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tween the Southermost line of the Land belonging to the Estate of
William Masters, deceased, where the Old Public Road leading from
the North end of Fourth Street terminates and the Germantown
road; and being of opinion that a road Extended from thence in
a strait line to Germantown Road, will be of Great Utility and
Convenience to the Public, have accordingly laid out the same: Begin-
ing at the end of the said old Road, and thence extending through the
said Land in one direct Course, North thirteen degrees and an balf, east
one hundred and Seventy perches and eight-tenths of a Perch to
the Germantown Road, a draught of the Survey whereof is here-
unto annexed ; And we conceive that, if the said Road be opened
accordingly and Confirmed as a King's Highway, it will be attended
with less Expence and more Convenience to the Public, as well as
greater benefit to the owner of the Ground thro' which it passes,
than if laid out and opened in any other manner.
“Witness our bands, the 13th day of April, 1772.


The 4th of May, 1772.' MEMORANDUM.

The Governor was this day pleased to appoint Samuel Powell and Henry Hill, Esquires, Justices of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace and of the County Court of Common Pleas for the County of Philadelphia, by two Special Commissions.

19th May, 1772. Upon the Recommendation of the Justices of the Court of Gene. ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Northumberland, in favor of William McClay, Esquire, The Governor was this day pleased to issue a Commission appointing the said William MeClay Clerk of the Peace and of the Court of General quarter Sessions of the Peace for the said County.


The 19th June, 1772. MEMORANDUM.

Isaac Hicks, Esquire, having been Recommended by the Justices of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Bucks, as a Proper person to execute the Office of Clerk of the Peace, The Governor was this day pleased to issue a Commission appointing the said Isaac Hicks Clerk of the Peace and of the Court of General quarter Sessions of the Peace for the said County of Bucks.

New Castle, Wednesday June 10th, 1772. The Governor having by appointment with the Assembly, attended here this day, a Committee of the House waited on him with a Messuage, acquainting him that the House had met the first Instant, pursuant to their adjournment, and requested to know if the Governor had any Business to lay before them; to which his Honour made answer, that he had not any thing at present to recommend to them, but was now Ready to take into Consideration such Bills as they had prepared for his perusal and Concurrence.

New Castle, Saturday the 13th of June, 1772.

The Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Gov-

ernor, &ca

Richard Peters,
Benjamin Chew, Esquires, Members of Council.

James Tilghman, The Assembly having, since the Governor's Attendance at this place, sent up to him for his Concurrence fourteen Bills which they had prepared during their Present sitting, they were severally read and duly Considered, and a few amendments being made to some of them, to which the Assembly having for the most part acceded, they were all returned to the House, with Messages that the Governor agreed to pass thirteen of the said Bills into Laws, but having great Objections to the Other Bill, which is entituled 'An Act to oblige the Justices of the Peace to hear and determine actions of Debt under the Value of forty shillings ex-officio," he could not give his Assent thereto.

The thirteen Bills which received the Governor's assent, are en. tituled as follows, Viz":

“An Act for restraining and preventing Lotteries."

"An Act for vesting the State House and other Public Buildings with the Lot of ground whereon the same are erected, together with other Ground Situate in the Town of New Castle, in Trustees for the use of the 'ublic."

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“An Act for aiding the Discontinuance of the Process of the Supream Court in the County of Sussex.”

"A Supplementary Act to an Act entituled “An Act for regu. lating Elections and ascertaining the numbers of the Members of Assembly."

An Act for repairing and keeping up the Causeway adjoining the Creek called the Mother Kill, in Kent County.”

“An Act to prevent Swine Running at large in the town of Dover."

“A Supplementary Act to the Act entituled 'An Additional Supplementary act for the amendment of an Act of General As. sembly of this Government, entituled 'An Act for the better regulation of the

in New Castle County, &c.” An Act for the more effectual draining and improving the Marsh, Cripple and Lowland on little Creck in Dover, and Little Creek hundreds in Kent County."

“ An Act for the better regulating the Wharfs, public streets, Buildings, party walls, and partition Fences, in the Borough of Wilmington, in the County of New Castle, upon Delaware, and for raising Money on the Inhabitants of the said Borough for the Public use and Benefit thereof."

"An Act for the Relief of James Kain, a languishing Prisoner in the Goal of New Castle County, with respect to the Imprison. ment of his person.”

"An Act for the appointing and Constituting David Hall, Esquire, a Trustee of the General Loan Office in Sussex County.”

"An Act for the embanking and draining the Marshes on Black bird's Creek, in New Castle County."

“An Act for establishing the market in the Town of New-Ark, and for regulating the same.

