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Robert Towers, Commissary, Reports, 'That agreeable to an order of the 9th inst., he has deliver'd to Philip Livingston, Esq'r., for the use of the Continental Congress, 2004 pounds of Gun Powder.

That he has sent to Lush's Powder Mill the following quantitys of damaged Powder to be made good, Vizt. : 1000 pounds Powder receiv'd from Bermuda, belonging to Congress.

10 pounds Ditto rec'd from Major Mifflin, belonging to ditto. 60 pounds Ditto Provincial Powder, rec'd from City Committee.

By order of the Board, an order was delivered to Mr. Wynkoop on Mr. Towers, Commissary, for Powder for proving the Arms made in Bucks County for the use of this Province.

Resolved, That Mr. Owen Biddle be requested to procure from George Taylor, Esq’r., the following Quantitys and Sizes of Cannon, Barr Shot, Vizt. :

20, 32 pounders. 80, 24 ditto. 160, 18 ditto.

October 13th.-At a meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, Presid't pro temp'y.

Thomas Wharton, jun'r, Andrew Allen,
Bernard Dougherty,

Daniel Roberdeau,
John Cadwalader,

George Gray. Owen Biddle, The Instructions for the Captains of the Boats were this day read by articles, most of them agreed to, and others to be re-considered to-morrow.

A Letter and Resolve was this Day receiv'd from the President of the Congress, recommending to the Assembly, or this Board, to raise at the Expense of the Continent a Battalion, for the defence of America and its Liberties, When this Board thought proper that the said Letter and Resolve should be laid before the Assembly, and they were deliver'd to Mr. Gray for that purpose.

October 14th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, Presid't pro temp'y.

Thomas Wharton, junr., Andrew Allen,
George Gray,

John Cadwalader,
Bernard Dougherty,

Daniel Roberdeau.
Owen Biddle,
By direction of he Board, an order was this day drawn on Mr
Owen Biddle in favor of Baltzer Moody, & George Garver, or order

for twenty three pounds Eight Shillings, being for 117 lbs. Salt Petre made in York County.

Agreeable to a Resolve of the 12th inst., an order was this day drawn on Michael Swoope, Esq'r. & Mr. John Hay, of York County, in favor of Colo. Turbut Francis, or order, for the use of the inhab. itants of Northumberland & Northampton Countys, for 200 Pounds of Gun Powder & 600 lbs. Lead, being part of a quantity in Store at York Town belonging to this Province, And Mr. Andrew Allen produced a Letter for the Committee of York County, which approved of.

A Gentleman who signs "Nauticus,” produced to this Board a plan of a Fire Ship for the destruction of Enemy's Ships, which was approved of, And Jr. Allen desired to Return the thanks of this Board to the author for his plan.

Upon Motion, Mr. Robert Morris is requested to apply to Mr. Bradford, and desire he will acquaint this Board as soon as possible, with any intelligence he may at any time receive respecting the safety of this Province.

Mr. Robert Towers, Commissary, is directed to Collect as fast as possible, the Fire locks and spare Bayonets in the hands of the Associators, to get them put into good order, and have Iron Ram Rods made for them; And to purchase the 7 Pair of Pistols from Francis & Tillgbam.

Upon Motion, Colo. Roberdeau was desired by the Board to wait on the Managers of the Pennsylvania Hospital, and request from them the use of that Charity for the Wounded or Sick Men employed in the Armed Boats, and for information from them how long they might depend on that benefit, and on what terms.

Colo. Roberdeau having waited on the Managers of the Hospital, Reports, That those Gentlemen very generously and readily agree to receive all Patients from the Public service, That may be recommended by this Board, and that they require no pay; but mentioned, 'That in Veneral Cases, it is usual for the Patient to pay three Pounds ten Shillings for his Cure.

Upon Motion, Resolved, That the thanks of this Board be convey'd by Colo. Roberdeau to the Managers of the Hospital for their very generous determination in favour of such as may fall sick or be wounded in the Public Service of their Country.

Robert Towers, Commissary, Reports, there is now in the State House, belonging to this Province, since last war, the following Articles, Viz':

72 Wood Canteens. 14 Jackets } Drilling & 48 Tin

10 pr. Breaches, Oznabriggs, 149 Knap Sacks.

312 pair Shoes 303 Shot pouches.

3 pair Shoe Buckles.
8 Cartridge Boxes. 12 Screw Drivers.
48 powder. Horns.

12 Worms.
50 Lock Brushes.

700 Gun slags. 225 Flints.

215 Cartridge Belts.


By Order of the Board, an order was drawn in favour of Mr. Marshall on Robert Morris, Esq'r. for three pounds, for the use of his Boat going to Reedy Island for James Carter, by order of the City Committee.

In obedience to the request of this Committee, Colo. Dickinson laid before the Congress the Case of Doctr. Kearsley & Mr. Brooks. The Congress declined making any particular order respecting them, having already formed a general resolution for Arresting & Securing such persons whose going at large may endanger the Safety of any Colony, or the Liberties of America: So that the sense of the Congress appears to be, that Doctr. Kearsley & Mr. Brooks should be closely Confined.

October 15th.- At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety At Fort Island.

ROBERT MORRIS, President pro temporary.

