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of the crew should die or be discharged, specify the time thereof, all which is to be returned to the Muster Master of the Boats, once every month, at least, or oftener if required by him.

15. No Captain or other officer shall discharge any of the Boats' crew without leave from the Commodore, Committee of Safety, or Assembly, unless he ships an equal number lo those discharged, immediately.

16. The Commander of each Boat is by ticket to certify to the Contractor, from time to time, the number of Rations that are required for his Boat's crew; the Stewart of the boat is to receive the same from the Commissary upon producing the said ticket, and is to give his receipt, and be accountable.

17. The Commander of each Boat is to examine into the quality of the Provisions, from time to time, and see that they be good and wholesome, and that the proper quantity be delivered out by the Steward, and in convenient messes.

18. If the quality of the provisions should be objected to, the Captain of the Boat is to report the same to the contractor, with a desire that they may be exchanged for such as are good and wholesome, but if the contractor is disatisfied with the report of the Cap. tain, they are to have a survey made by two judicious and impartial freeholders, mutually chosen, who may determine the same if they agree, but if otherwise they are to call in an umpire, who sball decide upon the quality of said provisions; if they are condemned the contractor shall supply others to equal amount in kind, but if the judgment of the referrers should be otherwise, the men must receive them for their allowance.

19. No warrant officer or private, discharged from the service of the Boat he first ships in, shall be admitted in the service of any other Boat unless by mutual consent of the Commanders.

20. The Commanding officer of each Boat constantly to enforce a due observance of all the articles signed and agreed to by the Officers and Men, for their regulation in this service.

21. In case of making Prisoners, it is recommended by the Committee of Safety to all the Officers and Men employed in the Penn·sylvania fleet, to treat them with humanity, and such kindness as the public good will admit of.

22. It is recommended by the Committee of Safety, to all the Officers and men employed in the Pennsylvania Fleet, to attend the public worship of Almighty God as frequently as in their power.

23. If any of the King's Ships, Sloops, cutters, or other armed vessels, shall proceed up the River Delaware in a hostile manner, or with hostile intentions; if they attempt to pass the Machines now sunk, or hereafter to be sunk in the River Delaware, or if they attempt to weigh those that are sunk, or obstruct the sinking of others that are, or may be ordered by the Committee of Safety or Assembly, or if they seize or attempt to seize any property of the Inhabi

tants of the United Colonies of America, or to molest, or destroy their property or persons, in any shape or manner whatever, the Officers & Men employed in this fleet, are hereby ordered to oppose all such proceedings and attempte, by whomsoever made, and to repel force by force, even to the taking, sinking, or destroying all such Ships, Sloops, cutters, armed vessells, or other force, employed in such designs and attempts against the peace and security of the United Colonies.

Resolved, That William Bradford print one hundred Copies of the Instructions to the Captains of the armed Boats.

October 17th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, President pro temporary.
George Gray,

Andrew Allen,
Michael Swoope,

Owen Biddle,
Daniel Roberdeau,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r. Bernard Dougherty, Mr. Gray and Mr. Dougherty, agreeable to a Resolve of yesterday, waited on the Provincial Commissioners, who gave their hearty consent to this Board's errecting any works on the Province Island, that they may think proper and necessary for the defence of this Province.

Mr. John Palmer, agreeable to desire, attended this Board, and undertook the Mason work agreed to be carried on at Fort Island.

October 18th.—At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, President pro temporary.
Daniel Roberdeau,

Michael Swoope,
John Montgomery,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r.,
Bernard Dougherty, Owen Biddle,
George Gray,

John Cadwalader. Upon application of Capt. John Old, of a Riffle Company in Berks County, an order was deliver'd him on Robert Towers, Commissary, for five pounds of Battle Powder, for proving of new Riffles, for the use of his Company.

Resolved, That Colo. Roberdeau be empowered to admit such persons to an interview with Doct'r Kearsley, J. Brooks, Leonard Snowden, & Christopher Carter, during the time they are confined in the Gaol of this County, as he may find necessary, or think proper, he being present at all such interviews.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Mr. Owen Biddle, in favour of Daniel Evans, for ten pounds, towards the payment of Smith's work.

William Namick, a deserter from the Ministerial Army, applied to this board for a small sum of money, for the support of bimself and wife, until he can get into employ. In consequence of his application, this board thought proper to give the said Namick the sum of three pounds; an order was, therefore, drawn on Mr. Owen Biddle, to pay the said Sum of three pounds.

At the Request of Mr. Robert Shewell, this Board gave him a Copy of his Letter directed to Doct'r Kearsley, with the following Certificate :

" In Committee of Safety.

These may certify, that the above is a true Copy of an Original Letter, delivered to the Committee of Safety, signed Robert Shewell, & directed to Doct'r Kearsley; and that the Committee of Safety has not, at any time, Summoned the said Robert Shewell to appear before them.

The Pilots, agreeable to a Resolve of Yesterday, attended this Board, and proposes to enter into the pay of this Province as Pilots, at the Rate of ten pounds per month, for the purpose of Piloting vessels through the Machines sunk near Fort Island; And they will attend to-morrow with their proposals of Pilotage, at so much per foot.

