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Major French made application that he might take with him the Packages that came in Capt. Curwin, for the use of the 22nd & 40th Regiment, as well those directed to the different Officers in Boston, which was refused him, the same being included in the Resolves respecting the Cloathing, &c., intended for the use of the Army in Boston.

Resolved, That the list of Medicines recommended by the Physicians of the Hospital, that may be had in this place, be approved of, and that Mr. Bass furnish them for the use of the 600 Men to be employed on board the Armed Boats, and that Mr. Bass put up said Medicines in convenient Boxes, and keep them in his possession till further orders.

August 15th.--At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

George Gray,
Thomas Wharton, jun.,

Robert White,
Robert Morris,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Andrew Allen,

Owen Biddle, Anthony Wayne, Upon application of Messrs. Mead & Coy, who produced a Letter from the Purser of the Nautilus, for the supplying him with Soap, Candles, & Port Wine, for the use of said ship, it was allowed that they might supply them with the following quantity, vizt:

1 Hhd. Port Wine.
4 Cwt. Candles.

1 Cwt. Soap. Mr. Owen Biddle produced an order from the City Committee, signed by George Clymar, for the Lead & Flints they have in their possession, which order was delivered to the Commissary, with directions to make a return to this Board of the quantity of each article he should receive.

Capt. Willing & Capt. Wharton offer'd their Services to this Board to attend Major French, Ensign Rotton & Voluntier McDer. mot, to the Camp of General Washington, on Condition of their Expenses being paid, which offer was accepted of.

VOL. X.--20.

August 16th.--At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety,

Benjamin Franklin, Robert White,
Daniel Roberdeau,

Robert Morris,
Anthony Wayne, Benjamin Bartholomew,
Thomas Wharton, jun.

Andrew Allen,
Owen Biddle,

Samuel Morris, junr.
George Gray,

George Ross. Major French was furnish'd with a Copy of the Instrument of writing signed by him the 12th inst, with the Copy of his request, and this Boards resolve in Consequence thereof of this day-ride below.

As it is thought necessary that this Board should have a security for the two soldiers that is with Major French, he was desired to sigu the following engagement, Viz't:

The Committee of Safety for the Province of Pennsylvania, bav. ing permitted William Goldthorp, a Private in the 22nd Regiment, and Alexander Allen, a Private in the 45th Reg., to accompany me to General Washington's Camp, I Pledge my Honor that I will use my best endeavours to surrender them to the said General; that I will take all the care in my power to prevent their misbehaving themselves, or giving any intelligence injurious to the American Cause. Dated 16 August, 1775, and Signed,


Major Brittish Army. Major French was furnished with a copy of the above.

Mr. Robert Towers made a return of the powder received & stored as follows, viz't. From Oswald Eve,

575 lbs. Powder, stored in New Goal. From the Committee of the City & Liberties

50 do.

ditto. From Ditto.

800 do. stored in Powder House. From Ditto.

1100 do. stored in Germantown.

2525 Ibs. A Letter of Instructions was wrote and signed by Doctr Frank lin, for Capt. Richard Willing & Capt. John Wharton, who go with the Officers taken - Prisoners, by Stage on Tuesday morning next.

August 17th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris,
Anthony Wayne,

George Gray,
Daniel Roberdeau, George Ross,
Benjamin Bartholomew, Robert White,
Owen Biddle,

Andrew Allen. Samuel Morris, jun'r, The Committee appointed by the 2nd resolve of the 3rd inst. for drawing up Rules and regulations for the associations produced the same, and after several amendments, were agreed to and order'd to be transcribed.

August 18th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r,
Benjamin Bartholomew, Samuel Morris, jun'r,
Daniel Roberdeau,

George Gray,
Owen Biddle,

George Ross,
Anthony Wayne,

Robert White. Robert Morris, The Articles of regulations, &ca. for the Associators, was this day taken into further consideration, and after some amendments, was ordered to be again transcribed.

Joseph Fox, one of the Commissioners for this County, waited on this Board, acquainting them that it was found impossible to get completed in any reasonable time, the Firelocks for this County, unless it be permitted that they make use of such Locks as they can procure.

Resolved, That this Board take the same into their consideration.

August 19th. -At a Meeting of Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Robert Morris,

Owen Biddle,
Andrew Allen,

George Gray,
Samuel Morris, jun'r,

Robert White,
Thomas Wharton, jun'r, John Dickinson,
Robert Towers, Com’ry, Reports his having received the follow-
ing articles, which he had stored :

5 half Barrels Gun Powder,
5 quarter Barrels ditto.

wt. 250 lbs.

