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In Committee of Safety.

PAILAD'A, 3rd May, 1776.

JOHN NIXON, Chairman.
Alex'r Wilcocks,

Owen Biddle,
Samʼl Howell,

George Clymer,
Tho's Wharton, Jun'r, Daniel Roberdeau.

James Biddle,
Resolved, That the Pilot to be employed on Board the Provincial
Ship, be allowed sixteen Dollars B month & two Rations of Provi.
sions per day.

Robert Towers Reports his having deliver'd the 26th feb'y last to Capt. Loxley, the following articles for the use of his Comp'y of Artillery associators :

2 Brass 12 pound Canon, with travelling Carriages, Rammers, Sponges, Wadd Hooks, Ladles, Tillers, & Budge Barrels.

12 lbs. of Ship Match.
2 12 lb. link Stocks.
2 12 lb. Port Fire, Stocks, & Hooks.
2 12 lb. Tomkins Straps, Dragg Rope, & pins.

90 12 lb. Round Shot, fix'd with Wood Bottoms & flannel Cartridges filled.

150 12 lb. Tin Canisters of Grape Shot & flannel Cartridges. These are made up Ready to be deliver'd.

2 12 lb. Tin Tube Boxes.
250 12 lb. Tin Tubes, part filled.

1 Gunner's Quadrent.
1 Ammunition Cart.
8 Powder Horns.
2 doz, Port Fires.

2 Lanthorns. Reports his having Receiv'd from Congress the 28th March:

Sundry Casks Powder weighing 12,056 pounds, & 250 Stand of Dutch arms.

Reports his having Receiv'd into Store, his return of 3rd April: From John Lowrey

36 lbs. Lead. Jno. Pinchbeck

8 Firelocks. Provincial Works

93 lb. Salt Petre. James Clughe

8 lb. do. Robert Evans

7 lb. do. James Edge

11 lb. do. Jno. Cutting

6 oz. do. Jno. Zane

2 o. o. of Brimstone. Capt. Morgan's Inf'try Co.

477 Cartridges.

That he has deliver'd
To Capt. Whyte,

5 pieces Sail Cloth. James Clughe,

2 lb. powder, to pay for Salt Petre. Dan'l Toppam, 2 lb. do. do.

do. Capt. Morgan, Lt. Inf'y, 16 34 Cartridges & 500 Flints. To Rob't Evans,

14 lbs. powder, to pay for Salt Petre. Matthew Strong, for his look-out Boat,

5 Firelocks. 48 Cartridges. 15 Flints.

8 Swivel Balls. Reports bis having purchased and Receiv'd from different persons, as p his Return of 21st April, the following Firelocks, with a Return of the Number of arms in store :

55 Firelocks purchased by Robert Towers, & Repair’d.

from Edward Pole.

William Rush. 9

Capt. Enian Williams. 15

Capt. John Williams. 44

Colo. St. Clair, 19

Wilcox De Haven, 10

Henry Wynkoop. 4 do.,

Caleb Davis. 70 Barrels.

from Colo. St. Clair.

do., do., do.,

do.. do.,

do., do.,

[blocks in formation]

462 firelocks in the whole, & 70 barrels in Store, on 21st


In Committee of Safety.—Monday 6th May, 1777.

Owen Biddle,

James Biddle,
Robert Whyte,

George Clymer,
Alex'r Wilcocks,

John Nixon,
Tho's Wharton, jun'r,

Dan'l Roberdeau. Upon application of Capt. Rice for a sum of Money for the pay. ment of the Men employed in sinking the Chevaux-de-Frize, By order of the Board, an order was drawn in his favour on Jno. Nixon, Esq'r, & others, the Committee of accounts, for £150, for said purpose.

Orders were this day sent to the Commanding officer of the Fleet & Artillery Company at Fort Island, to call every Boat & Soldiers to their stations, & each to prepare for immediate action, and to suffer no Officer or Man to leave their station without the Licence of this Board, or the Commanding officer.

Resolved, That Colo. Nixon & Capt. Whyte be desired immediately to go to Fort Island, and give every necessary advice to assist the Officers carrying the above orders into execution.

The Officers & Men of the Armed Boats now in Town, except Capt. Boy's, were this day directed to go immediately to their stations at Fort Island.

The Vice President having occasion to leave the Board, Mr. Clymer was appointed Chairman.

By order of the Board, Capt. Hazelwood was directed to send down the Fire Vessels & 2 Chains of the Fire Rafts, & to dispose of them in the most convenient situations, near Fort Island.

Upon application of the Commissioners of Lancaster County for a sum of Money for the payment of Firelocks, &c., making in that County for the use of this Province, By order of the Board an order was drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq'r, in favour of William Webb, for the use of the Commiss’rs & Assess’rs of said County, for one thousand pounds, for the uses aforesaid.

In Committee of Safety.

Philad'a, 7th May, 1776.