The Board taking into consideration the charge against Christopher Carter, of being concerned with Doct'r. John Kearsley & J. Brooks in their endeavour to procure British Troops to invade this and the other Colonies in a Hostile manner, with other inimi. cal Correspondence and practices, and having duely attended to his defence, are unanimously of opinion, that the said Christopher Carter is guilty of the charge. But it having been represented to this Board, by the Committee of Inspection and observation, that a Deputation from their Body had promised the said Carter protection from punishment, on condition of his delivering up the Papers and giving information of the Designs to be executed by him and the others concern’d, which he has complied with ; It is therefore,

Resolved, that Christ'r Carter's person be enlarged and set at Liberty, on his giving Security in the sum of Five hundred pounds for his good behaviour,&that he will not leave the Province without License from the Assembly or Committee of Safety, nor be concerned in practices or Correspondence during his Stay, that shall be inimical to the United Colonies. ·

October 19th-At a meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, President pro tem'y.
Anthony Wayne,

John Montgomery,
George Gray,

'Thomas Wharton, jr.,
Bernard Dougherty,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Andrew Allen,

John Cadwalader, Benjamin Bartholomew, Owen Biddle. Mr. George Taylor return'd to the Board his account of the Cannon Shot supplied by him, and informed them that he should be a considerable loser by the Price at which he had contracted to deliver them; and the Board taking the Matter into Consideration, after previously consulting Mr. Grubb and Mr. Potts, Iron Masters, were of the same opinion; and therefore,

Resolved, That Mr. Taylor should be allowed at the rate of Eigbteen pounds per ton for the same.

By order of the Board, a Letter was this day wrote to the Committee of York County, and one other Letter to the Committee of Lancaster County, respecting Doct'r. Kearsley & J. Brooks' confinement in each County.

The Board agreed that Doct'r John Kearsley may be allowed a servant, at his own expence, to attend him to York Town, and during his confinement there, unless it be found necessary by the Committee of York County, to discharge him sooner.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Robert Morris, Esq'r., in favour of Robert Towers, for sixty-one pounds nineteen Shillings & two pence, being the amount of his account of Tradesmen’s

Bills, and Men employed cleaning powder, making Cartridges, Boxes, &ca.

October 20th.–At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety, apppointed by the Resolves of the Assembly of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, October 1775.

Robert Morris,

Owen Biddle,
John Montgomery,

Alexander Wilcocks,
Samuel Miles,

George Ross,
Bernard Dougherty,

George Gray,
Daniel Roberdeau,

Anthony Wayne,
George Clymer,

John Nixon,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r., Andrew Allen,
Robert White,

Samuel Morris, jun'r.,
James Mease,

James Biddle.
“In Assembly, October 1775.
". Philadelphia, ss :

“ Pursuant to a Regolve of Yesterday, the House took into consideration the Motion for reappointing the present Committee of

Safety for this Province, with the addition of certain New Members to the said Committee; and after some time spent therein,

Resolved, That Benjamin Franklin, John Dickinson, George Gray, Samuel Miles, Robert Morris, Benjamin Bartholomew, George Ross, Michael Swoope, John Montgomery, Edward Biddle, George Taylor, Barnard Dougherty, Samuel Hunter, Daniel Roberdeau, John Cadwalader, Andrew Allen, Joseph Read, Owen Biddle, Anthony Wayne, Francis Johnston, Rich'd Reiley, Nicholas Fairlamb, Samuel Morris, jun'r, 'Thomas Wharton, jr., Robert Whyte, George Clymer, Samuel Howell, Merchant, Alexander Wilcocks, John Nixon, James Mease, Henry Wynkoop and James Biddle, Gentlemen, be and they are hereby appointed a Committee of Safety for this Province during the ensuing year.

Resolved, That any seven or more of the said Committee, with the President, or in his absence the Vice President, shall be a Board for transacting any Business that may properly come before them. “A Copy from the Journals, “Signed, CHARLES MOORE,

“Cl’k of Assembly.”

Resolved unanimously, That Benjamin Franklin, Esq'r., be President, and Robert Morris, Esq’r., be Vice President, of this Board.

Upon application of Messrs. Wharton & Humpbreys, for a sum of money towards the payment of two armed Boats they built,

An order was drawn by order of the Board, on Michael Hillegas, Esq'r., in their favor for two hundred and fifty Pounds.

Upon application of Doct'r Kearsley, for a Clerk to assist him while in confinement in settling his affairs, It is agreed by this Board that he should be permitted to have one, and that the said Clerk should take the following Oath, vizt:

“You do swear that as Clerk to Doct'r John Kearsley, you will transact for and with bim, such business only as shall be necessary for the settlement of his Private affairs, and that you will not transact with him or for him any matters whatever of a public nature, or in any manner respecting the political disputes between Great Britain and the united American Colonies, and that you will to the utmost of your power, prevent the said John Kearsley from carrying on any correspondence of that nature with any person or persons whatever, And that


will make known to the Committee of Safety, any attempts that the said John Kearsley, or any other person, should make for that purpose, if the same comes to your knowledge.”

It was agreed by this Board, that Mr. Stephen Bayard should attend Doct'r John Kearsley as a Clerk, and be permitted at all times to attend him in the settlement of his private affairs, and Mr. Bayard took and subscribed the above oath.

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