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July 28th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris,
Francis Johnston,

George Gray,
Anthony Wayne,

Joho Cadwalader.
Owen Biddle,
Agreeable to the 1st Resolve of the 18th July, Colo. Roberdean
deliver'd to this Board two Lists of Medecines received from the
Physicians of the Hospital, upon which it is,

Ist. Resolved, That Mr. Robert Morris wait on Mr. Robert Bass with said list, and request that he would point out what Medecipes may be best imported from Holland and Cadiz, and what may be purchased with Conveniency in this City, and that Mr. Robert Morris undertake to import such Medecines as may be pointed out to be imported from Holland and Cadiz, in the most expeditious manner.

Doct'r Franklin delivered to this Board a Letter from Capt'n Soba MacPherson, offering his Services for the Defence of this Country, for which Doct'r Franklin is desired to return the thanks of this Board to Cap'n MacPherson.

2nd. Resolved, That the Resolves of the Continental Congress of the 18th July instant, be entered on the Minutes of this Board, which are the following:

"In Congress, July 18th, 1775.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Inhabitants of all the United English Colonies in North America, that all able Bodied effective Men, between Sixteen and Sixty years of age in each Col. ony, immediately form themselves into regular Companies of Militia, to consist of one Captain, two Lieutenants, one Ensign, four Sergeants, four Corporals, one Clerk, one Drummer, one Fifer and about Sixty-Eight Privates.

"That the Officers of each company be chosen by the respective Companies.

“ That each Soldier be furnished with a good Musket that will carry an Ounce Ball, with a Bayonet, Steel Ramrod, Worm priming Wire, and Brush fitted thereto, a cutting Sword or Tomahawk, a Cartridge Box that will contain twenty-three rounds of Cartridges, twelve Flints and a Knap Sack.

“ That the Companies be formed into Regiments or Battalions, Officer'd with a Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, two Majors, an Adjutant or Quarter Master.

“ That all Officers above the Rank of a Captain be appointed by their respective Provincial Assemblies or Conventions, or in their

Recess by the Committees of Safety appointed by said assemblies or Conventions.

“ That all Officers be Commission'd by the Provincial assemblies or Conventions, or in their Recess by the Committees of Safety appointed by said Assemblies or Conventions.

"That all the Militia take proper care to acquire Military Skill, and be well prepared for Defence, by being each Man provided with one pound of good Gunpowder, and four pound of Ball fitted to his Gud.

“That one-fourth part of the Militia in every Colony be selected for Minute Men, of such persons who are willing to enter into this necessary Service, formed into Companies & Battalions, and their Officers chosen and Commission'd as aforesaid, to be ready on the shortest notice to march to any place where their assistance may be required for the defence of their own or a neighbouring Colony, and as these Minute Men may eventually be called to action before the whole body of the Militia are sufficiently trained, it is recommended, that a more particular and diligent attention be paid to their instruction in Military Discipline.

“That such of the Minute Men as desire it, be relieved by new Draughts as aforesaid, from the whole Body of the Militia, once in four Months.

“As there are some People who from Religious Principles cannot bear Arms in any case, this Congress intend no Violence to their Consciences, but earnestly recommend it to them to Contribute Liberally, in this time of universal calamity, to the relief of their distressed Brethren in the several Colonies, and to do all other services to their oppressed country, which they can consistently with their Religious principles.

"That it be recommended to the assemblies or Conventions in the respective Colonies to provide as soon as possible sufficient Stores of Ammunition for their Colonies; also that they devise proper means for furnishing with arms such effective Men as are poor and unable to furnish themselves.

July 28th.-" That it be recommended to each Colony to appoint a Committee of Safety, to superintend and direct all matters Necessary for the Security and Defence of their respective Colonies, in the recess of their assemblies and Conventions.

« That each Colony, at their own expence, make such provision by armed Vessels, or otherwise, as their Respective Assemblies, Conventions, or Committees of Safety, shall judge expedient and suitable to their circumstances and situations, for the protection of their harbours and navigation on their Sea Coasts, against all unlawful invasions, attacks, and depredations from Cutters and Ships of War.

“That it be recommended to the makers of arms for the use of the Militia, that they make good substantial Muskets, with Barrels three feet and a half in length, that will carry an Ounce Ball, and fitted with a good Bayonet and Steel Ram Rod, and that the making such Arms be encouraged in these United Colonies.

"Where in any Colony a Militia is already formed, under Regulations approved of by the Convention of such Colony, or by such assemblies, as are Annualy elective, we refer to the discretion of such Convention, or Assembly, either to adopt the foregoing regulations, in the whole or in part, or to continue their former, as they on consideration of all Circumstances shall think best.

"A true Copy from the Minutes,

“Signed, CHARLES THOMSON, Sec'y."

