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Upon application of Joseph Fox, Esq'r., one of the Com’rs of this Co'y, for a Sum of Money for the payment of Firelocks, &c.,

By order of the Board an order was drawn on Mich'l Hillegas, Esq'r., Treasurer, for five hundred pound, in his favour, for the above purpose.

Upon application of Francis Wade for a Sum of Money, an order was drawn in his favour on John Nixon & others, the Committee of Accounts, for £300, being towards the payment of Provisions Supplyed the Boats & Artillery Comp'y.

Thomas Austin having appeared before this Board agreeable to promise, and having nothing further to offer in defence of the charges alledged against him,

as a person inimical to the liberties of America, he sign'd the following declaration, which is ordered by the Board to be published in the Public papers, vizt:

"In Committee of Safety.

“PHILAD'A, 14th Feb'y, 1776. “As the Committee of Safety for this Province have adjudged my late conduct to be inimical to the cause of American Freedom, I am sincerely sorry that I have given any displeasure to my Countrymen, and do solemnly declare, that I never intended, by anything I have said or done, to obstruct the measures carried on for the maintaining the Liberty of these Colonies. I do further, in the like solemn manner, declare and promise, that I will not, for the future, throw any Reflections on the public measures aforesaid, or the advisers or promoters of them, nor in any manner whatever, endeavour to obstruct or discredit such measures.

“I do also, Resign my seat as a member of the Committee of Inspection & Observation for this County.


The following Resolve of Congress was this day delivered to this Committee :

“In Congress, 13th Feb’y, 1776.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Committee of Safety for Pennsylvania, in case the Barracks near Philadelphia cannot contain the Troops raised in Pennsylvania that may want quarters, to have the remainder placed in the Pest House and old Gaol of this City. " Extract from the Minutes.

“Sigu'd, CHA'S THOMSON, Sec'y.',

In Committee of Safety. .

PHILAD'A, 15th Febʼy, 1776.



THOMAS WHARTON, Jun'r, Chairman.
Daniel Roberdeau,

Robert Whyte,
George Taylor,

Samuel Miles,
John Nixon,

Samuel Howell. Resolved, That Robert Towers, Commiss'y, deliver to Colo. Jno. Dickinson, or his order, for the use of the Batt'n of Associators going for New York, what provincial arms & accoutrements he may have, & that the Colo. may want, and also, such ammunition that he may want, belonging to the Continent, taking a Receipt for the

Resolved, That Capt. Robert Whyte & John Nixon be directed to apply to Simon Shurlock, and in their name to request him to finish the Ship now building for this Province, with the greatest expedition, and to employ an additional number of Men for that purpose. Adjourned to 2 o'clock, when the following Members were

Thomas Wharton, jr.,

Geo. Clymer,
George Gray,

Benj’n Bartholomew,
Robert Whyte,

Samuel Hunter,
Alex'r Wilcocks,

Samuel Howell,
Daniel Roberdeau,

Sam'l Miles. Owen Biddle, This Board taking into their consideration the Report from the Committee of observation & Inspection for the City & Liberties of Phila., respecting the conviction of John Drinker, Thomas Fisher and Samuel Fisher, of the House of Joshua Fisher & Sons, for refusing the Continental Bills of Credit, being fully convinced of the fatal Consequences which must ensue on a Check given to the Circulation of our paper Currency, the refusal of which is an Offence which strikes against the existence of our present struggle for life and Liberty, and considering that the latter part of the Resolution of Congress, which directs that such persons who are convicted as above mention'd shall be “ treated as Enemies of their Country and precluded from all Trade or Intercourse with the Inhabitants of these Colonies ;' remains yet unexecuted upon these persons, And as the powers & authority of the Committee of Observation and Inspection to execute the Resolve of Congress, have expired with the time for which they were elected to serve as a Committee; After due Consideration, the following Resolution was unanimously agreed to :

That this Committee go to the Houses and Stores of John Drinker, Hatter, & Joshua Fisher & Sons; That they shall respectively cause all the Books and papers of the said John Drinker, and such as belong to the said Thomas Fisher & Sam'l Fisher, seperately and Jointly with Joshua Fisher, to be deposited in Trunks, Chests or Desks; that the same shall then be locked and sealed and suffered to remain in some of their Stores, and then they shall cause all the Doors & Windows of their Stores and warehouses containing their goods, wares & Merchandize to be locked and Keyed, and the same to be fastened upon the out side by a wooden Bar being nailed a cross them.

In Committee of Safety.

Philad'a, 16th Feb'ry, 1776.

JOHN NIXON, Chairman,
Robert Whyte,

Samuel Howell,
Owen Biddle,

Dan'l Roberdeau,
George Clymer,

Jno. Montgomery, Thomas Wharton, jun'r, Alex'r Wilcocks. Upon application of Mr. Owen Biddle, one of the Managers of the provincial Salt Petre Works, for the payment of 4063 lbs Salt Petre manufactured there and receiv'd by Robert Towers, Commissary, an order was drawn on Jno. Nixon & others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Mr. Biddle, for £101 13 9, being the amount of the Salt Petre at the rate of 5s P lb.

