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[And the said A. B. doth further covenant and agree with the said C. D. to make such corrections and amend. ments to each and every future edition of said work, as shall appear, (or as shall be suggested by faid C. D.) to him, previous to the printing of the same, to be necessary and useful.]

And the said C. D. on his part, for himself, his heirs, executors and administrators, doth hereby covenant and agree to pay to the said A. B. on or before day of the sum of in manner following, (that is to say) &c. And they do further covenant and agree to pay and deliver to the said A. B. or his order copies well bound and lectered, out of every edition not exceeding

hundred copies they shall print, and so in proportion for any edition of a larger number.

In teitimony, whereof, the parties aforesaid, have hereunte interchangeably set their hands and seals the day above written.

Signed, &C.


Minutes of Agreement on a Sale of Wheat.

EMORANDUM, It is agreed by and between M

E. F. of, &c. and G.H. of, &c. that he the said G.4. in consideration of three hundred quirters of wheat fold to him this day, by the said E.F. and by him agreed to be delivered to thie faid G H. free of all charges and expenses whatsoever, on or before, &c. next, shall and will pay or cause to be paid to the faid E. F. or bis assigns within three months after such delivery the sum of, &c. And the said E. F. in consid. eration of the agreement aforesaid, of the said G H. doth promise and agree on or before, &c. aforesaid, at his own proper expense, to send in and deliver to the faid G. H. or his assigns the said three hundred quarters of wheat, fo fold to him as aforesaid, and that he the said E. F. shall and will war. rant the same to be good, clean and merchantable grain. In witness whereof, the parties above named have bereunto interchangeably set heir hands, &c. io tlie year, &c.


Minutes of Agreement between a Housekeeper and

his Lodger. EMORANDUM, It is agreed by and between E. F. .

of, &c. and G. H. of, &c. as follows, viz. The said E. F. in consideration of the rent herein after mentioned and agreed to be paid to him, hath letten to the said G. H. one room up two pair of stairs forwards, part of the now dwelling house of the said E. F. situate, &c. together with the furniture at present standing therein, that is to say, one table, &c. To hold to the said G. H. for the term of two years, to commence from, &c. at the yearly rent of, &c. to be paid quarterly, to wit, at, &c.

The laid G. H. in consideration hereof, agrees to pay the aforesaid yearly rent of, &c. at the times above limited for payment thereof; and at the end of the term or in case of any default in payment, shall and will, on request of the said E.F.or his alligns, immediately yield and deliver up to him or them the peaceable and quiet poffession of the said room, together with the whole furniture, he, from the first entrance thereon, there found and possessed, in good and fufficient plight and condition, reasonable wear and tear only excepted. Signed, &c.

In witness, &C.


SSIGNMENT is the transferring the interest one hath

in lands, goods or any other thing, to another. The person assigning is called the assignor, and he to whom the aflignment is made the assignee.

If a person hath a term for years, he cannot afsign it unless he be actually in poffeffion; and if he be not, the allignment must be executed upon the premises intended to be asfigned. Co. Lit. 46, 47.

Upon an assignment of a lease for years, the lessor may, at his election, charge either the lessee or assignee with the rent; but if ke accept rent from the alignee knowing of the assign

ment, he hath determined his election, and cannot after wards charge the leffee for rent growing due. 3 Rep. 23.


An Alignment of a Bond.
O all people unto whom these presents shall come;

O. P. of &c. fends greeting. Whereas A. B. of; &c. in and by his bond or obligation, bearing date the day of

stands firmly bound unto the said O. P. his exeCutors, administrators and assigns, in the penal sum of, &c. conditioned for the true payment of, &c. with legal interest for the fame, at or before, &c. a day now long since past, as in and by the faid bond or obligation and the condition there underwritten, may more fully appear Now know ye, that the said O. P. for and in consideration of the sum of, &c. to him the faid O. P. in hand well and truly paid by L. M. of, &c. at or before the fealing and delivery of these prefents, the receipt whereof he the said O. P. doth hereby acknowledge, hath granted, bargained, fold, affigned, transferred and set over, and by thefe presents doth grant, bargain, sell, assign and set over, unto the faid L. M. his executors, administrators and assigns, the faid in part receipted bond or obligation with the condition there underwritten, and all principal and interest monies thereon due and owing, and all the right, title or interest of him the faid O. P. in or to the same. And the faid O. P. hath made, ordained, constituted and appointed, and by these presents doth make, constitute and appoint the said L. M. his executors, administrators and assigns, his true and lawful attorney and attordies irrevocable for him, and in his name, and in the name of his executors and adminiftrators, but for the sole and proper

