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Resolved, That Mr. Robert Morris, Mr. Thomas Wharton & Mr. Robert White, or any two of them, be a Committee to receive

all accounts, and to inspect and certify those that are right to this · Board.

This Board was furnish'd with an account from the City Committee against the Continental Congress, for the following quantitys of Gun Powder delivered them, vizt: 98 Quarter Casks powder sent to General Washington, cost,

367 10 52 ditto. sent to Ticonderoga,

195 12 Strong Hh'ds & packing a 15s & halling,

10 4

£572 14 Which powder was added to the account deliver'd by this Board to the Congress the 20th inst., in manner following: Continental Congress in account with the Committee of Safety for the Province of Pennsylvania.

DR. To 98 quarter Casks powder sent to 'Gen'l Washington by lbs the City Committee,

wt 2450 52 quarter Casks powder sent to Ticonderoga by the City Committee,


lbs. 3750

Sep. 20th, 1775, By Bal'a due Congress in Powder,
By Balance due Committee of Safety,

8031 2946)

lbs. 3750 E. E. September 25th, 1775. Capt. Spring attended this Board agreeable to a resolve of the 22d inst., and they came to a Resolve, That the said Capt. Spring be allowed the Common Storage for the Powder that now is, or bereafter may be put in the Magazine by this Committee.

September 26th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

Thomas Wharton, jr.,
Robert Morris,

Daniel Roberdeau,
John Montgomery,

Michael Swope,
Bernard Dougherty,

William Edmonds,
Samuel Hunter,

George Ross.
Owen Biddle,
Deliver'd to Lieut. Gibbs Jones, for the armed Boat Ranger, two
Brass Howitzers, which were made by Mr. King.

Deliver'd an order to Edward Chamberlain, Master at Arms, on Mr. Robert Towers, Commissary :

For 28 Muskets, made by Nicholson.

28 Cartridge Boxes, made by Binks.

20 Round of Cartridge for each Musket. Upon the application of the Committee of Correspondence of Westmoreland County, for a quantity of Powder and Lead for the defence of the Frontiers,

Resolved, That Mr. Michael Swope & Mr. John Hay of York County, do deliver to Captain Samuel Morehead of Westmoreland County, out of the Public Stock, five hundred weight of Powder & twelve hundred and fifty pounds of Lead, and that the same be placed in the hands of the Committee of Westmoreland, for the public use of said County, and the Committee are requested to take particular care that the same be not Expended but in the Public defence.

Resolver, That the Committee of said County be accountable to this Committee for the same when called upon.

Resolved, That orders be drawn on the Treasurer of this Board, in favor of the Commissioner & Assessors of each County in this Province, for the different sums as affixed to each County, being towards the Payment of arms and accoutriments they are to furnish respectively, vizt. : For Philadelphia County, £1500 For Berks County, £400 Bucks County,

300 Northampton County, 300 Chester County, 500 Bedford County,

100 Lancaster County,

600 Northumberland County, 100 York County,

300 Westmoreland County, 100 Cumberland County,

300 John Philip De Haas having presented a Memorial to this Board relative to some disputes subsisting between Colo. Grubb of Lancaster County & him, respecting the division of said Colo. Grubb's Battalion;

The Committee taking the same into consideration, Do

Resolve, That it be recommended to the Committee of Lancaster County, to hear the matter in dispute between Colo. Grubb & Major De Haas, and determine it agreeable to the regulations published by this Board for establishing Rank and precedence amongst the Pennsylvania Associators; & it is also recommended to those Gentlemen to refer their disputes to said Committee, but subject to an appeal to this Board if the parties think proper, who may agree úp. on a day to attend, most suitable to them.

September 27th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Roberdeau,
John Cadwalader,

Owen Biddle,
Samuel Hunter,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r.,
Bernard Dougherty,

Andrew Allen,
Jobo Montgomery,

Anthony Wayne,
Michael Swope,

George Ross. Resolved, That Mr. Towers, Commiss’y, alter the Cartridges that he has made for the Cannon, by decreasing the quantity of Powder to one-fourth the weight of the Ball, and the Cartridges made for the Field Pieces to be decreased to 1-5 or 1-6 the weight of the Ball, according to the Strength of the Powder.

Resolved, That Doctr Benjamin Rush be appointed Physician & Surgeon to the armed Boats, and that the Commanding Officers of the Boats be informed that they apply to him for themselves and People for Assistance in case of need.

September 29th-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin, Michael Swope,
Anthony Wayne,

Robert Morris,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r., Daniel Roberdeau,
Samuel Hunter,

Francis Johnston,
Bernard Dougherty,

Owen Biddle. John Montgomery, Agreeable to a resolve of the 26th, the orders therein mention'd to be drawn on the Treasurer of this Board, in favour of the dif. ferent Commissioners and assessors, was this day done, and signed . by the President.

