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In Committee of Safety.

PHILAD'A, 12th Jan'y, 1776.

JOHN NIXON, Chairman.
Jno. Montgomery,

George Clymer,
Anthony Wayne,

Samuel Howell,
James Mease,

Daniel Roberdeau,
George Gray,

Sam'l Morris, jun'r,
Robert Whyte,

Alex. Wilcocks,
Nicholas Fairlamb,

Jno. Cadwalader.
Upon application of Cep'n Jones, for the payment of Seven fire-
locks purchas'd by him for the use of his Comp'y in Colo. Bull's
Battalion, an order was drawn for £22, 15, in his favour, on Messrs.
Mease & Caldwell, paymasters to said Battalion.

The appointments of the Captains, Lieutenants, Ensigns, & adjutants, were this day sent to Congress by Colo. Wayne.

Thos. Dewees’ acc't against the Congress, for the Soldiers Lieu't Symes & Duncan Campbell Confined in Gaol by order of Congrees, up to the 8th inst., were certifyed by the Chairman to be just, amounting in the whole to £8,0 74.

In Consequence of the Resolution of Congress of the 2nd Ins't, handed to this Board,

Resolved, that Colo. Roberdeau & Mr. Clymer, be a Committee to procure Copics of all the Petitions, Memorials and Remonstrances which have been by this Colony presented to the Throne, or either House of Parliament, since the year 1962, and also of the answers,


any, that were given to them, in erder te lay them before Congress, and this Committee are to forward any other business that may be recommended to this Board in the other Resolutions of Congress accompanying ihe above of the 2d ins't.

Resolved, that Mr. Reed, Mr. Mease, & Mr. Howell, be a Com. mittee to meet the Committee of Inspection & Observation of Philadelphia County, at Chesnut Hill, on Wednesday next, at 11 o'clock.

Resolved, that Christopher Carter be discharged from imprisonment, upon condition that he pay his Fees and immediately departs the Continent; and that Leonard Snowden be enlarged on paying fees, and giving his Parole, that his future conduct shall not be in. imical to the American Cause.

Resolved, that Colo. Roberdeau, Mr. Gray, & Mr. Owen Biddle, be a Committee to procure and get made in the best and most Speedy manner, 25 Grubbing Hoes, 150 Picks, 500 Shovels, 100 Spades, 100 Pitching Axes, & 1000 Pikes, 50 Wheelbarrows, & 150 bandBarrows.

Letters were wrote to the Commissioners & Assessors of each County, respecting the Arms, &ca., to be provided by them, agree

able to a Resolve of Assembly of the 30th June last, and to the Committees of the different Counties, (except those of Westmoreland, Northumberland, & Bedford,) respecting the Manufacture of Salt Petre, and the mode of procuring & paying for the Same.

Robert Towers, Commissary, reports his having receiv'd the following Articles into Store, vizt:

65 lbs. Salt Petre, from the manufactory of this City. 56 lbs. Do. from

Ditto. 36 Steel Ram Rods, from Wm. Brown. 2 cwt. 3 gr. 0 of Small Shot, from Owen Biddle. 24 lbs. Salt Petre from Mr. Peal, for which he gave 10 oz. of

Powder, & 98 41 in Cash. 56 lbs. Shot from John Scotton, @ 38s., bis having deliver'd

4 lbs. Powder to Mr. Vandegriff, for the Com’rs & Assess'rs Bucks Co'y.

In Committee of Safety.

PuiLaD'A, 13th January, 1776.

Daniel Roberdeau,

Sam'l Morris, jun'r,
James Biddle,

Thomas Wharton, jun’r,
James Mease,

Owen Biddle,
George Clymer,

Jno. Cadwalader. Capt. Andrew Caldwell having been applied to take the Command of the Fleet in the Service of this Province, and consenting thereto, it is

Resolved, That he, the said Andrew Caldwell, be and he is hereby appointed Commander-in-Chief, or Commander of all the Armed Vessells in the Service of this Province.

Resolved, That a Person be appointed Second in Command of the Armed Vessels in the Service of this Province.

Thomas Apty produced his account for furnishing 24 Men, prisoners confined by Congress, with provisions to this day, amounting to £t1 2 3, which was certified by the Chairman to be just, and directed to the Committee of Acco’t of Congress.

Mr. Owen Biddle having produced an account for sundry Articles Supply'd the Salt petre Works of this Province, By Order of the Board, an order was drawn in his favour on the Committee of Accounts of this Board for £78 15 6, being the amount of said Account.

Resolved, That this Board pay Thomas Dewees the Jail Espences of Leonard Snowden, he being incapable of doing it.

Mr. Clymer, by desire of this Board, applied to Mr. Jno. McNeal to know if it would be agreeable to him to enter into the Service of this Province in the character of an Engineer; In consequence of which, Mr. McNeal acquaints this Board by Letter, that his bad state of health prevents his acceptance of the appointment, but will do everything in his power from time to time, for the Service of the Province, without any fee.

In Committee of Safety.--15 Jan'y, 1776.

JOHN NIXON, Chairman.
Sam'l Howell,

Jos. Reed,
James Biddle,

Jno. Cadwalader,
Owen Biddle,

Dan'l Roberdeau,
Geo. Clymer,

James Mease. Alex'r Wilcocks, Mr. Mease having deliver'd an order of Congress to this Board, the following of which is a Copy, it was by order of the Board, by the chairman deliver'd to Messrs Mease & Caldwell, for the uses therein mentioned, vizt :

“PHILAD'A., 11th Jan'y, 1776. "Gent'n:

“ Please to pay to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, six thousand Dollars for the use of the Battalion in this City, the said Committee to be accountable for the Expenditure of said Sum.

