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the Inhabitants of Martinizó, which was read, and follows in these Words, Viz':

" To the Honourable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Gov

ernor and Commander-in-Chief of the Province of Pennsylvania, and three lower Counties of New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, on Delaware.

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The Petition of Dominique Du Casse, Master of the Schooner

Mary, belonging to Martinico, now in the Port of Philadelphia, Humbly Sheweth:

“That on or about the Sixteenth day of June last, your Petitioner sailed from the Island of Martinico, bound on a Voyage to Miquilan. That in Prosecution of the said Voyage he met with very hard and severe Gales of Wind, attended with very great and heavy Seas, in which the said Schooner, thro' Violent Strain. ing, was rendered very leaky, and made it impossible for him to proceed on the said Voyage, and your Petitioner was under the necessity of coming into this Port of Philadelphia, in order to repair his said Vessel, the Particulars of all which appears by your Petitioners Protest, duly made since his arrival bere, herewith exbib. ited to your llonor. He therefore prays your Honour to permit bim to repair the said Schooner, and sail from this Port of Philadelphia in prosecution of his said intended Voyage, And Your Petitioner, as in Duty bound, will ever pray, &c;


At the same Time was laid before the Board the Captain's Protest referred to in the above Petition, and the Board taking the said Petition and Protest into Consideration, and finding upon due Examination and Enquiry, that the Facts set forth in them are true, It is Ordered that the said schooner be examined, and the necessary Repairs made on her, and that She be then permitted to prosecute her intended Voyage, provided that she takes on board no Goods, Wares, or Merchandize whatsoever. Messieurs Merediths and Cly. mer are appointed to inspect the repairing of the said Schooner, and to transact the Business relating to her

as Factors or Agents for the Master, during his continuance in this Port.

It being judged necessary to make an Addition to the Magistracy of Northumberland County, the Governor was this day pleased to issue a special Commission, appointing the following Gentlemen Justices of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and of the County Court of Common Pleas for the said County of Northumberland, vizt: Samuel Maclay,

Evan Owen,
John Simpson,

John Weitzell
Robert Robb,

Henry Antes.

MEMORANDUM, 8th August, 1775.

The Governor was this Day pleased, upon the Recommendation of one of the members of Council, to issue a special Commission, appointing John Clarke, Esquire, a Justice of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace and of the County Court of Common Pleas for the County of Bucks.

MEMORANDUM, at New Castle, Saturday 20 September, 1775.

The Honorable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governor.

, . The Assembly having met on the 21st of August, pursuant to adjournment, proceeded to Business, and during their sitting presented to the Governor for his Concurrence, four Bills entituled as follows, Viz':

“An Act for continuance of a former Act entituled 'A Supplementary Act to an Act entituled An Act for regulating Elections, and ascertaining the Number of Members of Assembly".

“An Act for the more effectual ascertaining and fixing the limits of the several Counties within this Government, and for remedying some Inconveniences that may arise by the late Establishment of the Boundaries and Divisional Lines between the same and Maryland."

"A Supplement to an Act entituled An Act to enable the owners and Possessors of several Tracts of Meadow Marsh and Cripple on Augustine Creek and Silver Run, in New Castle County, to make and keep the Banks, Dams, Canals, and Sluices in Repair, and to raise a Fund to defray the Expence accruing thereon.'

“An Act for emitting the Sum of thirty thousand Pounds in Bills of Credit on Loan, and providing a Fund for the Payment of public Debts."

The said Bills were duly read and considered, and returned to the House by the Secretary, with a Verbal Message that the Gov. ernor gave his Assent to the three first mentioned, and with the following Amendments made to the Bill for emitting £30,000 in Bills of Credit on Loan, &cViz" :

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The Assembly thereupon held a Conference with the Governor, and mentioned their Objections to the Amendments; but after hearing His Honor's Reasons for not agreeing to the Bills, without having a Participation in the Disposition of the Interest Money to arise from the Money emitted on Loan, the House thought proper to accede to the proposed amendment.

Eodem Die, P. M.

A Committee of Assembly waited on the Governor with a Mes. sage from the House, requesting to know when and where he would be pleased to receive the House in order to pass the Bills. His Honor having answered that he was ready to receive the House immediately at his Lodgings, they accordingly attended there, and the Speaker presented the four Bills agreed on, which the Governor enacted into Laws, signed a Warrant for affixing the Great Seal thereto, and directed the Secretary to accompany two Members of Assembly to see them Sealed and deposited in the Rolls Office.

The Speaker, then, in behalf of the House, thanked the Goverpor for his Care and Diligence in attending the Business of the Government, and delivered him Orders on the Trustees of the Loan Office for £105, for which The Governor returned the House his thankful Acknowledgments.

