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That the Boat Built by Samuel Robins, be called the Ranger, & that Capt. James Montgomery take the command of her.

Resolved, That the Boat Built by John Rice, be called the Dick. enson, And that he, the said John Rice take the Command of her. That the Boat built by

Eyres, be called the Congress, And that Capt. John Hamilton take the Command of said Boat.

Resolved, That Mr. John Nesbitt be appointed Pay Master to the Officers and Men to be employed on board the Armed Boats, and that he be allowed thirty Dollars 8 month for his services, and that this Committee pay for the Books, paper, &ca., that he may have occasion for in said service.

Resolved, That the Wages of the Lieutenants to be employed on Board the Armed Boats, be increased to fourteen Dollars H Month.

Resolved, That Mr. Benjamin Thompson be appointed Lieutenant to the Armed Boat called the Experiment.

September 15th. -At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,"

Thomas Wharton, jun'r.,
Robert Morris,

George Ross,
William Edmonds,

John Cadwalader,
Daniel Roberdeau,

George Gray. Samuel Morris, jun'r., Commissions were this day signed by the President for the following Gentlemen as Captains, and dated as follows, viz’t : No. 1. July 17, 1775, for Henry Dougherty, of the Washington. 2. 18, for John Rice,

Dickenson. 3. 24,

for Charles Alexander, Chatham. 4. Aug't 1,

for Nicholas Biddle, Franklin. 5. 2,

for John Hamilton, Congress. 6. 3, for Allen Moore,

Ellingham. 7. 31,

for James Montgomery, Ranger. Resolved, That an order be drawn on Mr. Robert Morris in favour of Jno. Nicholson, for One hundred and fifty-eight pounds, fifteen shillings, being for the payment of 28 Firelocks for the use of the armed Boats, and eleven pattern Guns sent to the Commis. sioners and Assessors of each County in this Province, which order was accordingly drawn and deliver'd Mr. Nicholson.

A letter was this day wrote to the Committee of York County, respecting the associators, signed by the president and sent # Jos. Elliott.

Sent this day by Joseph Elliott & John Williams, 50 Articles of Association & Recommendation for the Committee,

Lancaster Co'y. 50 ditto

& do for the Committee, York County. Resolved, That Mr. Gibbs Jones be appointed a Lieutenant of the Armed Boat Ranger, Commanded by Capt. James Montgomery.

September 16th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

Robert Morris,
William Edmonds,

George Gray,
Daniel Roberdeau,

John Dickinson,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r.,

Robert White,
Samuel Morris, jun'r..

John Cadwalader.
Sent to Henry Wynkoop, for the use of the Associators in
Bucks County:

50 Articles of Association & Recommendation,

50 ditto in the Dutch Language, The Board came to sundry resolves, viz't:

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee, That all Pilots of the Bay and River Delaware, ought to use their utmost endeavours to avoid going or being taken on Board British ships of war or armed vessels, during the present struggle for Liberty.

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee, that all Pilots of the Bay and River Delaware, ought to lay up their Boats on or before the 20th day of September inst., and cautiously avoid going on any navigable water or other place on Land or Water, where they may probably fall within the power of British Men of War, armed Vessells or Boats, or within the Power of Men Landed from such.

Resolved, That ang Pilot or other person who shall conduct or bring any British Man of war, Armed Vessell, Boat or other Craft, up the Bay of Delaware, shall, on being released from that service, forthwith repair to this Committee, there to prove by such means as may be in his power, that he was compelled by force into that service, and such pilot or other person not appearing to this Board within five days after his first Landing, unless

put on shoar at too great a distance, shall be considered as having Voluntarily performed the said service.

Resolved, That any pilot, or other person acting as a Pilot, in Delaware Bay & River, who shall refuse or neglect to lay up bis Boat or Craft, or who "shall put himself in the way of being for. cibly taken on board the King's Ships,or who shall voluntarily serve, or

offer to serve or instruct them in the navigation of the said Bay and River, shall on proof thereof made to this Board, be deemed an Enemy to American Liberty, a Traytor to his Country, and as such published and held forth to the Public.

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee, that the Pilots of the Bay and River Delaware should remain on shore at Cape Henlopen or Cape May, until such Merchants Vessells as arrive send their Boats on shore for a Pilot, when one may repair on Board, provided there is not any Man of War in sight, or in the said Bay and River, but if there is, the Captains of such Merchantman must do the best they can for the safety of their Ships, as no Pilots must go on Board in such Case.

Resolved. That it is the opinion of this Committee, that the owners of such Ships as are brought up during the time these resolves remain in force, ought to allow such reasonable additional Pilotage as the Board of Wardens may fix, towards bearing the Pilots expence down to the Cape by Land.