Upon application of the Commissioners & Assess’rs of York county, for a sum of Money towards the payment of Firelocks making in that County for the use of this Province, By Order of the Board, an Order was drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq'r, Treasurer, in favour of Colo. Thomas Hartly, for three hundred pounds for the use aforesaid.

Resolved, that the Reverend William Linn be appointed Chaplain to the 5 & 6th Battalion of Pennsylvania Troops in the service of the United Colonies.

Upon application of Samuel Holme for the payment of his account for Bayonets, Scabbards, &c., for the use of the Captains Jones, Le Marrs and Harmar, Companies in the 1st Pennsylvania Battalion, in the service of the United Colonies, an Order was drawn on Messrs. Mease & Caldwell, for £28 10 6, in his favour, being the amount of said account.

Upon application of Colo. William Irwine, of the 6th Batt'n, of Pennsylva Troops, in the service of the United Colonies, for å sum of Money for the use of said Battalion,

By order of the Board, an order was drawn in his favour on Messrs. Mease & Caldwell, for three thousand pounds, for the use aforesaid.

Adjourned to five O'Clock.

Members present.
JOHN NIXON, Chairman.
Samuel Howell,

Alexander Wilcocks,
Dan'l Roberdeau,

George Clymer,
Thomas Wharton, j'r.,

Owen Biddle. Samuel Miles, In Consequence of the Resolution of Yesterday, Colo. Roberdeau, Mr. Wilcocks and Mr. Clymer, went to the House of Thomas and Samuel Fisher, and demanded their Books of accounts, in order to be locked up in one of their Stores; which they refused to deliver up, or to declare where they were deposited, construing either to be an active part in them, which they could not in conscience take, but would peaceably submit to the Execution of any Resolutions that should be taken respecting them.

Resolved, That Hugh Montgomery, at present first Lieut. to the Armed Boat Congress, be appointed Captain to the Armed Boat Effingham.

That Thomas Houston, at present first Lieutenant to the armed Boat Franklin, be appointed Captain to the armed Boat Experiment.

That Isaac Rotche, at present second Lieut. to the armed Boat Hancock, be appointed first Lieut, to the armed Boat Franklin.

That John Christie, at present second Lieut. to the armed Boat Dickinson, be appointed first Lieut. to the Armed Boat Chatham.

That Michell, at present second Lieut. to the armed Boat Chatham, be appointed first Licutenant to the armed Boat Ranger.

That Francis Gilbert, at present Second Lieut. to the armed Boat Washington, be appointed first Lieutenant to the said armed Boat.

That Robert Hume, at present second Lieut, to the armed Boat Ranger, be appointed first Lieutenant to the said armed Boat.

That William Brown, be appointed Captain of Marines on Board the Provincial Ship now building.

Resolved, that under the authority given by Congress, this Board immediately proceed to errect on account of the Congress, a Powder Mill on a large stream, capable of manufacturing as nearly as posssible, four Tons of Gunpowder per week.

That the Committee will Contract with a number of persons, not exceeding four, to errect powder Mills, engaging to supply them with eight Tons of Salt Petre each, the profits of manufacturing which, to be consider'd as a full compensation for the Expence and Risque of such undertaking; but if the Committee should not be able to comply with their part of the Engagement, then that they will immediately indemnify by Money the said persons in like Manner as shall be adjudged by three indifferent Persons, to be chosen by the parties to the Contract, they having particular regard to the expence of the undertaking.

Resolved, That Mr. Clement Biddle be appointed to look out for, and without loss of time, fix on a suitable situation for the said Mill; to Contract with the Owners for the priviledge of errecting it, and to superintend the building; and also, to contract with Persons for errecting Mills on their accounts, on the terms before mentioned.

Resolved, That the Captains of the Provincial armed Boats be desired to meet together, and inquire into the Merits of such Persons who have applied to be appointed 2nd Lieutenants in the said Boats, and such others as may be properly qualified for that station, that would be willing to engage in that service; and to Report to this Board the Names of thirteen of them, who may be most deserving, in the Opinion of a Majority of the said Captains

In Committee of Safety.

PHILAD'A, 20th Feb'y, 1776.

John Nixon,

Sam'l Morris, Jun'r,
George Clymer,

Daniel Roberdeau,
James Biddle,

Owen Biddle,
Samuel Howell,

Alex'r Wilcocks. Thos. Wharton, Jun'r, By order of the Board, an order was directed to Doct'r Bass to deliver to Doct'r Rush what Medecines he may want out of the quantity purchased of him by this Board.

Upon application of Joseph Moulder for the payment of his Bill for Cartridge Boxes, Gunners, Cartouches, &ca., for the use of his artillery Company,

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Michael Hil. legas, Esq'r, Treasurer, for Fifty pounds 5 9, being the amount of said Bill.

Resolved, That Mr. Sam'l Morris, jun'r, waite on Mr. Wm. Richards, Capt. Falconer, & Capt. Reed, and inform them they are (with any other person they may fix on) appointed a Committee to fix proper signals in the River and Bay of Delaware, to give the most speedy intelligence of any Enemy Ships that may arrive at or within the Capes of Delaware.

That the said Committee appoint James Maul with his Boat, to such station as they may think will best answer the purpose of Intelligence.

Resolved, That Commodore Caldwell immediately call together all the officers of the Provincial Armod Boats, fully consult them,

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