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Board to the overseers of the Poor of the District Where the deceased was settled, for such Provision as the case may require.

A Letter, dated the 24th inst., was receiv'd the 28th, from the Committee of Lancaster County, informing that Capt. Markoe had safely Lodged in the Gaol of that County the Bodys of Doct'r John Kearsley, & I. Brooks, and that Doct'r Kearsley would be forwarded to York Town next day, under a proper Guard, and that I. Brooks would be continued in his confinement, and dealt with agreeable to the sentence & direction of this Committee.

Capt. Dougherty attended this day, and acquainted the Board that agreeable to a Resolve of the 9th inst., the Captains had agreed to allow each good and able seamen fifteen Shillings as a Bounty for their entering into the Service on board the armed Boats, which Bounty is to be paid them one month after having been in the Service.

By Direction of this Board, An order was this day drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq'r., Treasurer, in favour of Messrs. Thomas Wharton, John Nixon, & James Mease, Committee of Accounts, for the Sum of one thousand Pounds.

Resolved, That Alexander Wilcocks, Andrew Allen, James Biddle, & Owen Biddle, be a committee to Revise and correct the Minutes of this Board, in order to their being transcribed fairly in the Minute Book.

Resolved, That Messrs. Robert White & Mr. Samuel Morris be a Committee to direct the building of the Shed on Fort Island, agreeable to the Resolve of the 23rd inst., and to repair such Buildings as may be already erected on the Island, that may be made suitable to the accommodation of the Soldiers and Sailors.

George Ross, Esq’r., sent to this Board the following Resolve of Congress, which is directed to be put on the Minutes of this Committee, Vizt. :

" In Congress, 26th October, 1775. Resolved, That it be recommended to the several Provincial Assemblies, Conventions or Councils of Safety of the United Colonies, to export to the Foreign West Indias, on account and Risque of their respective Colonies, as much Provision, or any other produce except Horned cattle, Sheep, Hogs, and Poultry, as they may deem necessary for the importation of Arms, Ammunition, Sulphur & Salt Petre. A copy from the Minutes.

“Sigued, CHA'S. THOMSON, Sect'y. Capt. Duncan Campbell, Lieut. Symes, and twenty-three Private Soldiers, part of a Regiment about to be raised in the Ministerial

VOL. X.-25.

Service, on their Voyage from Boston to New York, on Board the Ship Rebecca & Francis, Capt. Hastings, (by the said Ship’s being Stranded on Brigantine Beach on the New Jersey Shore,) were taken Prisoners by the People of Jersey, and brought to this City, and, after having seperately examined the said officers and many of the Privates, it appears to this board that they bave acted, and intended further to act, a part inimical to the Liberties of America; Therefore, it was thought proper by this Board, to transmit the said examinations to the Honorable the Continental Congress, and request they would determine thereon, in consequence of wbich regaisition George Ross, Esq'r., produced from the Congress the following Resolve :

"In Congress, October 28th, 1775.

" Resolved, That Capt. D. Campbell & Lieu't. Symes, and the Men who came with them in the Transport Rebecca & Francis, be confined in such Gaols in this Colony as the Committee of Safety of said Colony think proper, and that the said Capt. Campbell & Lieutenant Symes, be allowed for their Subsistance one and one third dollar each * Week, and the Men one Dollar Week each, to be paid out of the Continental Treasury. “A true Copy from the Minutes.

Signed, CHA'S. THOMSON, Sect'y, Agreeable to the above determination of Congress; It is,

Resolved, That the said Capt. Campbel & Lieut. Symes, be confined in the Goal of the City and County of Philadelphia, and that they be kept apart from the rest of the Prisoners; that they be not permitted to have the use of Pen, Ink or Paper, and that no Person whatever be permitted to speak to them or either of them, but in the presence of some Member of this Committee, or some other Person authorised by a Member of this Committee in writing.

The following Commitment being drawn up and signed by the Vice President, was deliver'd to Ms. Cadwalader & Mr. Nixon, who were desired to acquaint the officers of the determination of Congress, and to deliver the said Commitment to the officer of the Guard over the Prisoners, and desire him to deliver them into the Custody of the Gaoler of this County.

"In Committee of Safety,"

"PHILA'D. 30th October, 1775.

Whereas, the Honorable the Continental Congress did, on the twenty Eighth day of October, Instant, Resolve that Capt. Dunean Campbell and Lieutenant Symes, and the Men who Came with them in the Transport Rebecca & Francis, be Confined in such Gaols in

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this Colony as the Committee of Safety of said Colony think proper, and that the said Capt. Campbel and Lieut. Symes be allowed for their Subsistance, one and one-third Doller each per week, and the Men one Doller per week each, to be paid out of the Continental Treasury. And the Committee of Safety having taken the said Resolve into Consideration, this Day have determined that the said Duncan Campbel, Lieutenant Symes, and the Men who came with them as aforesaid, be Committed to the Gaol of the City and County of Philadelphia, there to be confined until this Board shall further determine therein. These are, therefore, to require you to receive into your Custody and Strictly Confine in the said Gaol the aforesaid Capt. Duncan Campbel & Lieut. Symes. And them safely keep, without Pen, Ink and Paper, apart from the rest of your Prison. ers, and that you permit no person whatever to speak to them or either of them, but in the presence of some member of this Com. mittee, or some other Person authorized by a Member of this Com. mittee in writing, and hereof you are not to fail, at your Peril.

