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Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver Capt. Robert Whyte, or his order, 16 pieces of light sail Cloth.

Resolved, That Capt. Samuel Davidson be appointed to the command of the Floating Battery.

Resolved, That Mr. Towers cause to be made, 40,000 Musket Cartridges, for the use of this Province.

Upon application of Mordecai Davis, appointed by the Committee of Chester County to receive & pay for the Salt Petre manu. factured in that County, Mr. Towers, Commiss’y, was directed to deliver him one Quarter Cask of Gunpowder, towards the payment of what Salt petre he may receive.

Resolved, That Mr. Jno. Mitchell be appointed Commissary of Provisions to the Artillery, and the Naval Armaments of this Province, and that he be allowed 6s per week per Man, he supplying them with such Provisions as is set forth in an advertisement from this Board of the 1st instant, to commence the 1lth instant, to the 11th of June.

Resolved, That Capt. William Richards, Capt. Nath'l Falconer & Capt. Thomas Reed, be fully impower'd to fix signals for giving alarm at Cape Henlopen, and at such other places on either side of the Bay and River Delaware, as they shall judge proper, and also to engage for Men and Horses to be in readiness to convey intelligence by Land, and to do every thing necessary to effect the said service, and draw orders on this Board for such sums as shall be requisite to carry the same into execution. On motion,

Order'd, That the following Resolves of Congress be enter'd on the minutes of this Board.

“In Congress, 23 February, 1776. Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to return to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, the arms borrowed of them for the use of the Continent.

6th March, 1776. Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to return to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, the Powder borrowed of them.

« Extract from the Minutes.

“Sign'd, CHA’S. THOMSON, Sect'y."

In Committee of Safety.

PHILAD’A., 11th March, 1776.

INO. NIXON, Chairman.
Robert Whyte,

Daniel Roberdeau,
George Clymer,

Michael Swoope,
Jno. Cadwalader,

Barnard Dougherty,
Samuel Howell,

Owen Biddle,
James Biddle,

Thomas Wharton, Jun'r. Resolved, That Capt. Thomas Houston take the Command of the Armed Boat Warren.

By order of the Board, the Powder account with Congress was sent to the Secret Committee, and the Balance due to this Board in powder this day, is 12,056 lbs. powder.

Robert Towers, Commissary, makes the following Report :
That he deliver'd Capt. Eyres,

4 oz. Salt Petre,

1 lb. Sulphur. deliver'd Capt. Henderson 1 pr. Pistols.

deliver'd to · Parker, 1 Roll Sheet Lead. That he deliver'd to Benja. Town, 200 lbs. Brass.

deliver'd James Wallace, 25 powder. That he receiv'd from Elias Bohrer, 6 Budge-Barrels.

receiv'd from W’m Paul, 258 lbs. Brass.

from Rob't Marn, 36 Ram Rods.
from Rudolph Neuff, 31 Wheel & 15 Hand Bar.
from Geo. James, 20 lb. Buck Shot, Cost

from Alex'r Todd, 56 lb. do., 273. 6.
from Salt Petre Works,

381 lbs. Salt Petre. from Jno. Wilcox, on 50 half bls, ? lbs.

acc't. of this Board, § 114 qr. bls, Swt., 5778 Gunpowder. from Messrs. Bayard & Co., 101 lbs. Lead Balī.


In Committee of Safety.

PHILAD'A, 12th March, 1776.

Robert Whyte,

George Ross,
James Mease,

Barnard Dougherty,
Owen Biddle,

George Clymer. WHEREAS, the Keeper of the Common Gaol of the City of Philad'a, hath made Complaints to this Board that certain prisoners in the s'd Gaol, Committed as Enemies to this country, have raised a dangerous Riot, assaulted the Gaoler and Turnkey, and now stand on their defence, and threaten to Break the Gaol and release all the prisoners, these are to require you forthwith to repair to the said Gaol with a sufficient party of your Men, and Assist the Sheriff and Gaoler to secure the said Rioters, for which this shall be your Warrant. Directed to Capt. Tho's Procter.

Signed, JAMES BIDDLE, Chair'n.

By order of the Board, the following Letter was this day wrote, sign'd by the Chairman, and deliver'd to Colo. Jno. Shea,

The Committee request you would order a Guard of a nonCommission'd officer and six privates at the Gaol of this City, for the protection thereof, as there are many prisoners confined there by order of Congress, who have Assaulted the Gaoler and threaten to break the Gaol; they also request you would order a Guard on the Powder at the Powder-House and Cannon at the State House, and another on the Fire Rafts and Magazine at the Lower end of the Town.

