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Printed for G. HAMILTON and J. BALFOUR, W. SANDS,

J. TRAILL, W. MILLER, and J. Brown, Edinburghj
A. STALKER, Glasgow; and T. GLAS, Dundee.


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The C O N T E N T S.

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Of the nature of faith in general. Of a religious and divine faith. Of the faith or persuasion of a divine revelation. Of the teftia mony of the Spirit to the truth of the gospel. The efficacy, usefulness, and reasonableness of divine faith. Heb. xi, 6. But without faith it is impossible to please God 190. 203. 218. 229.


Christian faith, the means of its conveyance, and our obligation to receive it. Of the Christian faith, which fanctifies, juftifies, and saves. Of justifying faith. The condition of the gospel-covenant, and the merit of Christ, confiftent. Tohn XX. 31. But these are written, that he mig be believe ebar Fefus is the Cbrift, ibe Sar of God, and that believing ye might barve life through his name

272. 284. 297. 309 SERM. CCXXIX. CCXXX. CCXXXI. Of the miracles

wrought in confirmation of Chriftianity. Heb. ii. 4. God also bearing them witness, botb with ligns, and ruonders, and wiib

divers miracles, and gifts of the Hoły Gboft, according to bis own ...will

323. 342, 354 SERN. CCXXXII. CCXXXIII. The advantages of truth in op

polition to error John iv. 4. 5. Te are of God, little children, and have overcome ibem : because greater is be ibat is in you, iban be that is in the world. They are of the world : tberefore Speak they of the world, and the world beareth tbem 365. 376 Serm. CCXXXIV. CCXXXV. CCXXXVI. The evidences

of the truth of the Chriftian religion; with the cause, and the danger of infidelity. 2 Cor. iv. 3. 4. But if our gospel be bid, ie is bid to them that are taft : in qubom the god of ibis world both blinded the minds of them wbicb believe nos, left the light of the glorious gofpel of Cbrisl, wbo is the image of God, foould feine unto them

386. 396. 408


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