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To Edward Duffield, for his Care of the State House
Clock for six months,

10 0 0 To David Ritten house, for do. do.

10 0 0 To Joseph Fox, Esq'r, his Salary as Barrack Master, 2000 To Do. as H Acco't

3 0 9 To William Bowsman, his Salary as do. for Lancaster, 7 0 0 To Do. as Acco't,

3 90 To Edmund Physick, Esq'r, as Keeper of the Great Seal,

12 6 0 To William Parr, Esq'r, as Master of the Rolls, F Acco't,

0 0 0 To Messrs. Hall & Sellers, for printing Laws, Proclamations, &c as Acco't,

• 124 1 0 To the Estate of David Hall, late Deceased,

7 17 0 To William Sheed, Serjeant-at-Arms, for bis Services to the House

10 0 0 To Do. as Door keeper to the Council, 30 times @ 2s. ,

3 15 0 To And'w M'Nair, for his Attendance as Doorkeeper to the House, & Disburs’ts,

25 9 7 To Henry Miller for printing Votes, &co, as P Account 317 12 6 To Hugh & George Roberts, as p'r Acco't,

2 2 8 To Israel Pemberton, his Acco’t for Indian Expences, 10 10 9 To the Committee appointed to view the River Schuyl.

kill, 20 Days @ 88. p'r Diem, & Expences, - 9 0 0 To Joseph Ogden, as Acco't for Committee for viewing Schuylkill,

1 0 5 To Samuel Taylor, for Bookbinding,

50 12 0 To Jacob Myers, for Draughts of Bridges, &cam 15 0 0 To the Overseers of the Poor of Philad'a for the Neutrals,

- 100 0 0 To Arthur Donaldson, for a Machine for cleaning Docks, &o.

- 100 0 0 To John Reed, for his Map of the City & Liberties of Pbilad'a,

25 0 0 To Richard Mason, for unspiking Cannon,

16 7 6 To William Thompson, Esq'r, for the Payment of the

Troops employed by Government for defending the

- 759 1 71 To Do. for his Service as Paymaster, &c, .

. 60 00 To William Dewees, Esquire, as Acco't,

. 16 90 To John Palmers, Acco’t for Expences for the Com. missioners appointed to view the River Schuyl.

8 7 7 To Caleb Parry, for ditto,

4 1 0 To Shutes' Acco't for repairing the State House,

34 15 41 To John Reed, as # Acco't,

15 1 6 To George and Hugh Roberts, as P Acco't,

4 17 9


To John Morton, Esq'r, for Postage of Letters,

7 6 To Thomas Dewees, for apprehending Andrew Stewart, 30 0 0 To the Committee of Assembly appointed to settle the

Acco't for raising and paying the Rangers, &c*, 20 0 0 To Michael Hillegas, Esq'r, for Extra Services, 75 0 0 To Joseph Galloway, Esq'r, for his Certificate of last year, not paid,

75 0 0 To the Honorable John Penn, Esq'r, for Indian Expences,

. 100 0 0

The Board then resumed the Consideration of the Bill for the Support of the Government and payment of the public Debts, and there appearing no Objection to it, The Governor returned it to the Assembly by the Secretary with his Assent.

Two Members of Assembly immediately afterwards waited on the Governor, and requested to know at what Time His Honor would be pleased to receive the House, in order to pass the Bill which had received his Assent; to which the Governor answered, that he would be in the Council Chamber in a Quarter of an Hour for that purpose.

Eodem die, 12 o'Clock.

The Governor being in the Council Chamber, sent a Message to the Assembly by the Secretary, to acquaint them that he required their Attendance there, in order to enact into a Law the Bill to which he had given his Assent. The whole House immediately attended, and the Speaker presented to the Governor the following Bill, which His Honor enacted into a Law, and signed a Warrant for affixing the Great Seal thereto. The Law was afterwards sealed and deposited in the Rolls Office, and is entituled as follows, Viz":

“An Act for the Support of the Government of this Province, and Payment of the Public Debts."

The Speaker then, in behalf of the House, presented the Gover. nor with a Certificate for five hundred Pounds towards his Support, for which His Honor returned the House his Thanks.

MEMORANDUM, 5th October, 1775.

