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WHEREAS, In the opinion of the General Assem- not have been a citizen of this State two years,

bly, the condition of public affairs demands and of the district which he represents one year that a Convention of the people be called, to next before his election. take such action as the interest and welfare SEC. 4. In all districts composed of two or of the State may require: Therefore,

more counties, the Clerks of all the counties shall Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the transmit to the Clerk of the county first named State of Missouri, as follows:

by the law now forming said districts, on the day SECTION 1. That an election for delegates to a succeeding said election, or as soon as possible Convention of the people of the State of Mis- thereafter, a certificate under their hands of the souri, shall be held at the several places of voting number of votes given for each candidate in each in this State, on Monday, the 18th day of Feb- respective county; and said returns shall be sent ruary, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, by special messengers, who shall receive the sum which election shall me managed and conducted of five dollars a day for their service, to be paid by the Sheriffs, or other proper officers of the out of the Treasury of the county from which counties respectively, in the same manner, and said returns may be sent. The Clerk of the counaccording to the same rules and regulations, as ty to which returns shall be made, after examinare now prescribed by law for the election of ing the same, shall give to the persons showing members of the General Assembly. And it is the highest number of votes, according to the hereby declared to be the duty of the Governor number of delegates to which each district is ento issue his proclamation to the several sheriffs titled, certificates of election under the seal of his of the State, immediately after the passage of office; and said clerks shall also certify said rethis act, requiring them to hold and conduct said turns to the Secretary of State, as now provided election according to law; and the said sheriffs by law in case of the election of Senators. shall advertise the time and place of holding said Sec. 5. The delegates elected under the proelection for as long a time as practicable, by

visions of this act shall assemble at Jefferson publication in the several newspapers of their City, on Thursday, the 28th day of February, respective counties, and by posting notices at ten 1861, and organize themselves into a Convention, public places in each county.

by the election of a President, and such other SEC. 2. Each State Senatorial District, as now officers as they may deem necessary; and shall constituted by law, shall be entitled to elect three proceed to consider the then existing relations times as many delegates to said Convention as between the Government of the United States, said district is now entitled to members in the the people and Governments of the different State Senate.

States, and the Government and people of the SEC. 3. No person shall be a member of said State of Missouri; and to adopt such measures Convention who shall not have attained to the for vindicating the sovereignty of the State and age of twenty-four years, who shall not be a free the protection of its institutions, as shall appear white male citizen of the United States, who shall to them to be demanded.

said Convention, so submitted, shall certify the same to the office of the Secretary of State, when the Governor shall announce, by proclamation, the result of said election.

This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved January 21, 1861.

I, B. F. Massey, Secretary of State, do hereby certify that the foregoing act, entitled “An act to provide for calling a State Convention," is a true and correct copy of the original roll of said law now on file in this office.

In testimony whereof, I have hereSEAL unto set my hand, and affixed the seal

of office. Done at the city of Jefferson, the 21st day of January, 1861.


Secretary of State.

SEC. 6. Said Convention shall adopt such rules and regulations for its government, and the proper transaction of business, as they shall think proper. They shall have the same privileges as the members of the General Assembly now have, by law; and the officers, members and assistants of said Convention shall receive the same compensation as is now allowed by law to the officers, members and assistants of the House of Representatives; and said compensation shall be allowed and paid them in the same manner.

SEC, 7. In cases of contested elections to said Convention, the contending candidates shall pursue the same course and be governed by the same rules, as are now prescribed by law in relation to contested elections for members of the General Assembly; and the Convention shall be the judge of all such contested elections for membership therein.

SEC. 8. In case of vacancy occurring in said Convention, by death, resignation, or otherwise, of any member, the same shall be filled in the same manner as now prescribed by law for filling vacancies in the State Senate.

Sec. 9. All persons qualified to vote for members of the General Assembly, under existing laws, shall be entitled to vote for delegates to said Convention.

Sec. 10. No act, ordinance, or resolution of said Convention shall be deemed to be valid to change or dissolve the political relations of this State to the Government of the United States, or any other State, until a majority or the qualified voters of this State, voting upon the question, shall ratify the same.

SEC. 11. The County Clerks of the several counties, immediately after the returns shall be made to his office, on said act or ordinance of

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