A History of British Fishes, Volume 1

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John Van Voorst, Paternoster Row., 1841

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Halaman 192 - The entire length, from the point of the nose to the end of the tail, is seven feet ten inches ; and the height three feet six inches.
Halaman 303 - ... has been supposed to be the young of the Shad. Mr. Yarrell however, upon a careful investigation of the subject, ascertained it to be a distinct species. Its distinguishing characters are : — Length of the head compared with that of the body, and not including the tail, as two to five ; depth, as...
Halaman 437 - ... upon the bank by getting his hands under it. During this attempt, the Pike, finding he could not make his escape, seized one of the arms of the gentleman, and lacerated it so much that the marks of the wound are still visible.
Halaman 26 - But take this rule with you, that a chub newly taken and newly dressed is so much better than a chub of a day's keeping after he is dead, that I can compare him to nothing so fitly as to cherries newly gathered from a tree, and others that have been bruised and lain a day or two in water.
Halaman 438 - But of this no more but that it is observed that the old or very great pikes have in them more of state than goodness ; the smaller or middle-sized pikes being, by the most and choicest palates, observed to be the best meat ; and, contrary, the eel is observed to be the better for age and bigness.
Halaman 455 - But it must not be supposed they have the power of elevating themselves in the air after having left their native element; for, on watching them, I have often seen them fall much below the elevation at which they first rose from the water, but never, in any one instance, could I observe them rise from the height at which they first sprang; for I regard the elevation they take to depend on the power of the first spring or leap they make on leaving the water.
Halaman 289 - ... half-way between the point of the nose and the end of the fleshy portion of the tail ; the third ray of the dorsal fin, which is the longest, is of the same length as the base of the fin ; the pectoral fin small ; the...
Halaman 72 - The miller's ear is constantly directed to the note made by the running-stone during its rotation over the bed-stone, the exact parallelism of their two surfaces, indicated by a particular sound, being a matter of the first consequence ; and his hand is as constantly placed under the meal-spout, to ascertain by actual contact the character and qualities of the meal produced. The thumb by a...
Halaman 443 - swims near the surface at all distances from land, and is seen not unfreqnently to spring out of its element ; its vivacity being such that it will for a long time play about a floating- straw, and leap over it many times in succession. When it has taken the hook it mounts to the surface, often before the fisherman has felt the bite : and then with its slender body half out of the water, it struggles with the most violent contortions to wrench the hook from its jaws. It emits a strong smell when...
Halaman 139 - March, and appears to be pursuing a course from west to east. They are plentiful on the Devonshire coast, and swarm in West Bay about June. On the Hampshire and Sussex coast, particularly the latter, they arrive as early as March ; and sometimes, as will be shown, even in February : and the earlier in the year the fishermen go to look for them, the farther from the shore do they seek for and find them.

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