use and b hoof of the said L. M. his executors, administrators and alligns, to ask, demand and receive of and from the said A. B, his heirs, executors and administrators, the monies due on the said bond, as aforesaid ; and on non-payment thereof, to sue for, recover and receive the same, and every part thereof, and on payment thereof, to deliver up

and cancel the said bond, and give sufficient releases and discharges therefor; and one or more attorney or attornies under him or them to constitute and appoint; and whatsoever the said attorney or attorpies shall lawfully do in and about the prema ises, the said O. P. douh hereby ratify, confirm and allow'.

And the said O. P. for himself, his heirs, executors and adminiltrators, doth covenant, promise and agree, to and with the said L. M. his executors, administrators and assigns, and every of them by these presents, that he the said O. P. or any person or persons on his behalf, hath not had or received the principal money and interest due on the said bond, or any part thereof ; neither shall he the said O. P. receive or attempt to receive the same; nor shall he the said O. P. in any wise release or discharge the same, or any part thereof, but will own, ratify and allow of all lawful proceedings by his said attorney or attornies for the recovery thereof; he the said. Lu M. his executors, administrators and assigns, saving the faid O. P. his executors and administrators, harmless and indemnified, of, from and again it all costs, charges and damages whatsoever, that may happen to him or them thereby. Signed, 36.

In witness, Etc.


Another, to be written on the Back of the Bond. K K

NOW all men by these presents, That I, L. M: of,

&c. in confideration of the sum of paid to me by A. B. of, &c. have granted, bargained, fold, transferred and aligned, and by these presents, do grant, bargain, feil, transfer and assign, unto the said A. B. the within written bond and obligation, being a bond made and executed to me by E. 1), of, &c and conditioned for the payment of And I do hereby constitute and appoint the said A. B my attorney irrevocable, with full power to ask, demand, and if need, to sue for, recover, and receive the principal and interrit due upon the fame to his own use, and when payment shall be made to cancel the said bond, and give a release or releases, discharge or discharges, for the fame. And I do grant to my faid attorney, power of substituting one or more attornies under him, if he fee fit, engaging to ratify and confirm whatever he ihall lawfully do in and about the premises.

in witness, &c.

An Alignment of a Judgment recovered.
N Indenture of assignment, made and concluded the

by and between A. B. of, &c. on the one part, and C. D. of, &c. on the other part.


A day of

ty of

the said A. B. did by judgment of the Court of which was begun and holden at within and for the coun

on the Tuesday of recover against E. D. of, &c. the sum of debt and costs of court, taxed at as by the record thereof, now remaining in the said court, may appear.

Now this indenture witnesseth, That the faid A. B. for and in consideration of the sum of, &c. of lawful money of to him in hand well and truly paid by the faid C. D. at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof the said A. B. doth hereby acknowledge, he the faid A. B. hath granted,, bargained, fold, aligned, transferred and fet over, and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, aligo, transfer and set over, unto the faid C. D. bis executors, administrators and aifigns, the said judgmert fo recovered, as aforesaid, againt the said. E. D. and all the benefit and advantage, sum and fams of money, that may be had, obtained or gotten by reason or means of the said judg · ment, or any proceedings to be had thereupon. And further: the said A. 3. doth by these presuots, ordain, constitute, authorize and appoint the said C. D. his executors, administra-. tors and alligns, his true and lawful attorney or attornies, irrevocable in his name, place and tead, but for the fole and proper use and benefit of the said C. D. bis cxecutors, adminitrators and alignş, to lae and prosecute upon the said judgment, the faid E. D. his executors or adminiltrators, his or their goods and chattels, lands and tenements, for the ob. taining and recovering of the debt and sum of money due ons the faid judgment as aforesaij ; aud upon satisfaction given, or any other eod, composition or agreement made of or concerning the said premises, to acknowledge fatisfaction on re: cord, or to make and execute any other release or discharge for the same ; and also to do all and every other act and acts, thing aod things whatsoever which shall be requifite or necesasary to be done in or about the premises, as fully and efects wally as the faid A. B. might or could do the fame, being per: sonally present at the doing thereof. And the faid A. B. for himself, his heirs, executors and admioistrators, doth: hereby covenant, promise, grant and agree, to and with the faid C. D. his executors, administrators and alligns, that he the faid A. B his executors and administrators, trall and will justify, allow, ratify and confirm, all and what.oever the


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