An order was this day drawn on the Treasurer of this Board, in favour of the Commissioners and Assessors of York County, for one hundred and thirty-two pounds Sixteen Shillings, being towards the payment of Cartridge Boxes, &ca., made for the use of that County, which order was delivered to Michael Swope, Esq'r.

The order drawn agreeable to resolve of the 26th, in favour of the Commissioners & Assessors of York County, for three hundred pounds, was this day delivered to Michael Swope, Esq'r.

The order drawn agreeable to a resolve of the 26th inst., in favour of the Commissioners & Assessors of Chester County, for five hundred Pounds, was this day delivered to Anthony Wayne, Esq'r.

The order drawn agreeable to a resolve of the 26th inst., in favour of the Commissioners & Assessors of Cumberland County, for three hundred Pounds, was this day delivered to John Montgomery, Esq'r.

The order drawn agreeable to a resolve of the 26th inst., in favour of the Commissioners & Assessors of Northumberland County, for one hundred Pounds, was this day delivered to Samuel Hunter, Esq'r.

A Memorial to the Assembly was this day drawn up, Read, and agreed to, with an Estimate of the Moneys expended and to be expended for the use of this Province, and are as follows:

To the Honorable the Representatives of the Freemen of the

Province of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met:

" The Memorial of the Committee of Safety, Respectfully


“That the said Committee, in obedience to the orders of the House, have taken upon them the Execution of the important trust committed to them, and proceeded to such measures as appear'd to them necessary to effectuate the purposes for which they were appointed. The Minutes of their transactions, together with an Estimate of the Expences incurred for the putting this Province into a proper State of defence, are, with great deference, submitted to the Consideration of the House. From these it will appear that the Sum of Money granted by the House at their last Sessions, has been either wholly expended or remitted for the purchase of arms and ammunition. That a Considerable sum is still necessary to fulfill the engagements already made for the above purposes, and for the paying and vitualing of the Men in the Service.

“It must be obvious to the House, that much yet remains to be done to accomplish their salutary intentions, particularly if the British Ministry should obstinately persist in their present arbitrary Measures. Should this be the case, (which, from the present appearance of things, seems but to probable,) this opportunity may, perhaps, be the only one we shall be poss'd of to prepare the necessary means for the defence of our just rights, for there can be no doubt that vigorous Exertions will be made to intercept future supplies; the Committee, therefore, apprebend it to be their indispensible duty earnestly to recommend it to the House, to grant such future liberal aids, at their present sessions, as may, in their wisdom, be judged adequate to the exigencies of the Province at this very important Crisis.

“They beg leave, also, to represent to the House, that there appears to be an immediate necessity for constructing a magazine or Magazines to receive the Powder already in the Province, and such as may arrive hereafter; large quantitys are shortly expected, and there is no place where it can be stored with Safety, or any way guarded against accidents, which that article, from its nature, must be exposed to, and which it is of Considerable moment to prevent.

“The Committee having thus laid before the House the steps they have already taken, and their opinion of some measures which appear proper to be adopted, beg leave, before they conclude this report, to submit to the House a matter interesting to the public welfare.

“The Military Association enter'd into by numbers of the Good People of this Province has receiv'd the approbation of the House, & undoubtedly deserves every encouragement, as a Body of Freemen, animated by a love of Liberty, and trained to the use of Arms, afford the most certain and effectual Defence against the approaches of Slavery & oppression. It is to be wished, therefore, that this spirit could have been more universally diffused; but the Associators complain, and with great appearance of Reason, that whilst they are subjected to Expences to accoutre themselves as Soldiers, and their affairs suffer considerably by the time necessarily employed in acquiring a knowledge of the Military Art, very many of their Country Men, who have not associated, are intirely free from these Inconveniences. They conceive that where the Liberty of all is at stake, every Man should assist in its support, and that where the cause is common, and the benefits derived from an opposition are universal, it is not Consonant to Justice or Equity that the Burthens should be partial.

" The Committee, therefore, would Submit it to the Wisdom of the House, whether, at this time of general Distress and Danger, some plan should not be devised to oblige the assistance of every member of the Community. But as there are some Persons who, from their religious Principles, are scrupulous of the Lawfulness of bearing arms, this Committee, from a tender regard to the consciences of such, would venture to propose, that their Contributions to the Common Cause should be pecuniary, and for that purpose a Rate or assessment be laid on their Estates, equivalent to the expence and loss of time incurred by the associators. A measure of this kind appears to be founded on the principles of impartial Justice, caloulated to appease the Complaints which have been made, likely to give general Satisfaction, and be, of course, beneficial to the great cause we are engaged in.

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