"I am Gent'n,
“Y'r Most obed't Serv't,

“Sign'd, JOHN HANCOCK, Presid't. 1 “ To Michael Hillegas & George Clymer, Esq’rs., Treasurers.”

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Michael Hillegas Esq'r, in favor of John Nixon, Thomas Whartor, jun'r, & James Mease, the Committee of accounts, for five thousand pounds, and sign'd by the Chairman.

Order'd that Mr. John Ross be directed to furnish immediately a Return of the Number of Men now in the Service of this Province, on board the armed Boats.

Pursuant to a Resolve of Congress, that the Battalions rais'd in this Province in the Continental Service, should have a second Lieutenant to each Company, this Board went into the choice of Eight Gentlemen, as proper persons to be appointed Second Lieutenants in Colo. Bull's Batt'n, when the following Gent'n were made Choice of. 1. Roger Stayner, x

5. John Ellis, x 2. George Jenkins, x

6. Sam'l Tolbert, s 3. Christian Staddle, x 7. Peter Gossner, x 4. Ames Wilkinson, x

8. John Cobey. x

In Committee of Safety.--16th Jan'y

JNO. NIXON, Chairman.
Thomas Wharton, jun'r,

James Biddle,
Dan'l Roberdeau,

Samuel Howell,
John Cadwalader.

Owen Biddle,
Anthony Wayne,

James Mease. Resolved, That Doct'r Robert Johnson, recommended by Dr's. Thomas Cadwalader, Thomas Bond, Adam Kuhn & William Shippen, Jun'r., according to a former Resolve of this Board, is hereby appointed Surgeon to the Sixth, or Colonel Will’m Irvine's Battalion, to be raised by order of the Congress.

The Honorable Continental Congress hav'g recommended Chaplains to be appointed to the Battalions to be raised in this Province, in the service of the United Colonies, upon

Resolved, That the Reverend Daniel McCalla be appointed Chaplain to the first or Colo. Bull's Battalion.

Upon application of Joseph Fox, Esq'r.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Mich'l Hillegas, Esq'r, in his favour, for five hundred pounds.

Upon application of Capt. Le Mar, for the payment of twentytwo firelocks, purehased by him for the use of his Company in Colo. Bull's Batt'n, an order was drawn on Messrs. Mease & Caldwell in his favour, for £79 11, being the amount of said Firelocks.

Mr. Morris, by direction of Congress, deliver'd the following Resolve of Congress to this Board, a Copy of which was deliver'd to Robert Towers, with orders to see the same Carried into execution.

“In Congress, Jan'y 8, 1776. Resolved, That it be recommended to the Committee of Safety for Pennsylvania, to send 500 lbs. wt. of powder to the Colony of Virgivia, for the use of the Forces to be employed in the Counties of Accomack and Northampton.

"Extract from the Minutes,

"Sign'd, CHAS. THOMSON, Sec'y." Robert Towers, Commissary, Reports his having receiv'd the following Articles into Store:

250 lbs. powder from Oswell Eve.
16 New Muskets from John Nicholson.

8 New ditto from Lewis Prahl.
19 half bls.) Gun Powder, w't 5,825 lbs., rec'd from Pelatiah
195 gr. bls. § Webster, for account of the Cont'l


. That he has deliver'd to Capt. Falconer, on acc't of Congress, 80 qr. Barrels, w't 2000 lbs.; he has deliver'd to the Delegates of New Jersey, by order of do., 8 qr. bls., 200 lbs.

Resolved, That the powder Committee be empower'd to Continue their endeavors to import Powder, & that they have power to assure the Value of the Vessells employed in this service, if they find it necessary, at the Risque of the Province.

In Committee of Safety.--17th Jan'y, 1776.


JOHN NIXON, Chairman.
Henry Wynkoop,

Anthony Wayne,
Thomas Wharton, j'r, Francis Johnson,
James Biddle,

James Mease,
Daniel Roberdeau,

Alex'r Wilcocks. Jno. Cadwalader, Upon Motion of Mr. Thomas Wharton, one of the Committee for Importing and procuring of Powder, Arms, &c., for the use of this Province,

Resolved, That they, the said Committee, load the Brig Dolphin, Capt. Prole, with the produce of these Colonies, for the purpose of procuring said articles from Foreign parts, and that the following Certificate be Issued, viz't:

“This is to Certifie, that Messrs. Rob't Morris & Thos. Wharton, jr., bas permission to load the Brig't Dolphin, Capt. Prole, with the produce of these Colonies, the same being for account of this Province, agreeable to a Resolve of the Honorable the Congress, dated 26th Oct'r, 1775.”

Resolved, That the following advertisement be published in the different newspapers of this City, Viz't:

“Such persons as are willing to erect Powder Mills in this Province, within fifty Miles distance of this City, are desired to apply to the Committee of Safety, who will lend them Money, on Security, if required, for that purpose, and give them other Encouragement."

Resolved, That Colo. Wayne, Colo. Johnson, Mr. Bartholomew & Mr. Reiley, be a Committee to Examine the Firelocks, Cartridge Boxes, Knapsacks, &ca., as ordered by Assembly to be provided by Chester County, are made agreeable to the said order of Assembly, and to the patterns deliver'd the Commissioners & Assessors of said County, and make return of the same to this Board.

Upon application of Capt. Josiah Harmer, for the payment of 11 firelocks purchased by him for the use of his Company in Colo. Bull's Battalion, an order was drawn on Messrs. Mease & Caldwell for £23 12 6, being the amount of the same.

Resolved, That Joseph Fox, Esq'r., advance to Gouger, Dunwick and Kinder, three men employed by him in making Fire Arms for the use of this Province, Fifty pounds each, for which they are to

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