The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 as Amended

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The Commission, 1995 - 299 halaman

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Halaman 61 - Act that any word, statement, or other information appear on the label shall not be considered to be complied with unless such word, statement, or other information also appears on the outside container...
Halaman 83 - Each member shall be reimbursed for travel expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, as authorized by section 5703 of title 5, United States Code, for persons in Government service employed intermittently.
Halaman 11 - ... when, to what extent, if at all, and by what means, it is compatible with the terms of the...
Halaman 86 - Financial and administrative services (including those related to budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, personnel, and procurement) shall be provided the Commission by the Department of the Interior, for which payment shall be made in advance, or by reimbursement from funds of the Commission in such amounts as may be agreed upon by the Chairman of the Commission and the Secretary of the Interior: Provided, That the regulations of the Department of the Interior...
Halaman 95 - Any fishing vessel (including its fishing gear, furniture, appurtenances, stores, and cargo) used, and any fish taken or retained, in any manner, in connection with or as a result of the commission of any act prohibited by section 307 (other than any act for which the issuance of a citation under section 311 (c) is sufficient sanction) shall be subject to forfeiture to the United States.
Halaman 34 - The several judges of the courts established under the laws of the United States, and the United States commissioners, may, within their respective jurisdictions, upon proper oath or affirmation showing probable cause, issue warrants in all such cases. All birds or parts, nests, or eggs thereof, captured, killed, taken, shipped, transported, carried, or possessed contrary to the provisions of this act...
Halaman 83 - Any member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring before the expiration of the term for which the member's predecessor was appointed shall be appointed only for the remainder of such term.
Halaman 82 - Affairs and the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Foreign Relations and the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation of the Senate.
Halaman 54 - ... the Federal Register together with the reasons therefor; (B) shall remain in effect for not more than 45 days...
Halaman 32 - ... the district court of the United States for any district in which such person is found or resides or...

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