The True-born Englishman: A Satire

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Alice Mann, 1836 - 39 halaman

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Halaman 15 - These are the heroes that despise the Dutch, And rail at new-come foreigners so much, Forgetting that themselves are all derived From the most scoundrel race that ever lived...
Halaman 14 - Tis that from some French trooper they derive, Who with the Norman bastard did arrive : The trophies of the families appear ; Some show the sword, the bow, and some the spear, Which their great ancestor, forsooth, did wear. These in the herald's register remain, Their noble mean extraction to explain, Yet who the hero was no man can tell, Whether a drummer or a colonel : The silent record blushes to reveal Their undescended dark original.
Halaman 18 - To value that which all men else deride. For Englishmen to boast of generation Cancels their knowledge and lampoons the nation. A true-born Englishman's a contradiction, In speech an irony, in fact a fiction ; A banter made to be a test to fools, Which those that use it justly ridicules ; A metaphor invented to express A man akin to all the universe.
Halaman 17 - d to bow, And yoke their Heifers to the Roman Plough : From whence a Mongrel half-Bred Race there came, With neither Name nor Nation, Speech nor Fame.
Halaman 29 - ... When kings the sword of justice first lay down, They are no kings, though they possess the crown : Titles are shadows, crowns are empty things : The good of subjects is the end of kings ; To guide in war and to protect in peace ; Where tyrants once commence the kings do cease ; For arbitrary power 's so strange a thing, It makes the tyrant and unmakes the king.
Halaman 22 - An Englishman will fairly drink as much As will maintain two families of Dutch : Subjecting all their labour to their pots ; The greatest artists are the greatest sots. The country poor do by example live ; The gentry lead them, and the clergy drive : What may we not from such examples hope ? The landlord is their god, the priest their pope. A drunken clergy and a swearing bench Has...
Halaman 21 - The lab'ring poor, in spite of double pay, Are saucy, mutinous, and beggarly, So lavish of their money and their time, That want of forecast is the nation's crime. Good drunken company is their delight, And what they get by day they spend by night.
Halaman 20 - Tis impudence and money makes a peer. Innumerable City knights, we know, From Bluecoat Hospital and Bridewell flow ; Draymen and porters fill the city Chair And footboys magisterial purple wear. Fate has but very small distinction set Betwixt the counter and the coronet. Tarpaulin lords, pages of high renown, Rise up by poor men's valour, not their own. Great families of yesterday we show, And lords whose parents were the Lord knows who, PART II THE breed 's described : Now, Satire, if you can, Their...
Halaman 15 - The climate may this modern breed have mended, Wise Providence, to keep us where we are, Mixes us daily with exceeding care ; We have been Europe's sink, the Jakes where she Voids all her offal outcast progeny...

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