125 “

375 lbs

Received from George Lush, and stored in the New Goal.

12,000 Flints, received from the Committee of the City

5 cwt. Lead, and Liberties. Stored in State House.

Deliver'd an Order to Mr. Towers, to Major Sam'l Mifflid, for the Powder that came this day in Capt. Ferris, which is to be put into the Powder House.

Mr. Towers is desired to remove the Powder that is now in the Goal into the Powder House, and see that proper Guards are fixed.

The Articles for regulating the Associators were transcribed, and this day read and approved of, and are as follows :

Articles of Association of Pennsylvania.

“We, the officers and soldiers, engaged in the present association for the defence of American Liberty, being fully sensible that the Strength and Security of any Body of Men, acting together, consists in just regularity, due subordination, and exact obedience to command, without which no individual can bave that confidence in the support of those about him, that is so necessary to give firmness and resolution to the whole, Do Voluntarily and Freely, after consideration of the following articles, adopt the same as the Rules by which we agree and resolve to be Governed in all our Military concerns and operations untill the same, or any of them, shall be changed or dissolved by the Assembly, or Provincial Convention, or in their recess by the Committee of Safety, or a happs reconciliation shall take place between Great Britain and the Colopies :

1st. If any Officer make use of any profane Oath or execration, when on duty, he shall forfeit and pay for each and every such Of. fence, the Sum of Five Shillings. And if a Non-Commission'd Officer or Soldier be thus guilty of cursing or Swearing, he shall forfeit and pay, for each and every such offence, the Sum.of One Shilling

2nd. “Any Officer or Soldier who shall refuse to obey the Law. full orders of his Superior-Officer, may be suspended from doing duty on that day, and shall upon being convicted thereof before a Regimental Court Martial, make such concessions as said Court Martial shall direct.

3rd. “Any Officer or Soldier who shall begin, excite, cause, join in, or promote any disturbance in the Battalion, Troop or Company, to which he belongs, or in any other Battalion, Troop or Company, shall be censured according to the nature of the offence, by the judg. ment of a Regimental Court Martial.

4th. “Any Officer or Soldier who shall strike his Superior-Officer, or draw or offer to draw, or shall lift up any Weapon, or offer any Violence against him, being in the execution of his office, shall, upon conviction before a Regimental Court Martial, be dismissed, and shall be deemed to be thereby disgraced as unworthy the Company of Freemen.

5th. “Any Commanding or other Officer who shall strike any person when on duty, shall, upon conviction before a General Court Martial, be in like manner dismissed and disgraced.

6th. “Any Officer, non-Commissioned Officer or Soldier, who shall make use of insolent, provoking or indecent language while on duty, shall suffer such censure or fine as shall be inflicted by & Regimental Court Martial, according to the nature of the offence.

7th. “ If any Officer or Soldier should think himself injured by his Colonel, or the Commanding Officer of the Battalion, & shall upon due application made to him, be refused redress, he may com. plain to the General of the Pennsylvania Associators, or to the Colonel of any other Battalion, who is to summon a General Court Martial, and see that justice be done.

8th. “If any inferior Officer or Soldier shall think himself in. jured by his Captain, or other Superior Officer in the Battalion, Troop or Company to which he belongs, he may complain to the Commanding Officer of the Regiment, who is to summon a Regimental Court Martial, for the doing Justice according to the Nature of the case.

9th. “No Officer, Non-Commission'd Officer or Soldier shall fail of repairing with their arms, ammunition and accoutrements upon any regular alarm, or at the time fixed, to the place of parade or other rendevous appointed by the Commanding Officer, if not prevented by Sickness or some other evident necessity, or shall go

from the place of parade without leave from the Commanding Officer before he shall be regularly dismissed, on penalty of being fined or censured according to the nature of the offence, by the sentence of a Regimental Court Martial. But no officer or soldier shall be obliged to attend to learn the Military Exercise more than once in a week.

10th. “Any Officer or Soldier found Drunk when under Arms, shall be suspended from doing duty in the Battalion, Company or Troop on that day, and be fined or censured, at the discretion of a Regimental Court Martial.

11th. “What ever Centinel shall be found Sleeping upon his post, or shall leave it before he is regularly relieved, shall suffer such penalty or disgrace as shall be ordered by a Regimental Court Martial.

12th. " Whatever Commission'd Officer shall be convicted before 3 General Court Martial, of behaving in a Scandalous or infamous

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