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The Pilots attended this day, and offer'd to undertake the service they were to be appointed to, at the Rate of seven pounds ten shil. lings 7 month, and will attend again to-morrow to know the sence of this Board as to their proposals.

Edward Chamberlain, Master at Arms, Certifies that Capt. Henry Dougherty receiv'd on Board his Boat Eleven Muskets, bought of Nathaniel Monro, at 90s #piece.

Robert Towers, Commissary, Reports, that he has receiv'd from Oswell Eve 11 one eighths Barrels of battle powder, wt 1371 pounds; that he has receiv'd from different People the following articles belonging to this province, vizt:

205 Bayonets.
110 Scabbards.
161 Cartridge Boxes.

9 Muskets with Bayonets. That he has purchased the following articles, agreeable to the directions of this Board : Of Owen Biddle,

1 Musket and Bayonet, £3 10 0 Of Isaac Cox, 24 Cutlasses,

3 000 Of Samuel Howell, 11 ditto Of John Chaloper, 10 ditto


1 000 Of Elizabeth Miller, 52 ditto


7 16 0 Of Mr. Tillgham,

5 ditto

3s 00 15 0 Of John Phillips,

3 ditto

2s6 00 7 6 Of Joseph Sims,

7 ditto

339 1 6 3 Of James Wallace, 49 ditto

53 12 50 Of Capt. Furman,

19 ditto


4 15 0 Of Major Mifflin,

5 ditto


1 50 Of Capt. Furman, 7 pair of Pistols 159 5 50 Of Jpo. Tunnicliff, 1 pair of ditto

1 50

a 2s6

October 21st - At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Robert Morris,

John Nixon,
Michael Swoope,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r,
Samuel Miles,

John Montgomery,
Bernard Dougherty,

Alexander Wilcocks,
Daniel Roberdeau, Owen Biddle,
George Clymer,

James Biddle. John Cadwalader, Resolved, That Mr. Wilcocks, Mr. Wharton & Mr. Nixon, apply to the Commissioners and Assessors of this County, to know if they have contracted for the whole of the Firelocks, and what forwardness they are in, And to inform them that the following Gun Smiths are unimployed in this County, viz't. :

William Antis, of Frederick Township.

Johst, of Whitpain Township.
John Baker, of Providence Township.

Josiah Wood, of Norrington Township.
By order of the Board.
Twelve of the Articles of Association and Precedency was deliv-
ed to Mr. Dougherty, for the use of the Associators of Bedford

The Pilots attended this day, when they agreed to enter into the Service of this Province, at the rate of Six pounds p Month, for the purpose of Piloting all Vessels from Chester through the Machines sunk near Fort Island to this City, and from this City to Chester; when it was unanimously

Resolved, That Michael Dawson, James Roberts, Joseph Gamble, William Molleston, Daniel Gordon, William Marshall, Nehemiah Maule, John Snyder, Matthew Strong, and William Ross, Pilots, be employed in the above services, at the said Rate of Six pounds

Month. And that Mr. Clymer, Mr. White, Mr. Nixon, Mr. Wharton, and Mr. Mease, or any three of them, be a Committee to draw up Instructions for the Pilots, and the form of the Oath they are to take, And that the said Committee are to have the whole direction of the said Pilots and the services they are to perform.

Agreeable to the above resolve the following oath was administer'd, and sign’d by the above mentioned Pilots, riz't:

“We, Michael Dawson, James Roberts, Joseph Gamble, William Molleston, Daniel Gorton, William Marshall, Nehemiah Maule, John Snyder, Matthew Strong, and William Ross, now of the City of Philadelphia, being apointed by the Committee of Safety Pilots, to navigate vessels, sailing from the City of Philadelphia to the Town of Chester, upon Delaware, and from the said Town up to the City aforesaid, being each of us duly Sworn upon the Holy Evangelists, do, and every of us does declare and swear, that he will not discover to any Person or Persons, whatever, any matter or thing which he shall be informed of or intrusted with, or which he now knows, or shall hereafter acquire a knowledge of by his own skill and experience, or otherwise, whereby any Person or Persons may be taught and instructed how to conduct and Navigate a Vessel to pass through or between the Machines, called Chiraux de Frize, sunk in the River Delaware by order of the Committee of Safety. And that each of us will use his utmost skill and Endeavours to keep out of the way of, and prevent his being taken by any British Man of War, armed Vessel, or other vessel in the immediate Service of the King of Great Britain; And further, each of us do swear, that he will continue in the Service to which he is now appointed, and not depart the same until he is discharged from it by order of the Committee of Safety. And that in all things which respect his duty in the Service aforesaid, he will faithfully and readily obey and Execute all orders & directions which he shall receive from the Sub-Committee, who are appointed by the Committee of Safety to Superintend and direct his duty, Or such as he shall receive from the General Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania, or from the Committee of Safety.



