exchanged for Capt. Budden & his son, Seth Davis & Sam'l Conyers.

“That five of the seamen pow Prisoners in the City of Philad'a, to be named by the Committee of Safety, may be given up change for the following Persons, vizt :

" Mr. Lightboy, James Hage, Fortescue, a Pilot Boy, William Martin, Jacob Wilson.

“That the said Exchange of Prisoners be conducted by such proper persons as the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania may appoint for that purpose. * Extract from the Minutes.

“Sign'd, CHA'S THOMSON, Seo'y."

In consequence of the above Resolution of Congress,

Besolved, that Capt. James Craig, be and he is hereby appointed to conduct the Exchange of Prisoners there proposed, and this Committee name James Spencer, Thomas Phillips, James Ogelvie, John Shad & Owen Humphreys, as the five persons to be exchang'd for Mr. Lightboy, James Hage,. Fortescue, a Pilot Boy, William Martin & Jacob Wilson.

At the same time Capt. Craig, (by direction of Congress to this Board,) is desired to give in Exchange one other Prisoner in the Room of Jobo Durry, now on Board the Roebuck.

A Letter was wrote to the Committee of Safety for the Lower Counties, requesting they would take measures for sending L’t Ball & the Seamen, Prisoners at Dover, up to New Castle, to be deliver'd to Capt. Craig, to be conducted by him on board the Roebuck, in order to be exchanged, agreeable to the Resolves of Congress.

This Committee having made applieation to Congress for twenty pieces of heavy Canon, out of those taken at New Providence, for she defence of this Province, Robert Morris, Esq'r, deliver'd to the Board the following Resolves & Letter to Commodore Hopkins, Vizt;

“ Io Congress, 7th May, 1776. Resolved, That twenty of the heaviest Canon taken by Comodore Hopkins at New Providence, and brought from thence to New London, and since carried to Newport, be brought to the City of Philad'á and deliver'd to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, for the defence and protection of the said City, to remaid there during the pleasure of Congress. 6 Extract from the Minutes,

"Signed CHA'S THOMSON, See'y."


“ The Congress having by the foregoing Resolve, agreed to lead twenty of the heaviest Canon taken at Providence & carried to Rhode Island, to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania for the defence of this City, I have to desire you will immediately deliver the same to the person or Persons wbom the said Committee seed to receive and bring them hither.

“I am, Sir, your most bumble Serv't,

Sign'd, “JOHN HANCOCK, Pres'dt " To Commodore En. HOPKINS,

Or in his absence, "To Dan'L TILLINGHAST.

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