Accounting for POW/MIA's from the Korean War and the Vietnam War: Hearing Before the Military Personnel Subcommittee of the Committee on National Security, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, Second Session, Hearing Held September 17, 1996, Volume 2

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Halaman 123 - President of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers.
Halaman xxxv - Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade...
Halaman ix - Commission under subsection (a) of this section, the administering authority shall make a determination, based upon the best information available to it at the time of the determination, of whether there is a reasonable basis to believe or suspect that the merchandise is being sold, or is likely to be sold, at less than fair value.
Halaman 7 - Deputy Secretary of Defense Secretary of the Army Secretary of the Navy Secretary of the Air Force...
Halaman xxxix - Secretary determines to be reasonable, taking into account the range of interest rates prevailing in the private market for similar loans and the risks assumed by the United States.
Halaman 126 - I would like to thank you, Mr. Chairman, and members of your committee for this opportunity to...
Halaman xxii - If a transaction is disregarded under the preceding sentence and there are no other transactions available for consideration, then the determination of the amount required to be considered shall be based on the best evidence available as to what the amount would have been if the transaction had occurred between persons not specified in any one of the paragraphs in subsection (c).
Halaman xxxiv - An individual shall be considered as owning the stock owned, directly or indirectly, by or for his family or by or for his partner.
Halaman xxxviii - ... built in the United States, or have been documented under the laws of the United States not later than February 1, 1928, or actually ordered and under construction for the account of citizens of the United States prior to such date; (2) the applicant owns, or can and will build or purchase, a vessel or vessels of the size, type?
Halaman xxvii - ... is unwarranted, then it shall notify the person who submitted it and ask for an explanation of the reasons for the designation. Unless that person persuades the administering authority or the Commission that the designation is warranted, or withdraws the designation, the administering authority or the Commission, as the case may be, shall return it to the party submitting it.

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