"By order of the Committee,

"Signed, ROBERT MORRIS, Vice Presid't. "To the Keeper of the Common Gaol of the City and County of


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October 31st.–At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Alexander Wilcocks, Owen Biddle,
John Cadwallader, George Clymer,
Daniel Roberdeau,

John Nixon,
James Mease,

Thomas Wharton, jun.

November 1st, 1775.-Ata Meeting of the Committee of Safety.


Robert Morris,

George Clymer,
Barnard Dougherty,

John Cadwalader,
Daniel Roberdeau,

Samuel Miles,
James Mease,

Owen Biddle.
John Nixon.
Resolved, That Colo. Cadwalader & Mr. Clymer, be a Commit-
tee to draw up a Memorial to Congress, respecting the case of
Lieutenant Symes, who prays for permission to go to the Camp of
General Washington, to wait there for an Exchange of Prisoners.


November 2nd. - At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety

Robert Morris,

John Montgomery,
George Clymer,

Samuel Howell,
James Mease,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Owen Biddle,

Barnard Dougherty,
Samuel Morris, jun'r. James Biddle,
Andrew 'Allen,

Alexander Wilcocks,
Samuel Miles,

John Cadwalader. Robert Morris, Esq., acquaints this Board, that he made application to the Assembly for the Barracks being put in proper order for the reception of the Troops now Raising, And that in consequence thereof, the House has given orders to the Barrack Master to see the same done immediately, and to obey such orders as this Committee

may issue to him from time to time as Barrack Master. By order of the Board, an order was Drawn on Michael Hilligas, Esq'r, in favour of Mr. John Maxwell Nesbitt, Paymaster to the Fleet, for five hundred pounds.

Upon Report of Mr. Samuel Morris, jun'r., That the inside of the Fort on Fort Island, is an improper place for errecting a shed for defending the People from the inclemency of the weather.

Therefore, Resolved, That Mr. Robert White and Mr. Samuel Morris, jun'r., Repair any Buildings that may be on the Island, and errect such others as may be found necessary, And that they employ a sufficient number of hands to throw up a Bank and Build a small pier at the upper end of Fort Island, for the purpose of sending with more speed any succours that there may be occasion for at the Island from the main.

The four following Soldiers, taken Prisoners with Capt. Campbel, now in the Gaol of this County, were ordered by this Board to be removed to the Work House, vizt: Edward Mulloy, Robert Colebrooke, John O'Neill and Joseph Taylor.

The Board informed the Gaoler and the Work House keeper of the City and County of Philadelphia, That Capt. Campbel and Lieut. Symes, were allowed, by the Continental Congress, One Doller and one-third of a Doller per week for their Subsistance, and one Doller per week for the Soldiers taken with Capt. Campbel, and that no greater sum will be allowed them.

Doct'r. Duffield Reports his having been down to Province Island and examined the Pest House, and finds it is in good order, and provided with Beds and other necessarys sufficient for the accommodation of Forty Sick Men.

Agreeable to a Resolve of Yesterday, Colo. Cadwalader & Mr. Clymer, drew up the following memorial, which was approved of, and signed by the Vice President :

To the Honorable the Continental Congress ; The Memorial of the

Committee of Safety For the Province of Pennsylvania, Sheweth:

"That this Committee, having carried into Execution the sentence passed by Congress against Capt. Campbel, Lieut. Symes, and the Several Soldiers under their Command, by putting them into confinement in the Gaol and Work House of this City, they now beg leave to offer to the Congress, at the instance and request of Lieut. Symes, the Reasons on which he grounds his pretensions to be considered and treated as a Prisoner of War.

“Tbat he came from England to Boston, in the capacity of an army Surgeon, and afterwards was Commissioned as an officer in the Regiment of Royal Highland Emigrants.

“ That being order'd on board the Transport Rebecca & Francis, & placed under the absolute direction of Capt. Campbel, whom he before had never seen or heard of, he was Ignorant of the Nature of the Service he was sent on, and of the instructions jointly issued by General Gage to him and Capt. Campbel, until some days after he was at sea

"This Committee having examined into these circumstances, have reason to believe they are consistent with truth.

"Philadelphia, 1st November, 1775."

November 3d.At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Robert Morris,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Andrew Allen,

Samuel Miles,
Samuel Howell,

George Clymer,
John Montgomery,

Samuel Morris, jun.,
James Mease,

Thomas Wharton, jun.,
George Ross,

Bernard Dougherty,
John Nixon,

James Biddle.
Resolved, That Mr. Miles & Mr. Dougherty deliver to Joseph
Fox, Esq., Barrack Master, the following order of Assembly, for
repairing the Barracks and providing necessaries for quartering the
Troops, vizt:

“In Assembly, November 1st., 1775. “Upon Motion,

Ordered, That the Barrack Master do forthwith put the Bar. raeks near this City into proper repair for receiving the Troops now raising in this Province, and that the said Barrack Master do in future receive and Comply with such orders from the Committee of Safety as they may find necessary to Issue, for quartering Troops in the said Barracks.

“ Signed, CH'S MOORE, Cl’k Ass'y."

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