Talk Yourself Into a Miracle: Cancer Cure!

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Salem Author Services, 2007 - 60 halaman
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A Cure for Cancer?! Their happy, fast-paced life came screeching to a halt when Merry Beth Policastro's husband, a well-known pastor, was diagnosed with "an advanced and serious stage" of colon cancer. Follow Pastor Frank's step-by-step, amazing medical odyssey. and resulting victory! Hear how when the couple aligned their words with God's Word, an outstanding miracle occurred. Read for yourself the supernatural transformation that happened through powerful, positive, faith-filled speech. You, too, can agree with God and get His kind of results. No matter what your battle, Jesus Christ has the solution. You must boldly declare what He has said. Talk yourself into a miracle today! Merry Beth Policastro Pastors, philanthropists, and motivational speakers, Frank and Merry Beth Policastro oversee two congregations and are regularly featured on radio and television programs. They minister worldwide, bringing a message of hope and healing through the power of God. The couple truly believes that "With God, all things are possible." Trained in classical archaeology and Jewish history, the two met while working in Israel, and have been married 28 years. They make their home in Washington, DC, and in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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