Taken and Sworn the 20th October, 1775, before me,

JAMES BIDDLE, Just. Peace.
Capt. William Bradford having informed the Vice President that
Major Wescott, of New Jersey, was arrived in this City, with the
Captain of a Transport Ship lately Cast away on Brig't Beach, near
Egg Harbour, he order'd the Committee to be Summon’d, when the
following Members appear'd:
Robert Morris,

John Montgomery,
James Mease,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r,
George Clymer,

Owen Biddle,
George Taylor,

Michael Swoope,
Bernard Dougherty,

John Cadwalader,
Alexander Wilcocks, Daniel Roberdeau,
James Biddle,

George Ross.
Andrew Allen,
Capt. George Hastings, late Commander of the above mention'd
Transport, being brought before the Committee, gave the following

That he was Master of the Ship Rebecca & Francis, of two hundred and ninety-three tons Burthen, owned in London by James Mather; that he left Boston the 5th of October, for New York, with two Commission'd Officers-Capt. Duncan Campbel, and Lieut. Symes; two Sergeants, named Hugh Morrison and William Fors. ter, and twenty-one privates, belonging to a Regiment Raising in America ; That he understood they were going to New York, for the purpose of Recruiting; that last Monday Morning, before day, the weather being hazy, the said Ship Rebecca and Francis Struck

on the Shore at Brigantine Beach, where she is Stranded; That Capt. Campbell parted with him at the Beach on Tuesday Evening, and he supposes, made the best of bis way to New York, in Some Boat; but did not see him go into any boat, as it was Dark when he left his Tent; That Lieut. Symes went away Tuesday about noon, in a Small Boat, with an Elderly Man, dressed like a Fisherman; That they had on Board Sixty Firelocks, with Bayonets and Cartouch Boxes, and two Barrels and a half of Powder, all which were thrown into the Sea; That on the 20th July last, the said Capt. Campbell Sail'd with him from Boston to New Yorkand Carried between 50 and Sixty Recruits from New York to Boston; That the said Capt. Campbell had been in the 42nd Regim't, lived in Duchess County, New York Government, and has a wife and children there; That he, the Capt. of the Vessel, was not order'd to apply to any Person at New York, but to lie under the protection the Asia Ship of War; That Capt. Campbell frequently sent the Boat asbore for the Recruits that were raised for him; That the Soldiers now brought in said Ship, were some of those enlisted at New York, & carried by Capt. Campbell to Boston in July last.

That General Gage and the Officers of the 48th & 59th Regt's, are going home in a Transport Vessel of 16 Guns.

That Bills of £100 St’g sold in Boston for £80.

That no mnen of War or Troops had gone to Quebec; Neither had they an account of an Expedition to Quebec; but there was a talk of one against Halifax.

October 23rd. -At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Robert Morris,

Owen Biddle,
Andrew Allen,

Thomas Wharton, junr.,
George Clymer,

Bernard Dougherty,
John Montgomery,

George Gray,
Daniel Roberdeau,

James Mease,
Alexander Wilcocks, James Biddle.
John Nixon,

Upon motion, Resolved, That Mr. Allen, Mr. Clymer & Mr. Roberdeau, be a Committee to give orders, respecting the Removal of Doct'r Kears. ley to York Town Gaol, and the removal of J. Brooks to Lancaster Gaol. And to give the necessary orders for their Sentence being carried into Execution.

Resolved, That Capt. Long be order'd to buy a Quantity of half Price Boards, and send them to Fort Island, for the purpose of building a leantoo shed against the inside of the Fort Wall, sufficient to cover two or three hundred Men in bad weather.

Robert Towers, Commissiary, Reports, his having receiv'd the following Firelocks from the under mention's Captains of the Associators:

12 Firelocks from Capt. Furman.
11 ditto from Capt. Wilcocks.

5 ditto from Capt. Shee.
23 ditto

from Capt. Cadwalader. 12

ditto from Capt. Little.

9 ditto from Capt. Willing. That he has receiv'd 6 firelocks purchased from Capt. Robison.

That he has deliver'd to the under mention's Captains of the armed Boats, the following Firelocks, viz't:

13 Firelocks to Capt. Dougherty, of the Washington.
15 ditto

to Capt. Alexander, of the Chatham.
15 ditto to Capt. Moore, of the Effingham.
15 ditto to Capt. Davidson, of the Warren.
15 ditto to Capt. Blair, of the Burke.
15 ditto to Capt. Montgomery, of the Ranger.
15 ditto to Capt. Hamilton, of the Congress.
15 ditto to Capt. Eyres, of the Camden.
2 ditto to Capt. 'Thomas Moore, of the Hancock.
2 ditto to Capt. Rice, of the Dickinson.
6 ditto to Capt. Henderson, of the Bull Dog.
8 ditto to Capt. Biddle, of the Franklin..

Upon application of Capt. Peter Long, Ship's Husband, for a sum of Money for the payment of a Number of Small articles he had occasion to purchase for the use of the Armed Boats,

By Order of the Board an order was drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq'r, 'Treasurer, in his favour for one hundred pounds.

This Board having taken into their Consideration (by desire of the Hon'ble Assembly) the appointment of a Commodore to com. mand the Fleet, Capt. Thomas Reed was named, And after full consideration of his Merits, and enquiring into his character and Qualifications, it was

Resolved, That the said Capt. Thomas Read be recommended as a proper person to be apointed by the Honorable House of Assembly to that Important Station.

Resolved, That Mr. Wharton, Mr. Mease & Mr. Nixon, or any two of them, be a Committee for inspecting and paying all accounts that may appear against this Board, and that they find just.

Resolved, That the Commodore to the Armed Boats be allowed a Clerk, and that the said Clerk be allowed Nine Dollars H Month for his Services.

In pursuance of the Resolve of this Board, Mr. Wilcocks, Mr. Nixon & Mr. Wharton, waited upon Mr. Fox, the only Commissioner of Philadelphia County, resident in the City, and presented

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