Henry Sidgwick

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Ross Harrison
British Academy, 23 Agu 2001 - 122 halaman
These essays constitute a welcome addition to the current re-engagement with the ethical thought of a prominent late Victorian philosopher and reformer. Henry Sidgwick wrote the first professional work of modern moral philosophy, yet one century after his death his thought remains relevant to the present revival of interest in the question of how we should live. How does moral philosophy fit in with the more general use of practical reason? - a still puzzling and deeply contested problem. Which actions are appropriate for an intellectual? - i.e., how should the moral thought of the professional few in the universities be related to the thought and action of the many in the world outside? Sidgwick's solutions to these questions are discussed and criticised by a distinguished group of scholars, providing new insights into these recurring issues of moral philosophy.

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Sidgwick as Philosopher
Ethics Utilitarianism and Positive Boredom
Three Methods and a Dualism
Sidgwick on Practical Reason
The Sanctions of Utilitarianism
Sanctions in Bentham Mill and Sidgwick
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Istilah dan frasa umum

Tentang pengarang (2001)

Ross Harrison is a Reader in Philosophy, University of Cambridge.

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