The Secretary having, by the Governor's Direction, prepared a Draft of a Proclamation, offering a Reward of fifty Pounds for apprehending and securing in some Gaol of this Province a certain Fleming Elliot, who stands charged with the Murder of John Faughnar, late of Chester County, Pedlar, pursuant to a Resolve of the House of the 30th of September last, requesting His Honor to issue one for that Purpose, the Governor this day issued the same accordingly, and ordered it to be published in the several News Papers. The said Proclamation follows in these words, viz :

"By the Honourable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governor and Com

mander-in-Chief of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Counties of New Castle, Kent, and Sussex on Delaware:


“WHEREAS, I have received Information that on the Sixteenth day of last Month, a certain John Faughnar was robbed and inhumanly murdered on the Highway near the Red Lion, in Uwchland Township, in Chester County; And Whereas, a certain Fleming Elliot stands charged on Oath, with the perpetration of the said Robbery and Murder, and it is necessary for the safety and well being of His Majesty's Subjects, that the authors of such atrocious and inhuman Crimes should be brought to condign and exemplary punishment, I have thought fit, by and with the advice of the Council, to issue this, my Proclamation, hereby strictly enjoining and requiring all Judges, Justices, Sheriffs, Constables; and other Officers, as well as all other His Majesty's Subjects within this Province, to make diligent Search and enquiry after the said Fleming Elliot, and to use all possible Means for apprehending and securing him, that he may be proceeded against according to Law.

"And I do hereby promise and engage that the Public Reward of Fifty Pounds shall be paid to any person or Persons who shall apprehend and secure the said Fleming Elliot in one of His Majesty's Gaols of this Province, so that he be prosecuted to Conviction. Given under my Hand and the Great Seal of the said Province, at

Philadelphia, the fifth day of October, in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, and in the fifteenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord, George the third, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth.

" JOHN PENN. “By His Honour's Command. "JOSEPH SHIPPEN, Jun" Secretary.


At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Thursday 5th October, 1775.

The Honorable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governor.
William Logan,
Benjamin Chew,

} The Returns of Sheriffs and Coroners for the Counties of Philadel. phia, Chester, Bucks, Berks, and New Castle, being made, were laid before the Board and duly considered, and the following Persons were Commissionated as Sheriffs and Coroners for their respctive Counties, Viz" :

Names of Counties. Offices.

Names of Officers.

Sheriffs' Sureties.

Robert Shannon, City & County Sheriff

, William Dewees,

Joseph Potts, of Philadelphia. Coroner, Robert Jewell.

William Coates. Chester.

Sheriff, Nathaniel Vernon, Robert Pennell,
Coroner, Joh Bryan, Nicholas Fairlamb.

Sheriff, Samuel Biles, Gilbert Hicks, Bucks.

Coroner, George Fell, Amos Strickland. Berks.

Sheriff, Henry Vanderslice, Adam Whitman,

Coroner, Peter Brecht, John Bishop
New Castle.

Sheriff, John Clarke,
Coroner, Joseph Sted ham.

MEMORANDUM, October 6th, 1775.

The Returns of Sheriffs and Coroners for the Counties of Lan. caster, Northampton, and Kent, being made, the Governor appointed and commissionated the following Persons as Sheriffs and Coroners for their respective Counties, Viz":

Names of Counties. Offices. Names of Officers.

Sheriffs: Sareties.


Sheriff, John Ferree,
Coroner, Samuel Boyd,
Sheriff, Henry Fullert,
Coroner, Jonas Hartzell,
Sheriff, Philip Barret,
Coroner, Jonathan Sipple.

Isaac Ferree,
Peter Ferree.
Peter Kachlein,
Harman Schnyder.



MEMORANDUM, 9th of October, 1775.

The Returns of Sheriffs and Coroners for the County of Cumber. land being now made, the Governor was pleased to commissionate the following Persons as Sheriff and Coroner of the said County, Viz:


Names of Officers.

Sheriffs' Sureties.

Cumberland 2 Sheriff, Robert Semple,

County. Coroner, James Pollock,

Robert Gibson,
William Moore.

MEMORANDUM, 10th October, 1775.

The Return of Sheriffs and Coroners for York County being now made, the Governor was this Day pleased to Commissionate the following Persons as Sheriff and Coroner for that County, Viz':

Offices. Names of Officers.

Sheriffs' Sureties.

York County, } |Coroner, Joseph Adlem,

Sheriff, Charles Lukens, James Dill,

|James Rankin.

MEMORANDUM, 12fth of October, 1775.

The Governor was this day pleased to commissionate the following Persons as Sheriffs and Coroners of their respective Counties, Viz':

Names of Counties. Offices. Names of Officers.

Sberiffs' Sureties.


2 Sheriff, James Piper,

Coroner, John Stilwell,

Sheriff, William Scull,
Coroner, Samuel Harris,

Sheriff, Dorman Lofland,

Coroner, Samuel Draper,

B. Dougherty, Eso
John Piper, Esq"
William Plunket,
Samuel Hunter.

Council Chamber, October 17th, 1775.

A Committee of the Assembly waited on the Governor yesterday, and acquainted him that pursuant to the Charter and Laws of the Province, a Quorum of the Representatives had met, and proceeded to chuse their Speaker, and desired to know when and where

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