Resolved, That the following Advertisement be published in the different News Papers in this City:

“ Committee of Safety

“PHILADELPHIA, 28th July, 1775. “ WHEREAS, The Continental Congress, have by their Resolves of the 18th instant, recommended that all Officers above the Rank of a Captain, be appointed by their Respective Provincial Assemblies or Conventions, or in their Recess by the Committees of Safety, appointed by said Asseinblies or Conventions.

“ The Committee of Safety appointed by the Assembly of Pennsylvania, do, therefore, request the Committees of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, and of the several Counties in this Province, to make a Return to the Committee of Safety at Philadelphia, of all the Officers of the Military Association, in order that Commissions may be made out for them, agreeable to the above Resolves of the Continental Congress.

"And the several Committees are farther requested to make a Return to the Committee of Safety, of the Number of the Associators,

" Signed by order of the Committee.

“(Signed) B. FRANKLIN, President."

July 29th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

Daniel Roberdeau,
Samuel Morris, jun.,

John Cadwalader,
Andrew Allen,

Robert White,
Thomas Wharton, jun., Owen Biddle,
The Gentlemen of this Committee, who went to View the River
with some of the Committee of Gloucester County, Report:

That the Committee of said County were entirely satisfied with the propriety of fixing the frames opposite the upper end of Hog Island, in preference to Billingsport.

July 31st.–At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

Andrew Allen,
Samuel Morris, jun.,

Robert White,
Thomas Wharton, jun.,

Owen Biddle.
Robert Morris,
Mr. William Bigland waited on the Board with a Draught of a
Rowing Wheel which he proposed to have fixed to the Provin-
cial Row-Boats.

Colo. Roberdear is desired to return him the thanks of this board for his Communication.

Messrs. Robert Morris, Robert White & Thomas Wharton, jun'r., are desired to borrow of the Wardens of the Port such a Sum of Money as the Wardens can lend them for the use of this Committee, and the Board will give them sufficient security for the repayment of it.

The form of a Commission for the Officers of the Military Association was produced and approved, being as follows:

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"The Honorable Continental Congress, having recommended in their Resolves of the 18th July, 1775, That in the recess of the provincial Assemblies or Conventions, the Officers of the Military Association for the defence of American Liberty, should receive their Commissions from the respective Committees of Safety appointed by said Assemblies or Conventions, in pursuance thereof.We, reposing especial trust and confidence in your Patriotism, Valour, Conduct and Fidelity, do by these presents constitute and appoint you to be

of the Battalion

in the County of

associated for the Defence of the liberties of America, and for repelling every Hostile invasion thereof. You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the Duty of

by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto belonging, and we do earnestly recommend to all Officers and Soldiers under your Command to be obedient to your Orders as And you are to observe and follow such orders and directions as you shall receive from the Assembly or Procincial Convention, during their Sessions, or from this or a future Committec of Safety for this Province, or any other your Superior Officers, according to the Rules and Discipline of War, in pursuance of the trust reposed in you. This Commission to continue in Force untill revoked by the Assembly or Provincial Convention or by this or any succeding Committee of Safety.

“By order of the Committee." :

Mr. Hulings sent a Model of a boat, which was approved of, and Capt. White is desired to return the thanks of this Board to Mr. Hulings for the same.

August 1st. - At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

Benjamin Bartholomew,
Owen Biddle,

Samuel Morris. jun'r.,
Robert White,

Robert Morris.
Thomas Warton,

Andrew Allen,
Richard Reiloy,

John Cadwalader. The Committee appointed yesterday, to borrow a sum of Money from the Wardens of the Port, Report, That Mr. Peter Reeve, Treasurer to the Wardens, will lend this Committee the sum of thrce thousand five hundred pounds.

Resolved, That the Members present sign a Promisary Note, payable on demand, to the said Peter Reeve, for the said sum of Three Thousand and five bundred pounds, borrowed of him, which Note was signed accordingly.

Resolved, that the Colonels of the different Battalions in this City be requested to order a Night Guard over the Powder in the New Goal, and a Guard on Sundays, at the same place.

Resolved, That Cap't., Nichalos Biddle be appointed to the Command of the Boat called the Franklin, now building by Emanuel Eyres. And that Cap't. John Hammilton be appointed to the command of the Boat called the Congress, now building by Eman'l Eyres. And that Cap't. Dougherty, now Commander of the Boat Experiment, be removed to the Boat called the Washington, now building by Mr. John Wharton.

And that Allen Moore, Lieut, of the Boat Experiment, be appointed Commander of the said Boat.

August 2nd.–At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

Thomas Wharton, jun'r.,
Owen Biddle,

Robert Morris,
Benjamin Bartholomew, Daniel Roberdeau,
Francis Johnston,

John Cadwalader,
Richard Reiley,

Robert White,
Samuel Morris, jun'r., George Gray.
Mr. Robert Morris Reports : That he has receiv'd three thousand
and five bundred pounds from Mr. Peter Reeve, Treasurer to the

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