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At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Friday 21st August, 1772.


} Esquires.

The Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor, Richard Peters,

James Tilghman, Benjamin Chew, Edward Shippen, Junior,

The Governor laid before the Board a Petition from John Durkee, a Prisoner in the Goal of Philadelphia, Setting forth that he was Indicted for a Riot on the Lands at Wyoming, at the Sessions for the County of Northampton, in April 1770, and from September fol. lowing has been closely Confined in Goal;

That some time afterwards he was sued for a large sum of Money due to a Gentleman in New York, with whom he has now Compounded and obtained a discharge from his suit; that be bas a Wife and Children in Connecticut, who are in Great distress, occasioned by his imprisonment, &c., and therefore humbly praying Relief by means of a Nolle proseque or otherwise, &c.

The said Petition being read and Considered by the Board, it was their opinion that, in Consideration of the Prisoner's long Confinement, and that he has now obtained a discharge from his Creditors, at whose suit he has hitherto been detained in Prison, as well as at the suit of the Crown, a Noll Proseque should be entered on the Indictment and the Petitioner be discharged from his Confinement, which the Governor accordingly directed to be done.

MEMORANDUM, the 15th September, 1772.

Two Members of Assembly waited on the Governor and acquainted him that the House had met pursuant to adjournment, and desired to know if his Honor bad any Business to lay before them; to which the Governor replied that he had nothing at present to Recommend to their consideration, but as soon as any thing occurred he would communicate the same to the House by a Message.

At a Council held at Philadelphia, in the Council Chamber, on Saturday the 19th day of September, 1772.

PRESENT : The Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Gov

ernor, &c.

Richard Peters,

Andrew Allen, Benjamin Chew,

Edward Sbippen, Jun" Esquires. James Tilghman,

Two Members of Assembly waited on the Governor and presented him a Bill entituled “An Act for the Support of the Govern

ment of this Province and payment of the Public Debts,” which being read at the Board, the Governor sent a Verbal Message to the House by the Secretary, Requesting them to furnish him with a list of the Draughts and Certificates intended to be paid off and discharged by that Bill.

The Governor laid before the Board a Bill which he had Retained since the last sitting of the Assembly, eatituled “An Act to declare and make void the pretended Marriage of Rebecca Vanikin with a Certain John Martin, and for other purposes therein men. tioned,” and after due Consideration thereof, the Board advised the Governor not to pass it into a Law.

Mr. Fox and Mr. -, Members of Assembly, then Brought up to the Governor a List of the Public Debts referred to in the Bill for the Support of Government, which was read over, and follows in these Words, Viz":



Incidental Expences for the Year 1772. To Benjamin Franklin, Esquire, Agent for the Pro

vince in London, his Salary for the Present Year £500 Sterling.

£. d. To William Allen, Esquire, Chief Justice of the Province,

200 0 0 To Jobn Lawrence, Esquire, one of the Judges of the Supream Court, .

150 0 0 To Thomas Willing, Esquire, Do.,

150 0 0 To Joseph Galloway Esquire, for Extra Services, 75 0 0 To

the Balla, of his Account for wood for the House,

13 8 9 To Andrew Allen, Esquire, Attorney General, - 75 0 0 To Joseph Fox, Esq., for his Services on the Committee of Accounts, 22 days, at 10 s. p. diem,

11 0 0 To Samuel Shoemaker, Esquire, for do , 3 days, 1 10 0 To Samuel Rhoads, Esquire, for do., 20 days, 10 0 0 To Michael Hilligas, Esquire, for do., 22 days,

11 0 0 To Abel James, Esquire, for do., 21 days,

10 10 0 To Isaac Pearson, Esquire, for do., 19 days,

9 100 To Mr. Charles Moore, for his attendance as Clerk of

the Assembly, and for Transcribing and engrossing

of Laws, Votes of Assembly, Messages, &c., 225 0 6 To Joseph Shippen, Esquire, his Salary as Clerk of the Council,

30 0 0 To ditto, for Warrants, Certificates, Proclamations,

&c., and for Stationary for the Governor & Council, 15 18 104 To ditto for Indian Expences,

3 14 71 To Joseph Fox, Esq", his Salary as Barrack Master, 60 0 0 To William Bowsman, his Salary as Ditto, for Lancaster County,

20 0 0

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d. To Abel Evans, for his Services as Assistant Clerk, 15 0 0 To Benjamin Lightfoot, Esq" for his Services and dis

bursements in viewing, &c., the Waters of the Susquehanna and Schuylkill, as p. Account,

28 7 5 To John Sellers, Esq" for his Services and disbursements on the same duty, as P Acc",

20 12 10 To Samuel Rhoads, Esq", for Sundry Expences, &c., for the same Service, as p. Acc",

18 8 4 To Mr. David Rittenhouse, for making Instruments

for the use of the Committee for the above Service, 15 15 0. To ditto, for his Attendance 6 days with Samuel Rhoads, Esq"; on the above Service,

3 0 0 To Edward Duffield, for his Care, &c., of the state house Clock,

23 00 To Mess' Hall and Sellers, for printing Laws, Proclam' &c., as p. Acct",

233 10 6 To ditto, for his acc. of Stationary for the use of the House, and delivered to Mr. Charles Moore,

7 8 12 To Mr. Henry Miller, for Printing Votes, &c.,

69 14 0 To Robert Erwin, for Halling Earth into the State House Yard,

7 4 4 To Lawrence Shiney, for do., as * account,

17 4 To Robert Erwin, for 20 Chords Hickory Wood for the Assembly,

30 0 0 To Andrew M«Nair, for his Attendance as Doorkeeper to the House, 80 days, at 4 s.p. dr.

