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and settled by the said Parties, to be and for ever remain the Boundaries and Division Lines between the said Provinces and Counties, have been run by Commissioners for that Purpose appointed and authorized by the said respective Proprietors, and marked out in exact conformity to the said Articles, with visible Stones, Pillars, and other Land marks, as by the said Articles and Decrees, and the Return of the said Commissioners, under their Hands and Seals, and an exact Plan or Map of the Lines, so as aforesaid by them run and marked, may at large appear: And Whereas, in the Year 1771 a joint Petition was preferred to His present most gracious Majesty, by the said Frederick Lord Baltimore and the Proprietaries of the said Province and Counties, reciting the above mentioned Articles and Decrees, and setting forth that their Commissioners were then proceeding in the Work; that they the said Proprietors were desirous, as much as in them lay, to quiet the Minds of all His Majesty's Subjects inhabiting in the lately disputed Parts of the said Provinces and three lower Counties, and to promote the Peace and Welfare those Parts; and in order to give a further Testimony of their firm Agreement, and that a final end and Period had been put to all their Contests and Litigations by the said Agreement of 1760, they, by their said Petition, most humbly prayed his Majesty that he would be most graciously pleased to give His Royal Allowance, Ratification and Confirmation of the several and respective Articles of Agreement, and enrolled Decrees above mentioned, and every Article, Clause, Matter, and Thing in them, and each of them contained, and that the same might be for ever established between them, Whereupon His Majesty, by his Order in Council, dated the eleventh day of January, 1769, was pleased to signify his Royal Approbation of the said Agreements and Proceed. ings mentioned in the Petition of the said Proprietaries; Whereof, as well the Proprietaries of the said Provinces, as all others whom it might concern, were ordered to take notice, and govern themselves accordingly, as by the said Petition and Royal Order may more at large appear. I have therefore thought fit, by the advice of the Council, to issue this my Proclamation, to publish and make known all and singular the Premises to all whom it may concern, hereby · requiring all Persons dwelling and residing to the Northward and Eastward of the Lines and Boundaries so as aforesaid run and marked under the aforesaid Articles and Decrees, between the Province of Maryland and the Counties aforesaid, and to the Northward of the said Lines and Boundaries, as aforesaid, run and marked between the Provinces of Maryland and Pennsylvania, as far to the westward as the Province of Maryland extends, to yield obedience to the Laws of the said Province and Counties, and govern themselves according thereto. And I do also require all Magistrates, Sheriffs, and

other Officers of Justice, appointed or to be appointed, in the said Province and Counties, to put in Execution the respec

tive Laws thereof against all Offenders within the Lines and Limits aforesaid, as they will answer the Contrary at their Peril. Given under my Hand, and the Great Seal of the said Province

of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, the fifteenth day of September, in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy. four, and in the fourteenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth.

" JOHN PENN. By his Honor's Command. “JOSEPH SHIPPEN, Jun" Secretary."


“N. B. The Land Office is not yet open for taking up Vacant Lands in the Lower Counties, or receiving Application for the same. Whenever it is thought proper to open the Office for that Purpose, public Notice thereof will be given.”

MEMORANDUM, 20th September, 1774.

A Committee of Assembly waited on the Governor, and acquainted him that the House had met pursuant to adjournment, and desired to know if His Honor had any Business to lay before them; to which the Governor replied that he had nothing at present to recommend to their consideration, but if any thing occurred during the present Session, he would communicate the same to the House by a Message.

MEMORANDUM, 24th September, 1774.

The Governor this day sent the following Message to the House by the Secretary, Viz':

A Message from the Governor to the Assembly.

6 Gentlemen :

“As it does not appear to me that the Causes of the unhappy Indian Disturbances are yet at an End, but on the contrary, that the Governor of Virginia is still prosecuting an Expedition against the Shawanese, I cannot avoid recommending to your Consideration the Expediency of keeping the Troops employed by this Government, or at least a part of them, in pay, till our Affairs upon the Frontiers may happily have a more favorable Aspect.

" JOHN PENN. “September 24th, 1774.

MEMORANDUM, 27th September, 1774.

The Governor was this day pleased to issue a Special Commission, appointing James Ewing, William McClean, Thomas Latta, William McCaskey, and Josiah Scott, Esquires, Justices of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace and of the County Court of Common Pleas for the County of York.

James Tilgbman, } Esquires.

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Thursday 29th September, 1774.

The Honorable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governor.
Richard Peters,
Andrew Allen,

A Committee of Assembly waited on the Governor, and presented him a Bill entituled “ An Act for the Support of the Government of this Province and payment of the public Debt;" As also, as List of the Draughts and Certificates intended to be discharged by the said Bills, which were laid before the Board and read, and the Bill being approved, was ordered to be returned to the House by the Secretary with the Governor's Assent.

Eodem die, P. M.