The Governor having acquainted a Committee of Assembly, who waited on him in the Evening to know when and where he would be pleased to pass the Bills, that he should be ready to receive the house for that purpose at his Lodgings, whenever it was most Convenient to them. The Speaker and the whole house soon after attended accordingly, and Presented the thirteen Bills above mentioned, which the Governor Enacted into Laws, signed a Warrant for affixing the great Seal to them, and directed the Secretary to accompany two Members of Assembly to see them sealed and deposited in the Rolls office.

The Speaker then Presented to the Governor Orders on the Trustees of the Loan Office for £100, for which his Honor returned the House his Thanks.

VOL. X.-4.

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Saturday June 20th, 1772.


The Honourable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Gov.

ernor, &c.

Edward shippen, jun". Esquires

Richard Peters,
Benjamin Chew,

The Governor laid before the Board a Transcript of a Record of the last-Court of Oyer and Terminer held for the County of Philadelphia, by which it appears that John Thomas was convicted of Burglary, and had received sentence of Death for the same. The Matter being taken into Consideration, the Governor Observed that the Judges had not Recommended the said Criminal as an object of Mercy, nor reported any Circumstances in his Favor.

It was, therefore, the Opinion of the Board, that the Sentence of the Court should be executed against him on Saturday the 4th day of July next, and the Governor directed a Warrant to be issued for that Purpose accordingly.

Then was read the Transcript of a Record of the last Court of Oyer and Terminer held in York County, by which it appears

that Thomas Ross was convicted of a Robbery on the Highway, for which he had received Sentence of Death. The Board taking this matter into Consideration, were of opinion that, as the Judges had not reported to the Governor any Favourable circumstances respecting the said Criminal, the Sentence of the Court against him ought to take place, and the Governor accordingly directed a Warrant to be issued for his Execution on Saturday the 11th day of July next.

The Board taking into Consideration the Petition of Hugh Rippey, who was convicted (at the last Court of Oyer and Terminer held in Cumberland County) of Counterfeiting and passing Dollars, and the recommendation of Several of the Magistrates and other reputable Inhabitants of the same County, representing him as an Object of Mercy and Compassion, advised the Governor to Grant the said Hugh Rippey a Pardon, which the Secretary was accordingly directed to Prepare.

Mr. Tilghman laid before the Board a Letter he had received yesterday from Mr. Charles Stewart, dated Easton, the 17th Instant, acquainting him with a Message he had received from Garret Brodhead, Esquire, that a Considerable number of Connecticut people were now forming a Settlement on the Proprietaries' Manors at Shoholy and Lechawaxin, and other places on the River Delaware, within this Province. The said Letter being read and Considered, the Governor, by the advice of the Council, directed that a Proclamation be immediately drawn and published, commanding those intruders, in his Majesty's name, to evacuate their illegal Settlements, and to remove from the Proprietaries' lands without delay, and also

forbiding all persons whatsoever, to intrude upon or settle any lands within this Province without the express Permission of the Proprietors of this Government.

The Secretary presented to the Board a return and Draught of a Road laid out pursuant to an Order of Council of the eighth of November, 1769, on the line dividing the lands of Richard Vandyke and Peter Rambo from the land of John Holmes, in the township of Lower Dublin, and there appearing no objection to the said Road as laid out and returned by the Viewers,

The Board, on Due Consideration thereof, do hereby confirm the said Road, and adjudge the same to be forever hereafter a part of the King's Highway which leads from Philadelphia to Bristol.

It is, therefore, Ordered by the Board, that the Supervisors of the Highways for the Township of Lower Dublin, do forth with Cause the said Road to be Cleared and opened of the Breadth of Fifty feet at least, according to the Courses mentioned in the said return, which follows in these words, viz':

“In obedience to the annexed order from the Governor and his Council, We the subscribers, have carefully viewed the Ground along the line dividing Richard Vandyke's and John Holmes' Land, and find that, as to the Ground a good Road may be conveniently made along the said line. But if we extend the new Road only from the Oxford Church Road to the end of Vandyke's line, it will not strike the old road as now laid out, but there make a sudden turn, which we apprehend, in a Road so much used, will be of Great Disadvantage to the Public, but if we extend the said New Road the same strait Course as far as Pennypack Mill Race, it will there strike the old Road. We therefore, for the Reasons above, and with Consent of Peter Rambo, the owner of the land whereon the whole of the new Road runs, with all Submission return the same for Public use as follows, and according to the Plan hereunto annexed, Viz': Beginning at a marked white oak standing on the West side of the Mill Race, and on the North side of the Bristol Road; thence by a line of marked trees, dividing the Land of John Holmes from the land of Peter Rambo and Richard Vandyke, South sixty-eight degrees fifteen Minutes, West Three hundred and fifty-two perches, to a corner on the South side of the said old Bristol Road, and East side of a Road leading from Oxford Church to the River Delaware; and recommend the same to be fifty feet wide, and to be laid out altogether on the Lands of Peter Rambo and Richard Vandyke, along the line of John Holmes' land.


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