Thomas Wharton, jun'r, Robert White,
Owen Biddle,

Samuel Morris, jun'r,
George Grey,

Bernard Dougherty. The above mention'd members having come down in order to view the works errecting here, and to consult what other buildings may be proper, find it necessary, that the men employed on Board the Boats, should have some Convenient place under cover, for dressing their victuals and drying themselves in bad weather, while employed at or near Fort Island. Therefore, it is

Resolved, That, provided this Board obtains permission from the Provin'l. Commissioners, part of the House on said Island be partition'd off in the middle, and that a person be employed for that purpose, and to Carry up a Stack of Chimneys, and a Forge or Fire Places.

October 16th-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety,

PRESENT : ROBERT MORRIS, Presid't. pro tem'y,

Thomas Wharton, Jun'r.

Daniel Roberdeau,
George Gray,

Michael Swope,
Benjamin Bartholomew, Robert White,
John Cadwalader, Samuel Morris, jun'r,
Bernard Dougherty, Andrew Allen.

Owen Biddle, Resolved, That Mr. Dougherty & Mr. Gray apply to the Provincial Commissioners for their approbation for this Board to fit up

and erect Fire places in the House on Fort Island, and to erect what other works they find necessary for the defence of this Province, and that they apply to John Palmer to erect the works, agreeable to the Resolve of yesterday.

By order of the Board, an order was drawn on Robert Morris, Esq'r, in favour of Michael Dawson, for Nine Pounds, for his Services in delivering to the Pilots and a number of vessells at the Capes, Bay and River Delaware, the Resolves of this Committee for Regulating the Pilots.

On motion, Resolved, That six 18 pound Cannon be planted on a Platform at Fort Island, for the defence of this Province; And a Forge for heating shot be erected; That a small Magazine for the safety of Ammunition be built, And that a Company of 2 officers, a Drum & Fife & 25 men, be employed for working the said Cannon. That Mr. Saml. Morris, jun'r. & Mr. Robert White, be a Committee to see these Resolves carried into execution.

Resolved, That the above Mention'd Company consist of one Captain, one Lieutenant, one Drum & Fife, and twenty five private Men, to be immediately raised as a Company of Artillery, and that they engage to serve this Province for twelve months; or if sooner discharged by this Board or Assembly; The said officers and men are to be paid one month's pay over and above the time they shall have actually served, And that the pay of the said officers be the same as officers of the same Rank employed by the Continental Congress, and the pay of the Privates to be six Dollars # month; and that every artificer that may be enlisted, and employed in their respective Trades for the service of this Province, be allowed three shillings and nine pence per day over and above their pay.

Resolved, That the Pilots mention'd in the Resolve of the 11th inst., be desired to attend this Board to-morrow morning, 9 o'Clock, with their Proposals for their being employed in the service of this Province as pilots.

Resolved, That three Hulks be purchased, and sunk in the most convenient placos for Defence of this River; That Mr. Wharton & Colo. Roberdeau be a Committee to purchase said Hulks, And That Mr. White and Mr. Samuel Morris, fix upon the properest places for sinking them. *

The instructions for the Captains of the armed Boats were this day gone through, approved of, and are as follows, Vizt : General Instructions for the Commanders of the Provincial Armed

Boats. 1. Every Captain or other officer shall give strict attention, that the Boat he commands be kept clean and in good order at all times.

2. The officers of the Boats are to use the crew well, and to keep strict discipline among them.

3. Each Captain shall appoint all officers under the Rank of a Commission's officer, and oblige them to perform diligently the duties of their station.

4. Every Captain and other officer shall be punctual in observing the orders he shall from time to time receive from the Commodore, Committee of Safety, or Assembly.

5. No powder to be expended for exercising either Great Guns or small arms, without orders from the Commodore, Committee of Safety, or Assembly, and only Swivel Guns or Musquets to be fired for signals, except in cases of immediate danger.

6. The Commodore shall order the crews, or each Captain his respective crew, to be exercised in the use of their Oars, great Guns, small arms, and pikes, as often as possible, without impeding the public service, or harrassing the Men too much.

7. The crew not to be suffered to go on Shore, or absent them. selves from on board the Boats without leave from their officers, nor to disturb any inhabitants, or settlements, on any pretence whatever.

8. The Commodore or Commanding officer shall appoint proper Signals, copies of which shall be given to the Captain or Comman. ding officer of every Boat, to all which signals the officers are to pay due obedience and respect.

9. The Eldest officer present, where more boats are together than one, to act as Commodore, and have the Command of the whole.

10. When a Boat is below the city, the Commanding officer on board is to Examine all vessells bound up, whether the people on board are our friends or foes, and if they refuse satisfaction in these points they are to be considered as enemies.

11. The Officers of the Boats are to treat the Masters and crews of all vessells, both foreign and others, who have no hostile intentions against us, and who do not violate the Laws of the Continental Congress, or the rules and regulations of the Committee of safety or Assembly, with decency and good manners, nor are they to put them to unnecessary delay or trouble, but if any should be in distress they are to lend them all reasonable assistance.

12. A Copy of the Articles, subscribed by the officers and men, shall be hung up in some public part of the Boat, for the perusal of the crew, to whom they are to be read once every week, in an orderly manner, all the Officers, who can conveniently attend, to be present.

13. The Boats are not to leave any particular Station assigned them out of port, or when appointed to any duty, without orders from the Commodore, Committee of Safety, or Assembly.

14. The Captain of each boat shall cause his Clerk to make out a Muster Roll of the crew of the boat which he Commands, with their names, stations on board, time of entering the Service, whether they are sickly or maimed, and what is their ailment, and if any

VOL. X.-21.

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