F. Resolved, That it is necessary for this Board to be constantly and early informed when any Men of-War, armed Vessells, Boats or Crafts arrive at the Capes of Delaware; and therefore, That Mr. Henry Fisher, of Lewis Town, be appointed on this service, for which a Reasonable Reward, proportioned to his trouble, loss of time, and actual expences, shall hereafter be allowed him. And that the following be his instructions:

Instructions from the Committee of Safety at Philadelphia, To

Mr. Henry Fisher at Lewis Town. You are immediately to repair down to Lewis Town, and remain there constantly, (until discharged from this service,) for the purpose of giving advice to this Board of Every Brittish Man of-War or armed Vessel that may arrive at the Capes of Delaware. We deliver you herewith, an order from the Board of Wardens to the keeper of the Light House, directing him to make such signals by Day and Night, on discovering any Ship or Vessell standing in for the Land as you and he may agree on, and you must immediately repair to the properest place for discovering what they are, and when you are convinced of the arrival of one or more Men of-War intending up this River, you are to send us advice thereof, either by Land or Water, as you conceive best, mentioning the number of the Enemy Ships, and their force and manner of proceeding, as nearly as you can ascertain these circumstances; when you send intelligence by water, you should avoid sending Pilots, or persons that can serve as Pilots to the Enemy, least they fall within their power.

F. Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee, that the Buoys in the Bay of Delaware ought to be taken up immediately, and that the Wardens of the Port be desired to give orders for its.

VOL. X.-22.

being done, and to give orders to the keeper of the light to make such Signals by Day or night, as Mr. Henry Fisher and he may agree on, upon seeing Vessells Standing inwards.

F. Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee, that Six Six pound cannon be lent to the inhabitants of Lewis Town and Pilot Town, near Cape Henlopen, with Ammunition for the Same, to defend themselves from any Hostile attacks; they giving Security to return the Cannon on demand, and in expectation that the Committee of Safety for the three Lower Counties will repay the quan'tity of Ammunition, or its value in Money, in a reasonable time.

Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Committee, that if any Pilot, or Pilot Boat, should be wanted for especial or particular purposes, during the time these Resolves remain in Force, application should be made to this Board, who will grant a Certificate to the Pilot or Person employed, on finding the Public good is connected with his Service.

Resolved, That Mr. White & Mr. R't Morris, apply to the Board of Wardens for the taking up the Buoys, agreeable to the preceding Resolutions.

Colo. Roberdeau & Colo. Cadwalader are requested to borrow Six Six pound Cannon, and to give an assurance to the person who will lend them, that they shall be returned in good order; or, in case they Should sustain any Damage, or be lost, that this Board will pay such damage or loss; And that the said Guns be provided with a proper quantity of ammunition, the whole being lent to the Inhabitants of Lewis Town and Pilot Town, for their defence.

The President gave an order on Mr. Robert Morris, in favour of Robert Towers, for £11 18s. 31, being for 79 lbs. Salt Petre, which he has purchased and Stored.

Resolved, That Colo. Dickinson and Colo. Cadwalader be a Committee to draw up a Memorial to the Honorable House of Assembly, setting forth the necessity of their granting a further sum of Money, And Recommending the building Magazines in some convenient place.

Resolved, That Mr. Samuel Morris and Mr. Robert White, furnish an Estimate of the Cost of the Boats and Chevaux de Frize.

Resolved, That Mr. Robert Morris and Mr. Tho's Wharton furnish an Estimate of the cost of Powder, Salt petre, Fire Arms, &ca., that they have purchased and sent for.

Mr. John Ross, Merchant, made application to this Board to be appointed Muster Master of the officers and Men to be employ'd on board the armed Boats, and informs this Board that he will undertake, for the good of the Service, to do the said duty of Muster Master, Gratis.

Resolved, That Mr. Ross be appointed Muster Master, agreeable to the preceding minute.

The President gave an order on Mr. Robert Morris, in favor of Mr. Duff, for three pounds seventeen Shillings.

And an order on Mr. Morris, in favor of Stocker & Wharton, for the sum of two hundred & Sixty-one pounds Seventeen Shillings & 9d., for Sundry Medecines.

Deliver'd Mr. Henry Fisher his instructions from this Board, and the Resolves of this day, marked F.

September 19th-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

ROBERT MORRIS, President pro tem'y.
John Cadwalader,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r.,
Robert White,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Sam'l Morris, jun'r.,

George Ross. Resolved, That Capt. John Moulder be appointed to the Command of one of the Armed Boats.

Resolved, That Capt. James Blair be appointed to the Command of one of the Armed Boats.

Resolved, That Capt. Robert Eyres be appointed to the Com. mand of one of the Armed Boats.

Resolved, That the following Gentlemen be appointed Lieutenants on board the Armed Boats :

Jeremiah Simmons,
Jobo Chatham,
James Allen,

George Garland. Robert Towers, Commiss’y, Reports his having receiv'd & stored the following articles, Vizt. : 788 Round Shot,

18 pounders.

Receiv'd from Mr. 168 ditto,

24 ditto. George Taylor, stored 77 ditto,

32 ditto. at the State House. 794 pounds Salt Petre, Purchased of Meminger & Dorsey.

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