Cobbett's Weekly Register, Volume 62

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William Cobbett
J.M. Cobbett, 1827

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Halaman 767 - To the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland m Parliament assembled.
Halaman 483 - That no person who has an office or place of profit under the King, or receives a pension from the Crown, shall be capable of serving as a Member of the House of Commons.
Halaman 149 - IN a land of liberty it is extremely dangerous to make a distinct order of the profession of arms. In absolute monarchies this is necessary for the safety of the prince, and arises from the main principle of their constitution, which is that of governing by fear : but in free states the profession of a soldier, taken singly and merely as a profession, is justly an object of jealousy.
Halaman 307 - And, finally, to shorten the duration of parliaments ; and by removing the causes of that confusion, litigation and expense, with which they are at this day conducted, to render frequent and new elections what our ancestors at the Revolution asserted them to be, the means of a happy union and good agreement between the king and people. And your petitioners shall ever pray.
Halaman 293 - ... honourable House is elected by less than fifteen thousand electors, which, even if the male adults in the kingdom be estimated at so low a number as three millions, is not more than the two hundredth part of the people to be represented.
Halaman 295 - Your honourable house,' said the petitioners of 1793, 'is but too well acquainted with the tedious, intricate, and expensive scenes of litigation which have been brought before you, in attempting to settle the legal import of those numerous distinctions which perplex and confound the present rights of voting. How many months of your valuable time have been wasted in listening to the wrangling of lawyers upon the various species of burgagehold, leasehold, and freehold. How many committees have been...
Halaman 297 - ... unless his residence be in some borough where that right is vested in the inhabitants. This exception operates in sixty places, of which twenty-eight do not contain three hundred voters each, and the number of householders in England and Wales (exclusive of Scotland], who pay all taxes, is 714,911, and of householders who pay all taxes, but the house and window taxes, is 284,459, as appears by a return made to your honourable...
Halaman 149 - take up arms, but with a view " to defend his country and its " laws : he puts not off the citizen,
Halaman 305 - That it is a high infringement upon the liberties and privileges of the Commons of Great Britain, for any Lord of .Parliament, or any Lord- lieutenant of any county, to concern themselves in the elections of members to serve for the Commons in Parliament.
Halaman 357 - BUHDETT." (No. 3.) To SIR FRANCIS BUHDETT. " Gloucester Lodge, June 9, 1821. " SIR,— Lord William Bentinck has just delivered to me the answer, which you have transmitted to his lordship, through Mr Kinnaird, to the letter which I addressed to you on Thursday. " Lord William Bentinck's opinion (with which my own feelings entirely coincide) satisfies me that I can have no other reply to make to your letter, than to express my acknowlegment for the frankness and promptitude, with which you have disclaimed...

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