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September 20th-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, President pro tem'y.
Daniel Roberdeau,

Andrew Allen,
Anthony Wayne,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r.,
Michael Swoope,

John Cadwalader.
Resolved, That Richard Wells, Pilot, be permitted to go to the
Capes with his Boat, with a caution to him to avoid going or being
taken on board any man-of-Warr or other British armed vessell.

Resolved, That Daniel Murphy, Pilot, be permitted to take down the River & Bay of Delaware, the Brig't. Nancy, Capt. Douglass, belonging to Messrs. Howell & Douglass; and that the said Murphy avoid going or being taken on board any Man-of-War, or other British armed Vessell.

Colo. Dickinson, agreeable to a resolve of the Congress, applyed to this board for a State of the account of Powder between this board & the Congress, when he was furnished with following account:

The Continental Congress in Account with the Committee of Safety

for the Province of Pennsylvania.

DR. 1775.

lbs. Aug't 2d.-To Sundry Casks of Powder deliver'd to Patrick Henry, Esq'r, wt.,

2044 11.-To Sundry Casks of Powder sent to General Schuyler in 1 Waggon,

2136 Sep'r 4.-To Sundry Casks of Powder sent to General Washington in 2 Waggons,

4012 To damaged powder that was receiv'd of Cap't Markoe,


Balance of Powder due the Congress,

8217 8031


CR. 1775.

lbs. July 31st.—By Sundry Casks of Powder receiv'd from Capt. Markoe, wt.,

3995 Augʻt 19.-By Sundry Casks of Powder receiv'd from Major Sam'l Niflin,


Aug’t 26.-By Sundry Casks of Powder imported in the
Lady, Capt. Ord, from Bermuda,

- 1800


N. B.—There is upwards of 7 cwt. of the powder imported from Bermuda that is not fit for use.

September 21st.–At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Daniel Roberdeau,

John Montgomery,
Anthony Wayne,

William Edmonds,
Benjamin Bartholomew, Bernard Dougherty,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r,

Samuel Hunter,
Michael Swope,

John Cadwalader. Robert Towers, Commiss'y, Reports his having receiv'd the following parcels of powder, which is stored in the Powder House.

4 half Barrels, w't, 200 lbs., 6 quarter Do. 150

-350 lbs. from Oswald Eve. 3 quarter Do. 75 lbs. from ditto, being part of the dam

ag'd powder belonging to the Congress.

September 22nd.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, President Pro tempore.
Owen Biddle,

Anthony Wayne,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r, George Ross,
Daniel Roberdeau, Andrew Allen,
Michael Swope,

John Montgomery. Resolved, That John Lambert, a Pilot, be permitted to pilot down the River and Bay of Delaware, from New-Castle, the Ship Peace and plenty, Capt. McKenzie, and he is warned by this Committee to avoid going or being taken on board any Man of War, or other British armed Vessells.

Resolved, That Luke Shields be permitted to take his Boat down to the Capes, and there to lay her up.

Resolved, That Mr. Towers, Commiss'y, keep the Key of the Powder Magazine in bis possession, and that he suffer no person to enter it, but those that are necessary to Employ therein ; And that be desire Capt. Spring to attend this Board, that he may be treated with for the hire of the Magazine.

Major Rogers having arrived in this city from England, and being on half pay in the British Army, this Board think it necessary that he should be taken prisoner. Colo. Roberdeau, at the request of this Board, accordingly gave directions to Capt. Bradford to take the sail Major Rogers a prisoner, and bring him before them.

And Colo. Ross wrote to the Congress to have their directions what they would have them to do with him.

Capt. Bradford, according to directions, brought Major Rogers prisoner to this Board, but not having an answer from the Congress it was thought proper that he should give his word of Honor to ap. pear before this Board to-Morrow Morning, 9 o'clock, which word he accordingly gave.

Mr. Samuel Slade, who lately came from England, was brought before this Board by Capt. Loxley, and charged with his being frequently observed to take an account of the Cannon & Carriages in the State House Yard, and has made inquiries respecting the different constructions of Machines, Boats, &ca., for the defence of this Province; this Board having examined him, and perused several of his papers and Letters, which he produced for his vindication, are of opinion that he had no bad intentions in making the above in. quiries; therefore, gave directions for his being released, with a Charge to him that he inform this Board when he intends to leave this Province.

Resolved, That Captain Samuel Davidson be appointed to the Command of one of the Armed Boats.

Resolved, That Mr. Thomas Savage be allowed Seven Shillings & Six pence day for his Services, from the 18th of July to this 22nd Inst., being 66 days, amounting to £24 15s, for which an order was drawn in his favour on Mr. Robert Morris.

