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Revised Statutes.-Secs. 891, 2469, 2470—Exemplification of records

and use of such copies as evidence. Act of August 24, 1912 (37 Stat., 497)—Cost of copies and admissibility of same in evidence.


Copies of rec- SEC. 891. Copies of any records, books, or papers in the eral Land Office. General Land Office, authenticated by the seal and cer

Apr;, 25, 1812, tified by the Commissioner thereof, or, when his office is 28., 717.

vacant, by the principal clerk, shall be evidence equally
with the originals thereof. And literal exemplifications
of any such records shall be held, when so introduced in
evidence, to be of the same validity as if the names of the
officers signing and countersigning the same had been
fully inserted in such record.

* Copies of rec- SEC. 2469. The Commissioner of the General Land ords, etc., to be certified. "..Office shall cause to be prepared, and shall certify, under 8., 4111; "Mar. 13, the seal of the office, such copies of records, books, and 1874,18 9., 21; Mar. papers on file in his office, as may be applied for, to be

used in evidence in courts of justice. Exemplifica- SEC. 2470. Literal exemplifications of any records out names of offi- which have been or may be granted in virtue of the pre

fsigning.. ceding section shall be deemed of the same validity in all Mar. 3, 1843, 5 proceedings, whether at law or in equity, wherein such S., 627.

exemplifications are adduced in evidence, as if the names of the officers signing and countersigning the same had been fully inserted in such record.

tions valid with



An Act To make uniform charges for furnishing copies of records of

the Department of the Interior and of its several bureaus. Interior Depart- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives ment, copies of fun

furt of the United States of America in Congress assembled, nished.

That the Secretary of the Interior, the head of any bureau, office, or institution, or any officer of that department, may, when not prejudicial to the interests of the Government, furnish authenticated or unauthenticated copies of any official books, records, papers, documents,

maps, plats, or diagrams within his custody, and charge Schedule of sees. therefor the following fees: For all written copies, at the

rate of fifteen cents for each hundred words therein; for each photolithographic copy, twenty-five cents where such copies are authorized by law; for photographic copies, fifteen cents for each sheet; and for tracings or

mined by the officer furnishing such copies, and in addi

official use.

charged for each certificate of verification and the seal attached to authenticated copies: Provided, That there on charge for shall be no charge for the making or verification of copies required for official use by the officers of any branch of the Government: Provided further, That only a charge of Authenticated

"copies of printed twenty-five cents shall be made for furnishing authenti- rules, etc. cated copies of any rules, regulations, or instructions printed by the Government for gratuitous distribution.

SEC. 2. That nothing in this act shall be construed to Inspection of limit or restrict in any manner the authority of the Secretary of the Interior to prescribe such rules and regulations as he may deem proper governing the inspection of the records of said department and its various bureaus by the general public, and any person having any particular interest in any of such records may be permitted to take copies of such records under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior.

SEC. 3. That all authenticated copies furnished under Acceptance of this act shall be admitted in evidence equally with the ev originals thereof.

SEC. 4. That all officers who furnish authenticated Use of seal. copies under this act shall attest their authentication by the use of an official seal, which is hereby authorized for that purpose.



SEC. 6. That all sums received under the provisions of Deposit of rethis act shall be deposited in the Treasury to the credit of cop miscellaneous receipts.

Approved, August 24, 1912 (37 Stat., 497).

For surface entry, selection, etc., of coal lands, see “Homesteads."
Revised Statutes.-Secs. 2347-2352—Entry of coal lands—Limits of

area—Price-Preemptions-One entry-Priority of rights.


Entry of coal SEC. 2347. Every person above the age of twenty-one Mar. 3, 1873, 17 years, who is a citizen of the United States, or who has S., 607.

declared his intention to become such, or any association of persons severally qualified as above, shall, upon application to the register of the proper land office, have the right to enter, by legal subdivisions, any quantity of vacant coal lands of the United States not otherwise appropriated or reserved by competent authority not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres to such individual person, or three hundred and twenty acres to such association, upon payment to the receiver of not less than ten dollars per acre for such lands where the same shall be situated more than fifteen miles from any completed railroad, and not less than twenty dollars per acre for

such lands as shall be within fifteen miles of such road. Preemption of SEC. 2348. Any person or association of persons sev

erally qualified, as above provided, who have opened and improved, or shall hereafter open and improve, any coal mine or mines upon the public lands, and shall be in actual possession of the same, shall be entitled to a preference right of entry, under the preceding section, of

coal lands.