ROBERT MORRIS, Vice Pres’dt.
Joseph Reed,

Daniel Roberdeau,
James Mease,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r,
George Clymer,

Owen Biddle,
James Biddle,

John Cadwalader,
Samuel Miles,

David Rittenhouse. Sam'l Morris, jun's An Express having arrived last night from Port Penn, informing that two Ships of War, a Top Sail Schooner & three smaller Vessels, supposed to be tenders, were in sight of Port Penn, half past 11 O'Clock on Monday last; The Board, In consequence thereof, gave orders to Capt. Reed to order down the thirteen armed Boats under the command of the Senior Officer, with directions to proceed down the River, when they must concert the best method to attack, take, sink, destroy, or drive off the said Vessels if possible, but to be careful in exposing any of the Boats to Capture or destruction, and to send down the Fire Sloop Commanded by Capt. Gamble, with one other officer & 4 or 6 Men, with some bedding and other necessaries; also a six or four oar'd Boat; & to acquaint the Officers & Men in the Fire Sloop, that for their encouragement ia performing any Essential Service, this Board will reward them handsomely. At the same time the Commissary was directed to send down a sufficient quantity of Provisions for the supply of the people in this expedition; and upon application of the Board to the Secret Committee of Congress, an order was procured, directing Capt. Wickes to supply the Boats with as many Voluntiers as may offer, which order was sent to Capt. Reed.

The Vice Presid't leaving the Board, Mr. Clymer was appointed Chairman. By order of the Board, Robert Towers was directed to deliver to Colo. Samʼl Miles, for the use of the Provincial Troops under his Command—1000 pounds of Gun Powder and

2000 pounds of Lead, or as great a part thereof as is in store; and for the use of the associators of Chester County, to be conveyed there agreeable to Colo. Miles' direction, 20,000 Cartridges for Muskets; and to put on board the Sballop provided by the Commissary of Provisions, 30 Round of Cartridges of ammunition for cach of the armed Boats, two-thirds of the Shot to be Cross Barr, if so many are in Store, and to put up 20 Rounds of Powder & Ball for two Guard Boats.

Resolved, That the Committee heretofore appointed to procure Pikes, do order to be made immediately an additional number of 1000 Pikes & 200 pitching axes for the use of this Province.

Resolved, That all Recruiting officers who may happen to enlist apprentices or Indented servants, not knowing them to be such, shall be entitled to receive the reasonable Expences attending their Enlistments.

Resolved, That the following recommendation be made public at the Coffee House of this City:

"In Committee of Safety.-May 7th, 1776.

“There being a very pressing necessity for a large Quantity of Lead for the public use, in the Defence now formed for the security of the Liberties of this Country, It is most earnestly recommended to all the Inhabitants of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, to send in to Robert Towers, Commissary, for this purpose, all such Lead as they may have in use in their Families and about their Houses, such as draught weights, window weights & Clock Weights, and it is hoped that this requisition will be chearfully complied with, when every individual considers that he thereby does Essen. tial service to his Country, and that Iron weights may be procured to supply his private convenience—The Liberal Price of six pence per pound will be allowed "

At a special meeting of the Committee of Safety, after 5 o'Clock, P. M., 7th May, 1776.


ROBERT MORRIS, Vice Presid't.
Alex'r Wilcocks,

Daniel Roberdeau,
John Cadwalader, George Clymer,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r, Owen Biddle,
John Nixon,

Samuel Howell,
Jos. Parker,

David Rittenhouse. Samuel Morris, Jun'r, Resolved, That four Members of this Committee be appointed to repair immediately to Fort Island, or on Board the Province Ship, with full and ample power to enforce such orders as have already been Issued, or may Issue from this Board, to the Commanding officer of the Naval armament of this Province.

Resolved, That said Members be authorized, and they are hereby authorized and empowered to suspend any Officer or Officers of said armament that shall refuse obedience to the orders of said Com. manding Officer; That if any suspension shall take place in consequence of this Resolve, the said Committee be empowered to appoint the next in command, or some proper officer, to perform the Dutys of those that are suspended.

Resolved, That the said Committee, in conjunction with the Commanding Officer, be fully authorized to Issue such further orders to the Fleet as they may think necessary, in Consequence of any further information they may receive respecting the motions of the Enemy.

Resolved, That Colo. Cadwalader, Mr. Wilcocks, Mr. Mcase, & Capt. Whyte, be appointed the Committee to perform the above services, and they, or any three of them, are hereby appointed and authorized to act as aforesaid.

Resolved, That the Committee appointed this day to go to Fort Island, be authorized to direct two Row Boats to be constantly kept plying between Fort Island and the Pest House wharf, in order to give speedy Intelligence of any thing material that may happen.

That Mr. Owen Biddle be authorized to engage two Men with Horses to Ride express between this City and Province Island; that one to be station’d at the Island, and the other in this City, during the present alarm.

Resolved, That Mr. O. Biddle & Mr. Rittenhouse be requested to examine into the quantity & quality of shot now in store, and make report of the same to this Board.

That they contract with proper persons to supply this Board, for the use of the Province, with any quantity that they may think Decessary to provide.

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