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October 8th. --At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, President pro temp'y.
Owen Biddle,

Anthony Wayne,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r.,

Daniel Roberdeau,
John Cadwalader,

Andrew Allen,
George Ross,

Robert White. Bernard Dougherty, Resolved, That Mr. Towers, Commissary, immediately collect the Provincial Cartridge Boxes, Belts, Bayonets, &ca., that he can find, and get them put in proper order, & Report the Number & State of them to this Board.

Resolved, That Captain Peter Long be appointed Ship's Husband.

Resolved, That Mr. Wharton & Colo. Wayne be a Committee to go to the Carpenters down Town, & that Mr. Biddle & Mr. Dougherty be a Committee to go to the Carpenters up Town, and desire they would to-morrow morning assist, with all their hands, the get ting a Float and taking down to Fort Island the Machines from the Gloucester Shore.

October 9th.—At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, Presid't pro temp'y.
Daniel Roberdeau,

Andrew Allen,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r., John Cadwalader,
Owen Biddle,

George Ross,
Bernard Dougherty, George Gray.

Anthony Wayne, Mr. Wharton, Colo. Wayne, Mr. Biddle, & Mr. Dougherty, agreeable to a Resolve of Yesterday, Report that they went to the Carpenters up and down Town, and that they have muster'd a Number of hands, and gone down to Gloucester to assist floating the Machine for the obstruction of the Channel.

In Consequence of Christopher Carter's being brought to this City by order of the Committee of this City and Liberties, as a person inimical to the Liberties of America, Mr. Owen Biddle and Bernard Dougherty, as members of this Board, thought it proper to grant the following Warrant, vizt. :

“PHILADELPHIA, 8th October, 1775. . «Mr. Thomas Dewees :

“ You are requested to keep in your Custody the Body of Chris. topher Carter, in a Seperate appartment from Messrs. Kearsley,

Snowden, & Brooks, until you can Receive further directions from the Committee of Safety, and this shall be your Warrant for so doing.



“Members of the Committee of Safety." As it is found necessary that each Boat should have Hand Cuffs on Board, it is

Resolved, That the Ship’s Hushand do procure six for Each of the Boats ; And that he apply to Mr. Robert Morris, who will lend what he has for the Good of the Service.

An order was this day drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq'r., Treasurer to this Board, for one hundred pounds, in favour of Mr. J. M. Nesbitt, paymaster to the People employed on Board the armed Boats.

Several of the Captains of the armed Boats attending this Board, agreeable to orders, had directions, as an Encouragemerit for good Seamen to enter into the Service on board said Boats, to allow them such small sum in advance as a Majority of the Captains may agree on, over and above what is allowed them by this Board by the printed Pay list. And the Captains had a charge given them to push on with vigour and expedition the fitting and Manning their. respective Boats, so that they may be in readiness to oppose any Hostile attacks at a moment's warning. At the same time, they were made acquainted that Rush was appointed Surgeon & Physician to the armed Boats; that J. M. Nesbitt was appointed PayMaster, John Ross, Muster-Master; & Capt. Peter Long, Ship’s Husband.

Upon application of Continental Congress for a quantity of Gun powder, to be lent them for the use of the Army under the Command of General Schuyler,

Resolved, That this Board lend the Congress Twenty hundred Pounds of Gun Powder; an order was drawn accordingly, for the Commissary to deliver the same to the order of Congress.

Doct'r John Odell, in consequence of two Letters deliver'd this Board, by the Committee for this City and Liberties, which he had wrote to England, appear'd agreeable to his promise ; And this Board thought proper to send the said Letters to the Committee of Safety of New Jersey. And the Doctor gave his word of Honor to appear before the said Committee of Safety when required.

October 10th.- At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.


ROBERT MORRIS, Presid't. pro temp'y.
Anthony Wayne,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r,

Owen Biddle,
Bernard Daugherty,

Andrew Allen,
John Cadwalader,

George Gray.
Deliver'd Colo. Dickinson for the perusal of the Continental
Congress, A paper relative to Doct'r Kearsley's affair of the 6th of
September, under the Signature of “ Frater & Soror."

A Letter to the Right Hon'ble Charles Jenkinson, Esq'r, Signed A friend to your Friend Cariolanus."

A Letter from J. Brooks to Mr. Isaac Ler Mitte.
A Plan for Subduing America.

Upon application of Capt. Alexander for some Powder to prove his Swivel Guns; An order was drawn on the Commissary for tiro pounds for that purpose.

Doct'r Rush waited on this Board and informs that he cannot find a person that he thinks proper for the Station of Surgeon's Mate on Board the armed Boats, and that Doct'r Duffield will act with him as a Surgeon & Physician, and that they are content to take the pay of a Surgeon & Surgeon's Mate, between them, as a sufficient Sum for their Services.

Resolved, That Doct'r Duffield be appointed a Surgeon & Physician to the People employed on Board the Armed Boats; And that he and Doct'r Rush, agreeable to their own Agreement, have each 16 Dollars month for their Services.