September 23rd-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

Benjamin Bartholomew,
John Montgomery, ,

Robert Morris,
Bernard Dougherty,

Thomas Warton, jun'r.,
Samuel Hunter,

Owen Biddle,
Andrew Allen,

Daniel Roberdeau. Michael Swope, In answer to what Col’o. Ross wrote yesterday to the Con. gress, respecting Major Rogers, this Board was furnish'd with the following Resolve, viz't:

"In Congress, 22nd September, 1775. " Resolved, That in case the Committee find nothing against Major Rogers, except that of his being a half pay officer, that he be discharged, on giving his Parole not to take up arms against the Inhabitants of America, in the present Controversy between Great Brittain and America. "A true Copy from the Minutes. Signed,


Major Rogers, agreeable to his word of Honor yesterday, attend. ed this Board, and in consequence of the above resolve of Congress, this Board took the following Parole, viz't:

" I, Robert Rogers, Major on half pay in his Majesty's army, a Prisoner in the Custody of the Committee of Safety for the Province of Pennsylvania, and being kindly treated and protected by them, and enlarged on Parole, Do hereby solemnly promise & engage, on the Honor of a Soldier and Gentleman, that I will not bear arms against the American United Colonies in any manner whatever, during the present contest between them and great Britain, and that I will not in that time attempt to give intelligence to General Gage, the British Ministry, or any other person or persons, of any Matters relative to America.

“Signed, ROBERT ROGERS, Major."

A greeable to the request of Major Rogers, he was furnished with a Copy of his parole, and the following Certificate, viz't:

These are to certify to all persons to whom these presents may appear, that the above writing is a true Copy of the Parole of Honor given by the bearer, Major Rob't Rogers, to the Committee of Safety for the Province of Pennsylvania; it is therefore recommended to such persons, that the said Major Rogers be permitted to pass where his business may lead him, without any

hindrance or molestation." An order was drawn and signed by the president on Robert Morris, in favour of Joseph Sims, for three pounds fifteen shillings, being for 25 lb. Salt Petre.

Resolved, That Edward Chamberlain be appointed Master-atArms, and Armourer for the armed Boats, and that he be allowed fourteen Dollars H Month for his services.

Deliver'd an order to Cap't Hamilton, on Robert Towers, Commiss'y : For 2 Cartridges for a 24 pounder.

24 ditto for Musketts. Resolved, That Colo. Cadwalader & Mr. Samuel Morris, be a Com. mittee to examine the Cartridge Boxes, Knapsakes, &ca., that are made for the use of this County, and if they are made agreeable to the patterns, That they give orders to the Commissary to receive them into Store.

September 25th-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

SAMUEL MORRIS, jun'r Presid't Pro. tem.

Thomas Wharton, jun'r, Daniel Roberdeau,
Owen Biddle,

William Edmonds,
Michael Swope,

John Dickinson. John Cadwalader, Resolved, That Isaac Rotch, Pilot, be permitted to Pilot down the River and Bay of Delaware, the Brig't Sally Warren Lisle, Nichol, Mr., which vessell put into Christian in distress, the said Isaac Rotch, Pilot, is caution'd to avoid going or being taken on board any Ship of War, or other British armed Vessell.

The Committee of York County having purchased the following quantity of Gunpowder & Lead, which is secured by them in York Town, for the security and defence of this Province, Vizt:

£ d 49 Quarter Casks powder, wt. 1225 lbs. which cost 178 14 0 3770 lbs Lead,

cost 69 6 5 Carriage from Philad'a to York Town,

11 6 6

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£259 6 11

Resolved, That this Committee take the above mention'd Powder & Lead, purchas'd by the Committee of York County, for the use of this Province, at the price the same was purchased at by them, And that Mr. Michael Swope, a Member of this Committee, & Mr. John Hay, a Commissioner of said County, be appointed to see that the said Powder & Lead is properly secured. And that Mr. Michael Swope have an order on the Treasurer of this Board, for the amount of the same. Agreeable thereto, an order was drawn of this date on said Treasurer, for the said sum of two hundred and fifty-nine pounds six shilliugs and eleven pence, and signed by Samuel Morris, jun'r, President Pro. Tem.

Resolved, That George Jackson, Pilot, be permitted to Pilot down the River and Bay of Delaware the Sloop Adventure, Benj'n Clark, M’r, and he the said Pilot, is hereby caution's to avoid going or being taken on board any Ship of war, or other British Armed Vessell.

Resolved, That an order be drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq., Treasurer to this Board, in favor of Mr. Robert White, for the sum of two thousand Pounds, being towards the payment of the building the armed Boats and Chevaux de Frize, which order was accordingly drawn and signed by Samuel Morris, Pres'dt pro. tem'y.

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