any association of not less than four persons, severally qualified as above provided, shall have expended not less than five thousand dollars in working and improving any such mine or mines, such association may enter not exceeding six hundred and forty acres, including

such mining improvements. Preemption SEC. 2349. All claims under the preceding section land to be pre- must be presented to the register of the proper land dissented within trict within sixtv days after the date of actual possession sixty days, etc.

and the commencement of improvements on the land, by the filing of a declaratory statement therefor; but when the township plat is not on file at the date of such improvement, filing must be made within sixty days from the receipt of such plat at the district office; and where the improvements shall have been made prior to the expiration of three months from the third day of March, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, sixty days



from the expiration of such three months shall be allowed for the filing of a declaratory statement, and no sale under the provisions of this section shall be allowed until the expiration of six months from the third day of March, eighteen hundred and seventy-three.

SEC. 2350. The three preceding sections shall be held only one entry to authorize only one entry by the same person or asso- “Ibid. ciation of persons; and no association of persons any meinber of which shall have taken the benefit of such sections, either as an individual or as a member of any other association, shall enter or hold any other lands under the provisions thereof; and no member of any association which shall have taken the benefit of such sections shall enter or hold any other lands under their provisions; and all persons claiming under section twenty-three hundred and forty-eight shall be required to prove their respective rights and pay for the lands filed upon within one year from the time prescribed for filing their respective claims; and upon failure to file the proper notice, or to pay for the land within the required period, the same shall be subject to entry by any other qualified applicant.

SEC. 2351. In case of conflicting claims upon coal-lands Conflicting where the improvements shall be commenced, after the Ibid. third day of March, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, priority of possession and improvement, followed by proper filing and continued good faith, shall determine the preference-right to purchase. And also where improvements have already been made prior to the third day of March, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, division of the land claimed may be made by legal subdivisions, to include, as near as may be, the valuable improvements of the respective parties. The Commissioner of the General Land Office is authorized to issue all needful rules and regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of this and the four preceding sections.

SEC. 2352. Nothing in the five preceding sections shall Rights reserved. be construed to destroy or impair any rights which may have attached prior to the third day of March, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, or to authorize the sale of lands valuable for mines of gold, silver, or copper.





Revised Statutes.--Secs. 446, 453, 455, 456, and 2478—Appointment,

salary, and duties.


UNITED STATES REVISED STATUTES. Commissioner SEC. 446. There shall be in the Department of the Land Office. Interior a Commissioner of the General Land-Office, who stat", 717; July's shall be appointed by the President, by and with the 1836,'5 Stat., 107; advice and consent of the Senate, and shall be entitled Mar. 3, 1873, 17 Stat., 508. “to a salary of four thousand dollars a year. (Now



Duties of Com- SEC. 453. The Commissioner of the General Land

Apr. 25, 1812, 2 Office shall perform, under the direction of the Secretary 1836, '5 Stat., 107 of the Interior, all executive duties appertaining to the June 6. 1874, 13 surveying and sale of the public lands of the United 1875, 18 Śtat., 317. States, or in anywise respecting such public lands, and;

also, such as relate to private claims of land, and the issuing of patents for all grants of land under the authority of the Government.

sy of the Patentsite to spocti

tive to lands.

Plats of lands SEC. 455. The Commissioner of the General Land surveyed.

Apr. 25, 1812, 2 Office shall, when required by the President or either Stat., 717.

House of Congress, make a plat of any land surveyed under the authority of the United States, and give such information respecting the public lands and concerning

the business of his office as shall be directed. Returns rela- SEC. 456. All returns relative to the public lands shall "A pr. 25, 1812, - be made to the Commissioner of the General Land Office. Stat., 717; July 31, 1894, 28 Stat. 207.

Power of Com- SEC. 2478. The Commissioner of the General Land Office to enforce Office, under the direction of the Secretary of the Inte

July 26, 1866, 14 rior, is authorized to enforce and carry into execution, Stat., 253 by appropriate regulations, every part of the provisions

of this Title not otherwise specially provided for.

missioner of Land

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