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Resolved, That, of the bound volumes of the amendment, inasmuch as the reports would all proceedings and debates of this Convention, a be printed in the regular proceedings, and hence copy be forwarded by the publishers, to the Clerk this resolution involved an unnecessary exof each County Court, and the State Librarian, pense. (for preservation in their offices respectively,

The ayes and noes were called on Mr. Hatchto each member of the General Assembly now in

er's amendment, with the following result: session, and to each member of the Executive

AYES-Messrs. Bogy, Calhoun, Collier, HatchGovernment, and Judge of the Supreme Court

er, Howell, Maupin, Norton, Pomeroy, Rankin, to the Librarian of each State in the Union, and

Shackelford of Howard and Tindall. of the Congressional Library at Washington-and

NOES-Messrs. Allen, Bast, Birch, Breckinthat, after reserving a copy for each of the officers of this Convention, and for the Law and Mer

ridge, Bridge, Brown, Bush, Dunn, Flood, Foster, cantile Library, and Agricultural and Mechanical Gantt, Gravelly, Hall of Buchanan, Hall of Ran.

dolph, Henderson, Hitchcock, Holmes, Holt, Associations, the remainder shall be forwarded,

How, Isbell, Jackson, Jamison, Johnson, Kidd, in equal and proper proportions, to the address

Leper, Linton, Long, Marmaduke, Marvin, Mcof the members of this Convention.

Clurg, McCormack, McDowell, McFerran, Meyer, Mr. WRIGHT offered the following, which was

Morrow, Orr, Phillips, Rowland, Scott, Shackeladopted:

ford of St. Louis, Sheeley, Smith of Linn, Smith Resolved, That the resolution of this Conven

of St. Louis, Turner, Waller, Welch, Woodson, tion, requesting the General Assembly of this

Woolfolk, Wright, Vanbuskirk and Mr. PresiState to call for a National Convention, in pur

dent. suance of a provision of the Constitution of the

United States, be communicated officially by the
President of this Convention to the Legislature of

Amendment declared rejected. this State.

Mr. FOSTER said that as he had not been aware Mr. FOSTER offered a resolution to cause a cer- that the reports would all be printed in the regutain number of copies of the Majority Report of lar proceedings when he offered his resolution, he the Committee on Federal Relations, and the re- would now withdraw it. ports of the Committee on the Commissioner

Mr. HOLMES offered a resolution allowing $5 from Georgia, to be printed for distribution.

each per day to Captains J. E. D. Couzins and J. Mr. HATCHER moved to amend by adding the D. Camp for services rendered the Convention. Minority Report of the Committee on Federal Adopted. Relations.

On motion of Mr. SHEELEY, the Convention Messrs. BIRCH and NORTON expressed them- thereupon adjourned to meet again on the third selves opposed to both the resolution and the Monday in December.

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President of the Convention.


Secretary of the Convention.

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