16 0 0 To ditto, for his Account for cleaning the State House, &c.,

8 0 9 To ditto for disbursements, &c., for Indians, from 11

April, 1772, to 31 August, both Inclusive, as p'acch, 18 7 4 To William Shed, Sergeant-at-Arms,

10 0 0 To ditto, as Doorkeeper to the Council,

4 15 0 To Michael Coon, for Sawing Wood for State House, 3 0 0 To William Parvis' Acc" for Recording sundry Laws, 25 5 6 To Edmund Physick's acct.,

18 3 0 To Henry William Stiegel, a Gratuity for his Flint Glass Manufacture,

150 00 To the Overscers of the Poor, for Support of French Neutrals,

100 0 0 To William Shed, Searjant-at-Arms, for services to the House,

1 0 0

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The Governor then sent down to the house, by the Secretary, the Bill for declaring and making void the Pretended Marriage of Rebecka Vanakin with a Certain John Martin, &c., with a Verbal Message that he now returned that Bill, which he had held under advisement since the last sitting of the House, and upon the most mature deliberation, he could not think it proper to pass it into a Law. At the same time bis Honor Returned the Bill for the Support of Government and Payment of the Public Debts, with his Assent.

Soon after, two members of Assembly waited on the Governor with a Message, Requesting to know when it would be agreeable to bis Honor to receive the House, in order to pass the Bill which he had agreed to; to which the Governor answered that he was now ready to receive the House for that purpose, if it was Convenient to them. The whole House thereupon attended in the Council Chamber, and the Speaker presented to the Governor the Bill for the Support of the Government and payment of the Public Debts, which he enacted into a Law, and Signed a Warrant for affixing the Great Seal thereto, and the Secretary was directed to accompany two members of Assembly to see that the said Law was Sealed and deposited in the Rolls office.

The Speaker then acquainted the Governor that the House agreed to allow £25 to be given by his Honor as a present to Keyashuta, the Seneca Indian Chief, now in town on a visit to the Government.

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Monday 5th October, 1772.


The Honorable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor, &c. William Logan,

James Tilghman, Benjamin Chew,

Andrew Allen, Esquires. Edward Shippen, jun"

The Governor laid before the Board the returns of Sheriffs & Coroners for the County's of Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks, Lancaster, York, Berks, Northampton, New Castle, and Kent, which being duly Considered, the following persons were appointed and Commissionated as the Sheriffs and Coroners of their Respective Counties, Vizt. :

Names of Counties. Ofices. Names of Officers. Sheriff's Sureties. Philado City & S Sheriff, Judah Foulke,

County, Coroner, Caleb Cash, Chester,

Sheriff, Henry Hayes, John Sellers.

Coroner, John Crosby, jr., John Jackson. Bucks,

Sheriff, Richard Gibbs, John Kidd.

Coroner, James Wallace, Joseph Ellicott.

Sheriff, Frederick Stone, Ludwick Stone.
Coroner, Samuel Boyd, Casper Singar.

Sheriff, Samuel Edie, Robert M Pherson. York,

Coroner, Joseph Adlum, David M Cannaugby Berks,

Sheriff, George Nagle, Cbristo'r Whitman

Coroner, Isaac Levan, jr., Jacob Kern. Northampton,

Sheriff, Peter Kachlein, Casper Dull.

Coroner, Peter Seip, Harman Snyder. New Castle,

Sheriff, John Thompson,

Coroner, Joseph Stedham, Kent,


, John Cook, Coroner, Caleb Furby,

Tuesday the 6th of October, 1772.


The returns of the Sheriffs and Coroners for Cumberland and
Sussex Counties, being now made, the Governor appointed and
Commissionated the following Persons as Sheriffs and Coroners for
their Respective Counties, viz" :

S Sheriff, Ephraim Blaine, Robert Callender,
Coroner, Samuel Laird,

James Blaine,

S Sheriff, Peter Robinson,

Coroner, David Train,

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Friday 9th October, 1772


The Honorable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Gover

nor, &ca.

William Logan,

Lynford Lardner, Richard Peters,

James Tilghman, Esquires Benjamin Chew,

Edward Shippen, jun" The Governor laid before the Board a Letter he had just received from Sir Ralph Payne, Captain General and Governor of the Leeward Islands, which was read and follows in these Words, vizt:

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