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June 30th, 1775. Philadelphia, 88:

1. Resolved, That this House approves the Association entered into by the good People of this colony for the Defence of their Lives, Liberties, and Property.

2. Resolved, That if any Invasion or Landing of British Troops, or others, shall be made in this or the adjacent Colonics, during the present controversy, or any Armed Ships or Vessels shall sail up the River Delaware in an Hostile manner, and such Circumstances shall render it expedient, in the Judgment of the Committee hereafter to be appointed, for any number of the Officers and Private Mien of the Association within this Colony, to enter into actual Service for repelling such Hostile attempts, this House will provide for the pay and necessary Expences of such Officers and Soldiers performing such military Duty while in such actual Service.

3. Resolved, That the Pay of the Officers and Privates while in such actual Service, shall not exceed that of the Army raised by the Congress of the United Colonies for the Defence of the Liberties of America.

4. Resolved, That this House do earnestly recommend to the said Board of Commissioners and Assessors of the City and County of Philadelphia, and of each County in this Province, that have not already made the Provision hereinafter mention'd, and they are hereby enjoined, as they regard the Freedom, Welfare, & Safety of their Country, immediately to provide a proper number of good, new Firelocks, with Bayonets fitted to them ; Cartridge Boxes, with twenty three Rounds of Cartridge in every Box, and Knapsacks, not less than 1500 of each article, for the City and County of Philadelphia; 300 for the County of Bucks; 500 for the County of Chester; 600 for the County of Lancaster; 300 for the County of York; 300 for the County of Cumberland; 400 for the County of Berks; 300 for the County of Northampton; 100 for the County of Bedford; 100 for the County of Northumberland ; & 100 for the County of Westmoreland; to be under the care of the Commanding Officers of the Battalions of the said Counties, for the immediate use of such Officers and Soldiers as shall be drafted from the Battalions from time to time, for actual service. And the said Commissioners and Assessors shall produce their Accounts for furnishing the arms and accoutrements aforesaid to the Committee hereinafter appointed,

*Note.-See votes of Assembly, Vol. VI., page 593.

which being approved of by the said Committee, they shall draw Orders on the Treasurer for the payment thereof; And he is hereby enjoined to pay the same out of the Bills of Credit to be emitted by the resolution of this House.

5. Resolved, That this House do earnestly recommend to, and enjoin the Officers and Committees of each County in this Province, to select a Number of Minute Men, equal to the Arms, &c., provided for the same, to be in readiness upon the shortest notice, to March to any Quarter in case of emergency.

6. Resolved, That the Firelocks to be provided as aforesaid, be of one Bore, with Steel Rammers, well fitted to the same, and that Patterns of the said Firelocks, Rammers and Bayonets, be immediately made in the city of Philadelphia, and sent to the different Counties.

7. Resolved, That Provision be made for defending this Province, and the City in particular, against the Attacks of Armed Vessels that may be sent to annoy them.

AND WHEREAS, the safety of a country greatly depends on hav. ing within itself the Means of Defence, and it appears that suffi. cient quantities of Salt Petre may be collected, not only for Defence, but for other Purposes :

8. Resolved, That the sum of twenty pounds be paid for every hundred weight of good merchantable Salt Petre that shall be made and manufactured within this Province, and delivered to the Com. mittee hereinafter named, within the space of three Months from this time, and that the sum of Fifteen pounds be paid for every hundred weight of good merchantable Salt Petre that shall be made and manufactured within this Province, & delivered to the said Committee within three Months next following, and so in Proportion for any greater or lesser quantity.

9. Resolved, That John Dickinson, George Gray, Henry Wynkoop, Anthony Wayne, Benjamin Bartholomew, George Ross, Michael Swoope, John Montgomery, Edward Biddle, William Edmunds, Bernard Daugherty, Samuel Hunter, William Thompson, Thomas Willing, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Roberdeau, John Cadwalader, Andrew Allen, Owen Biddle, Francis Johnson, Richard Reiley, Samuel Morris, jun., Robert Morris, Thomas Wbarton, jun., & Robert White, Gentlemen, be a Committee of Safety for calling forth such, and so many of the Associators into actual Service when Necessity requires, as the said Committee shall judge proper. For paying and supplying them with necessaries while in actual Service. For providing for the Defence of this Province against insurrection and Invasion, and for encouraging and promoting the manufacture of Salt Petre ; which said Committee are here: by authorized and empowered to draw orders on the Treasurer, herein appointed, for the several purposes above mentioned.

10. Resolved, That any seven or more of the said Committee shall be a Board for transacting the Business aforesaid, or any part thereof.

And for carrying the foregoing Resolutions into Execution, it is

11. Resolved, That Bills of Credit, to the Value of Thirty-five Thousand Pounds, shall, on or before the first day of August next; be prepared and printed upon good Strong Paper, under the care and Direction of George Gray, William Rodman, Joseph Parker, and Isaac Pearson, Esqrs., or any three of them, at the Charge of the Public, to be defrayed out of the said Bills, which Bills shall be made and prepared in manner & form following, to wit:

According to the resolves of the Assembly of Pennsylvania, made on the 30th day of June, in the fifteenth Year of the Reign of His Majesty George the Third, dated at Philadelphia, the 20th day of July, 1775.

And the same Bills shall have such like Escutcheons and Devices as the said George Gray, Joseph Parker, William Rodman, & Isaac Pearson, shall think fit, each of which Bills shall be of the several and respective Denominations following, and no other, Viz:

Seven thousand of the same bills, the sum of Forty shillings in each of them; seven thousand of the same Bills, the sum of thirty shillings in each of them; Seven thousand of the same Bills, the sum of twenty shillings in each of them; and seven thousand of the same Bills, the sum of ten shillings in each of them.

And the said George Gray, Joseph Parker, William Rodman, and Isaac Pearson, shall use their best care, attention and Diligence, during the Printing the said Bills, that the Number and and amount thereof, according to their respective Denominations aforesaid, be not exceeded, nor any clandestine or fraudulent Practice be used by the Printer, his servants, or other Persons concerned therein.

Resolved, That the said George Gray, Joseph Parker, William Rodman, and Isaac Pearson, or any three of them, after the said Bills are Printed, shall deliver them to the signers, to be signed and numbered by parcels, for which they shall take Receipts.

Resolved, That Sharp Dolany, Lambert Cadwalader, Isaac Howell, James Meas, Adam Hubley, John Benezet, Samuel Cadwalader Morris, Thomas Prior, Godfrey Twells, John Meas, John Purviance, and William Allen, junior, or any three of them, shall be the signers of the said bills.

Resolved, That when the same Bills shall be signed and Numbered, they shall be delivered to Michael Hillegas, Esq., hereby appointed Treasurer, who shall give his Receipt for the same, & therewith pay off and discharge all such Drafts and Certificates as sball be made by Order of Assembly, or the Committee aforesaid.

Resolved, That the said Treasurer shall give Bond, with two sufficient securities, to John Morton, and Charles Humphreys, Esqrs., in the sum of Ten Thousand Pounds, for the faithful discharge of the trust reposed in him.

And for the more certain paying, redeeming, discharging, and sinking the said Bills of Credit hereby emitted,

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