The Governor having taken into Consideration the State of the General Commission of the Peace for Sussex County, and finding it necessary to make some addition thereto, His Honor was this Day pleased to issue a special Commission, appointing the following Gentlemen Justices of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace and of the County Court of Common Pleas for the said County of Sussex, Viz':

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MEMORANDUM, 20th September, 1775.

A Committee of two Members of the Assembly waited on the Governor, and acquainted him that a Quorum of the Representatives had met pursuant to adjournment, and were ready to receive any Business bis Honor might have to lay before them. To which the Governor replied that he had no Business at present to lay before the House.

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Thursday 21st September, 1775.

The Ilonorable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governor.
William Logan,

Andrew Allen,
Benjamin Chew,

Edward Shippen, Jun. Esquires. James Tilghman,

The Governor laid before the Board a Transcript of the Record of a Court of Oyer and Terminer, held at Chester, for the County of Chester, by which it appears that James Willis was convicted of Felony and Murder, committed on the Body of a certain Daniel Culin, and had received Sentence of Death for the same; and the Judges of the said Court having reported no Circumstances in favor of the Criminal, it was the Opinion of the Board that the Sentence of the Court should be executed upon him on Saturday the thirtieth of September Instant, and the Governor issued a Warrant for that Purpose accordingly.

The Governor having received Imformation from the Prothonotary of Bedford County, that a Man is confined in the Gaol of that County for the murder of his Master's Child, and that as the Gaol is very insecure, it is apprehended he may make his Escape before it may be convenient for the Judges to go up to try him, The Board advised the Governor to appoint special Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer for that Purpose; and the Governor accordingly issued a special Commission of Oyer and Terminer, directed to Arthur S' Clair, Bernard Dougherty, and George Woods, Esquires, to hold a Court at Bedford, for the trial of the said Criminal.

The Governor, by the Advice of the Board, also directed a Com. mission to be made out, Re-appointing Thomas Willing, Esquire, third Justice of the Supream Court of this Province.

Ata Council held at Philadelphia, on Wednesday 27th September, 1775..

The Honourable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governor.
Richard Peters,

James Tilghman,
Benjamin Chew,

Edward Shippen, Jun"; } Esquires. The Governor laid before the Board a Bill for the support of the Government of this Province, and Payment of the Public Debts, which being read, The Governor sent a Verbal Message to the House by the Secretary, requesting them to furnish him with a List of the Draughts and Certificates intended to be discharged by the said Bill, which was referred to further Consideration.

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Saturday 30th September, 1775.

The Honorable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governor.
Richard Peters,
Benjamin Chew,

A Committee of Assembly having yesterday brought up to the
Governor a List of the Certificates and Incidental Expences of
Government, intended to be discharged by the Bill for the Sup-
port of the Government and payment of the Public Debts, and
being read over, it follows in these words, Viz':


Incidental Expences for the Year, 1775.


To the Honorable John Penn, Esquire, Governor and
Commander, &c

£1,000 0 0
To the Honorable John Penn, Esq'r, for sundries
Bala. of bis Acco't,

35 11 11 To Benjamin Franklin, Esq'r, Agent for this Province in London, Stg.,

- 266 13 To Benjamin Chew, 'Esq'r, Chief Justice of this Province,

- 400 0 0 To John Lawrence, Esq'r, one of the Assistant Judges,

- 200 0 0 To Thomas Willing, Esq'r, do. for part of the Year, - 20000 To John Morton, Esq'r, one of the Assistant Judges, 200 0 0 To Andrew Allen, Esq'r, his Salary as Attorney General,

75 00 To Thomas Mifflin, Esq'r, for Service on Committee of Acco'ts, 1 day,

10 0 To Michael Hillegas, Esq'r, for his Service on Com'ee of Accounts, 21 days at 10s per Diem,

10 10 0 To Isaac Pearson, Esq’r, for ditto, 21 Days,

10 10 0 To George Gray, Esq'r, for ditto, 21 Days,

10 100 To Benjamin Chapman, Esq'r, for ditto 18 Days, 900 To Samuel Rhoads, Esq'r, for ditto, 5 Days,

2 10 0 To Charles Moore, Esq'r, for his Attendance as Clerk

of the House, and for transcribing and engrossing
Laws, &ce,

0 0 0
To Abel James, for his Services as Assistant Clerk, 30 00
To Joseph Shippen, Esq'r, bis Salary as Clerk of the

30 0 0
To Do. for his Acco't of Postage of Letters in public

12 14 41 To Do. for Stationary for the use of the Gov'r Proclamations, &c.

18 3 0

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