The Secretary carried to the House the Bill above mentioned, and at the same time, acquainted them, by the Governor's Direction, that His Honor would be in the Council Chamber at a half past five o'clock, in order to enact the same into a Law.

A Committee of Assembly waited on the Governor, and delivered him the following Message from the House, in Answer to His Honor's Message of the 24th Instant, Viz":

A Message to the Governor from the Assembly. “May it please your Honor:

“The House taking into their consideration your Message of yesterday, recommending the Expediency of keeping up the Troops employed by this Government, or a Part of them, have agreed to continue one hundred Men, Officers included, until the meeting of the next Assembly, and have recommended it over to that Assembly to make Provision for their Support and Maintainance,

“Bigned by Order of the House.

« JOSEPH GALLOWAY, Speaker. “September 29th, 1774."

VOL. X.-14.

Eodem die, Council Chamber, 1 past 5 O'Clock, P. M.

The Governor being in the Council Chamber, sent a Message to the Assembly by the Secretary, to acquaint them that he required their Attendance there, in order to enact into a Law the Bill to which he had given his Assent. The whole House immediately attended, and the Speaker presented to the Governor the following Bill, which His Honor enacted into a Law, and signed a Warrant by affixing the Great Seal thereto. The Law was afterwards sealed, and deposited in the Rolls Office, and is entituled as follows, Viz' :

“An Act for the Support of the Government of this Province, and payment of the Public Debts.”

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Wednesday 5th October, 1774.

The Honourable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governor.
William Logan,

Andrew Allen,
Benjamin Chew,

Edward Shippen, jun” Esquires. James Tilgman,

The Returns of the Elections of Sheriffs and Coroners for the Counties of Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks, Lancaster, Berks, Northampton, New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, being made to the Governor, were laid before the Board; but before they were taken into Consideration The Governor acquainted the Board that he had received a Complaint from the Custom House Officers of this Port against William Dewees, Esquire, Sheriff of this City and County, for refusing to give his Aid and Assistance to Richard Swanwick, Commander of His Majesty's Schooner King George, in making a Seizure of a considerable Quantity of foreign Šugars, which had lately been taken from on board the Schooner Felicity, Allan Moore Master, from the Island of Hispaniola, and deposited in the Stores of Jeremiah Warder, without having been first entered in His Majesty's Customs, or the Duties thereof paid before they were landed, notwithstanding the said Swanwick had produced to the Sheriff a Writ of Assistance from the Chief Justice commanding the said Sheriff to give his Aid and Assistance in the Premises.

At the same Time the Governor laid before the Board the Deposition of the said Richard Swanwick in support of the said Complaint.

The Sheriff was thereupon called in, and desired to make an Answer to the Charges alledged against him in the said Deposition. To which he replied that he was entirely innocent, and could produce to them sufficient Proofs of his Innocence, and therefore prayed that he might have Time 'till to-Morrow for that Purpose, which was allowed him.

The Consideration of the Returns for the City and County of Philadelphia was therefore deferred, and the Board proceeded to consider the Returns for the other Counties above mentioned, and the following Persons were appointed and commissionated as Sheriffs and Coroners for their respective Counties, Viz" :

Names of Counties. Offices.

Names of Officers.

Sheriff's Sureties.





Sheriff, Nathaniel Vernon, Robert Pennell &
Coroner, John Bryan, Nicholas Fairlamb.
Sheriff, Samuel Biles, Gilbert Hicks &
Coroner, George Fell, Henry Krewson.
Sheriff, John Ferree, Isaac Ferree.
Coroner, Samuel Boyd, Peter Ferree.
Sheriff, Henry Vanderslice, Adam Whitman.
Coroner, Peter Brecht,

John Bishop.
Sheriff, Henry Tulbert, Peter Kachlein.
Coroner, Jonas Hartzell, Jacob Orndt.
Sheriff, John Thompson,
Coroner, Joseph Stedman,
Sheriff, John Cook,
Coroner, Caleb Furbce,
Sheriff, Dormon Lofland,
Coroner, Lyttleton Townsend,


New Castle,



At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Thursday 6th October, 1774.


The Honorable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governor. Benjamin Chew,

Andrew Allen, James Tilghman,

Edward Shippen

, Junior, } Esquires. William Dewees Esquire, Sheriff, appeared at the Board and laid before them the Depositions of John Clark, William Morris, and himself taken before a Magistrate respecting his Conduct in the affair wherein Richard Swanwick has charged him with misbeha. viour in his office. The said Depositions being read and duly considered, it appeared to the Board that the Charge against Mr. Dewees was founded on a misapprehension between Mr. Swadwick and Mr. Dewees, and that the latter had fully vindicated himself against that charge, and therefore they advised the Governor to continue him in Commission as Sheriff ; At the same Time, the Governor acquainted him that it was his Duty upon all Occasions to give the most speedy and effectual Assistance to the Officers of His Majesty's Customs, in the Execution of their office, and enjoined him for the future to defer all Civil Business of his Office

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