Doct'r Bond having inform'd this Board that it is necessary for Powder being burnt in the Work House of this City for purifying the air, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver Thomas Apty two pounds powder.

Upon application of the Assembly, by Joseph Parker, Esq'r, for 10 lbs. Powder & 40 lbs Lead, as a Gift to some friendly Indians now in this City, By order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver said powder and Lead to Mr. Parker, or his order..

Ed’d Chamberlain this day resigned his appointment of Masterat-Arms & Armourer of the armed Boats.

In Committee of Safety,

PHILAD'A, 13th March, 1776.

JOHN NIXON Chairman.
James Biddle,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r,
Owen Biddle,

Samuel Howell,
Robert Whyte,

Daniel Roberdeau. George Clymer, Andrew Stohl, a person who has purchased a number of Arms in the Township of Cushioppen & Limerick, informs this Board that they are detain’d by the Committees of Inspection of said Townships; said Stohl having offered to sell the said arms to this Committee, it was recommended to said Committees of Inspection to send the said arms to Rob't Towers, Commissary.

Upon application of Jno. M. Nesbitt, Esq'r, for a sum of Money for paying the Men employed on Board the Armed Boats, &c., By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Mich’l Hillegas, Esq'r, in favour of Mr. Nesbitt, for fifteen hundred pounds.

Resolved, That the Officers in this City who are prisoners of war, be desired forth with to repair to the several places allotted for their Residence by Congress, and that such Officers be furnish'd with a Copy of this Resolve.

Resolved, That Arthur Donaldson be employed to launch the Chevaux-de-Frize built at Gloucester, and that he be fully authorized to procure anything for the purpose, hire persons under him, on the best and cheapest terms, and that he draw on this Board for the Expence.

Resolved, That John Cobourn be employed to take the Chevaux. de-Frize, when launched at Gloucester, and sink them in their proper places near Fort Island, and that he be authorized to procure anything for the purpose, hire persons under him, on the best and cheapest terms, and that he draw on this Board for the Expence.

Adjourned to 5 o'Clock.

Agreeable to adjournment, the following Members attended :
JOHN NIXON, Chairman.
Owen Biddle,

Robert Whyte,
Daniel Roberdeau,

Samuel Howell,
George Clymer,

Thomas Wharton, Jun'r. Resolved, That all good and able seamen, who shall inlist in the service of this Province to be employment in the Naval armament thereof, shall receive 7 dollars per month, & 2 dollars Bounty, which

VOL. X.-33.

Bounty to be paid one Month after their enlistment, and the said Seamen to be continued in the service until discharged by this Board.

That those able-Bodied Seamen that are at present in the service, shall receive 7 dollars per Month, to commence the 15th inst.

Mr. Nixon having occasion to leave the Board, Mr. Samuel Howell was unanimously chose Chairman.

Resolved, That Mr. Thomas Forrest be appointed Captain of a Company of Marines, to be raised for the service of this Province, to be employed on Board the Floating Battery.

Resolved, That all able Landsmen who shall enter into the service of this Province, on Board the Naval armaments thereof, be paid 2 dollars as a Bounty.

Resolved, That Capt. Rice be applied to, to assist in taking down and sinking the Chevaux-de-Frize, and that he attend this Board to-morrow Morning.

Resolved, That 5 sınall Guard Boats be built, on the same construction with the one already built.

In Committee of Safety.

PHILAD'A, 14th March, 1776.

JNO. NIXON, Chairman.
George Clymer,

Samuel Howell,
Owen Biddle,

James Mease,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r, Daniel Roberdeau.

James Biddle. 'In Consequence of an Order drawn by Francis Wade on this Board, for the payment of the Rations of Captains Montgomery, Davison, Alexander, Eyres, Henderson & Boyce, amounting to £66 94, an order was drawn on the Committee of accounts for said sum, & directed to be charged to said Wade's account.

Upon application of John Fox for the payment of bis Bill for repairing Firelocks, belonging to Capts. Allen, Willett, Williams & Jones' Companys, belonging to Colo. DeHaas' Battalion, in the service of the United Colonies, By order of the Board, an order was on Messrs. Mease & Caldwell, for £94 1 11, being the amount of said accounts.

Upon Motion, the following advertisement was directed to be published in the different News papers of this City.

“All persons that can give information to this Committee of Snl. pbur ore, in this or any neighboring Colony, are desired to give speedy intelligence, and this Board will receive proposals from any

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