Capt. John Moulder of Marcus Hook, not thinking himself capable of the Command of the armed Boat he was appointed to, this Day Resigned his appointment.

October 11th.—At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, Presid't pro temp'y.

Thomas Wharton, jun'r, John Cadwalader,
Owen Biddle,

Andrew Allen,
Daniel Roberdeau,

George Gray. Bernard Dougherty, The following is a List of Military Stores agreed to by the Committee of Safety for each of the armed Boats ; and the Commissary is directed to provide each of them accordingly, but if the full quan


tity of each article cannot be obtained, he is to furnish each Boat an equal proportion of what can be got. . 4 Chests Powder,

300 Musket Cartridges, 30 Round Shot,

20 Pistol

do., 10 Double Headed do., 500 Musket Balls loose, 20 Chain

2 Cohorns, 30 Grape


4 Powder Horns, 100 Swivel Round,

1 Cartridge Case, 15 Stand Small Arms,

1 Pouch Barrel, 15 Cartridge Boxes,

4 Cheeses of Wadd, 20 Cutlasses,

Some tanded Hides for the Mag10 Pikes,

azine. 10 Pair of Pistols,

Mr. Wynkoop laid before the Board the Returns of the Associators & non-Associators, in all the Townships of the County of Bucks, excepting Haycock Township, with their names, and also a list of the officers of the 1st Battalion in the said County.

Resolved, As it is necessary to keep the knowledge of the passage through the Chevaux De Frize as secret as possible, That the ten following Pilots be the only Persons permitted to Pilot Vessells through the said passage, And between this City and Chester, viz't : William Marshal,

James Roberts,
Daniel Gordon,

Nehemiah Maull,
John Schneider,

Joseph Gamble,
William Molleston,

Matthew Strong,
William Ross,

Michael Dawson.
By order of the Board, an order was deliver'd Mr. Wynkoop,
on the Treasurer of this Board, in favour of the Commissioners &
Assessors of Bucks County, drawn the 29th Sept'r, agreeable to a
Resolve of the 26th, for three hundred pounds.

October 12th-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.


ROBERT MORRIS, President, Pro. temp'y.
John Cadwalader,

Andrew Allen,
Thomas Wharton, jun.,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Owen Biddle,

Henry Wynkoop.
George Gray,
Resolved, That Capt. Thomas Moore be appointed to the Com-
mand of the Boat Hancock.

Resolved, In consequence of a Memorial from Sundry Gent'n, a Committee of Northampton County, for a quantity of Gun Powder and Lead for the use of said County, That they be supplied for that purpose with two hundred pounds Gunpowder and Six hundred pounds of Lead, out of the Magazine at York Town, And that an order be drawn on Michael Swoop, Esq'r & Mr. John Hay, for the same; That Mr. Allen write a Letter to the Committee of York County, informing them of the above Resolve.

Mr. Andrew Allen informs this Board, That the Honorable William Allen, Esq'r, generously gives for the use of this Board, the half of a quantity of Cannon Shot belonging to himself and Mr. Turner. Mr. Andrew Allen is desired to return the thanks of this Board to the Honourable William Allen, Esq'r, for his generous donation, And to purchase of Mr. Turner his half of said Cannon and Swivel Shot.

Agreeable to an order of the Board, Directions for Peter Long, Gentleman, as Ship’s Husband to the Armed Boats, was this day drawn up, approved of, and is as follows:

" In Committee of Safety. "To PETER LONG, "Gentleman :

“You are hereby appointed Ship’s Husband to the Pennsylvania Fleet, and empower'd to do all such matters and things as may be necessary for the due Execution of the said Office.

“ You are to make known to all Commanders & other officers employed in the said fleet, that they are to apply through you for all Stores and necessary's required for the Service. You are to receive their Indents or Lists of what is wanted, Report the same as often as necessary to this Committee, and when the approbation of the Board is obtained, You are to procure the sundry articles, of the best quality, each in its kind; and it is your particular Duty to buy them on the best terms in your power; You are to take each officers' receipt for the articles delivered to him, and you are to return the Bills or accounts of those you purchase for this Board, certify'd by you that the quantity's are what you received, and the prices what you agreed for, not being dearer than the Currant rates of each respective articles at the time of purchase.

“You are empower'd to inspect and inquire on board the Fleet at least once in every month, and as much oftener as you may think necessary, whether all Stores and necessary's are taken proper care off, and not neglected, wasted or embezzled, and make Report according, as you find to this Board.

This Board, being ever desirous to serve the Public faithfully, do recommend the most prudent economy in the Outfits & Supplys of the Fleet; they must have every thing necessary, but avoid all expensive Superfluitys, and in the purchase of what is wanted, give a preference to such persons as are known to be Zealous supporters of the American cause, deviding the business amongst as many of such as can be done with conveniency, and consistantly with the public good.

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